Welcome to my eclectic journey of my life and delights. This year my theme is surrendering my writing pen to the true author, Jesus Christ, while looking forward to the future, reflecting on the past and dancing through my journey.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

When Headlines Are TOO Close to Home

I threw the paper on the table to read it, not a common thing for me. I usually bypass reading it.   There, on the front cover, my past and part of my future stared at me.  In my post for Mommy Piggy Tales, I recorded my memory of the shooting from the University of Texas tower (Siblings and Recorded History Event)

Today, the headlines... a gunman again. The only fatality this time was the gunman, in contrast to August 1, 1966, when Charles Whitman stationed himself at the top of the tower.

The second headline also hit my heart.  Poverty rates for kids rising.   As God is pushing my heart to see the poverty that surrounds me, I flipped the page to continue my reading.  My own story is so similar and laced within the quotes of the interviewed representative.

"They are typical, long-term unemployed," said Lynne Sipiora, executive director of the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter.  "They've blown through their savings.  They've borrowed from everyone they can.  They've gone from family member to friend, and now they're just out of options."
"They're homeless, but in a million years they didn't think it would happen to them," she said.  "We've got people right now who used to be regular donors."

I sat at the kitchen table, soberly wading through all my thoughts and emotions.  We are not homeless, but one month of lack of income can put us there.  We still have food in the pantry....for this week.  I know I don't have resources to give, but I do have hands and feet.  My future calls me to get involved.

My prayer...."God, you promise to use everything for our good. May you use my trials to continue to make me sensitive.  May you use my hands and my feet to take your good news to the community around me.  May I hear the cries of the hurting and not close my heart.  Give me courage, that word you had me write across my mirror, to be obedient to your calling."

Monday, September 27, 2010

My City?

My city was chosen for me at birth.  The capital of the State of Texas is Austin and I entered in the population records in 1961.  I remained a citizen for 38 years. I prayed for the city.  I loved the city. I graduated from the city's namesake high school.  I was a true, blue native of the city, enjoying all of its benefits. Then, in 1997, God changed my heart and revealed His new plan of our leaving the city.

Like a word out of the story of Abraham and Sarah, we didn't have a clue where we would go, just the general location.  We stepped out with multiple words of confirmation to the large Metroplex of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, in August of 1998. This was a new adventure. All seven of us had left behind our birthplace and my husband and I could pick our "new" city. (I realize God is the one who really picked the city)

Not having a clue about any of the areas around the Metroplex, we decided on a small city, just miles from DFW airport and I fell in love. We bought our dream home and settled into the small community.  Our sixth child was born at home in this city... he is probably the only person who has this city's name on his birth certificate since there aren't any hospitals in this city.  It was beautiful.  It had all new buildings...most weren't older than 10 years.  It had a sense of community.  It had walking trails that allowed you to walk throughout the city without ever getting on the roads. Our children participated in sports in this city and they all received extreme favor. I truly loved it!!

 I would pray for the city when it went through disasters...the latest being the Mayor killed her daughter and herself, but I never had my spiritual heart tied to this city....just my physical heart!

God then took away my dream city. He placed me somewhere were I didn't want to be!!!  I didn't like the new city!  I didn't want to engage in the new city!  I was counting the days to move away, while scoping out where I wanted to live next.

Then, I stepped into a training seminar for school mentors and was educated on poverty.  God totally "Yanked" my heart with this verse.  It was apparent that what I thought I was there for and what God had in mind were two different things. The instructor quoted:

"Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its welfare you will have welfare."  Jer. 29:7

I wanted to yell out loud..."NO, THIS ISN'T MY CITY...BUT YES, I FEEL I AM IN EXILE!!!"  
What is He telling me?...OH, NO!!!, was He calling me to care for the city I just hated living in?  Was He going to use my exile to bless this city and possibly me?  MY welfare relied on the welfare of this city?

Now I don't want to get into a discussion on the interpretation of this scripture....this is what my spirit was telling me and the seminar trainer continued to instruct on the needs of the city.

Isaiah 58:9 - 
"Then you will call, and He will say, Here I am, If you remove the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness, And IF you GIVE yourself to the HUNGRY, and SATISFY the DESIRES of the AFFLICTED, then YOUR LIGHT will SHINE in the darkness, and YOUR GLOOM will be come  LIKE MIDDAY!" (capital words are the ones that shouted to me)

I left the meeting convicted.  This week we went to our church campus in our city, instead of driving to the city I would love to live in. (we have three different campuses and ten services each Sunday under one church)

I will volunteer in the schools in my city.  I will drive this week through my city and pray!  I will walk the University campus and pray.  I will say "yes" to my city!  I will allow the Lord to open my eyes and heart to the city where He has placed me! Our landlord called for us to sign another year's lease, so I will be here at least one more year.

I don't know all the facets He will reveal to me, nor do I know how my heart will react.  I do know that once again it is time for me to pray for my city!!
Do you pray for your city?  Are you concerned for the welfare of your city?  Please share how God has used you in your city.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open My Eyes

" I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened,
so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, 
what are the riches of his glory of His inheritance in the saints."
Ephesians 1:18
"Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law."
Ps. 119:18
This goes beyond mere reading and mere studying and mere learning.  
This is seeing of wonder.
And the wonder wakens faith and sustains faith.
Fix your eyes so the Son and ask for light.
Taste and See - John Piper

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Painting My Barn - The Older Version

Okay, Okay, I need to be fair.  I may not use the things mentioned on "Is She Real?" and yes, I loved the laugh, but I need to be fair.

So I will take shots at myself today.  This barn has been through 49 years of life and six full pregnancies.  My last baby, just four years ago, weighed in at 10 pounds and 4 ounces...leaving behind zero hope of returning to my "youthful" figure.  So, with menopause adding her "advantages" to my already extra curves I need to " Paint My Barn."

So Here It Goes...I am Painting My Barn....even though I have my "Knight in Shining Armor" I want to keep him!! I have to say, he has never complained.  I think he still sees me the way I was 30 years ago.

Underneath my Make-Up I need to diminish all my "character" lines...you think this product does what it claims?
I have covered my make-up frustration in my post, "What Make-up Do I Buy, Ethel?" and you are more than welcome to enlighten me in this area.  If I buy the right products I will have a whole new face.

If I could make a decision on make-up then I am left with getting rid of more facial hair then my husband.

"Do I Have to Wear These?" post showed my frustration with having to wear reading glasses...forget worrying about my eye color. 

I have to use this!  What is my natural color?  I have no idea!!!

Nursing Six Children has left me without the need to add cleavage or size....but they do need lifted!!!  And as for back fat....well if transfered to the front I would fall forward.  So forget the beautiful bra....mine are a piece of under armor!!!  I will spare you the visual on this!!!
Although I would do it again, well, six children also left me with a need to hold it all  in....not show off...can't imagine trying those _________ underwear...I need reduction.  I remember folding these for my grandmother!!!  Lift and hold in garments allow me to fit into some clothes and they put everything in their original place!!

I still love high heels and they do help visually to make you think I have been doing lunges to firm my buns, but  I pay the price when they come off with aching feet that need a good massage.

I have removed the space in my bookshelves that held pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy books to be replaced by these.  So I am on a mission!!!

So if the mood comes upon my husband....well lets just say, like the young girl's  post, his visual could be disappointing and the disassembling could be a total riot!!!!  Song of Solomon it wouldn't be!!!
Maybe, just maybe, after I get through "painting my barn" I will give you a visual!!!
I hope I was fair to the younger generation.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time for a New Shell - Hermit!

 Hermits need to move beyond the confines of their comfortable dwelling in order to continue their growth. So this hermit (me) peered out from my comfortable, secure, tightly-fitting shell of my family dwelling to expand my growth.  As I explored new adventures outside my comfort zone, I remembered why I had settled in so many years ago.

Hermit crabs outgrow their shells, needing them to search for another dwelling to expand.
Prayer of Jabez - says "enlarge my boundaries".

Searching out my new expanse, I signed up to volunteer at the schools once a week and also attend a women's Bible study.
Our schedule should allow for this new growth.  The volunteer time would occur while my four-year-old is at pre-school.  The Bible study would take up evening time, not interfering with our homeschool day.  My fourteen-year-old could handle himself during volunteer time and take on the duties of child care for one evening each week.

I grew excited with the possibilities of my expanded shell.  Larger surroundings can bring, not only growth, but refreshment to the soul.

Then, like the crab who ventures out, the predator came looking for the adventurous crab.

First, the predator came with the volunteer training.  The schedule collided with my son's baseball game and my husband's much needed work time.  This would leave the four-year-old and his brother abandoned at the ball field.  My husband stepped up to the plate, losing some work time, to cover me during this time.
Second, the predator met me with conflicting schedules on my Bible Study evening.  The only night of the week that my son and his girlfriend's family could eat with us landed on the same night.

I turned to the old shell...I was comfortable there.  My family could depend on me to be there.  No one changed their schedule for me because my schedule was theirs.  This is how it had been for the majority years of my 26 years of mothering.
The new shell meant "growth".  I am edging on age 50.  This is a new season of my life.  I need to learn how to expand in new territories.  My kids' schedules will not always dominate mine.  I need to expand beyond my comfortable "shell".

Which shell would  I return to as I stood naked between the two choices?

Slowly creeping, with watchful eyes for more predators, I scurried into the larger shell.  My family will make adjustments.  I will continue to serve them as I have in the past.  Hopefully, my growth will encourage growth in them also.

Is it time for you to find a new shell,  one that will expand your growth?  I know alot of you are expanding into some very large new shells...blessings!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kids Are Like Kites

My fall semester is ending in a three-week test like my son.  I have ripped apart the footstool, painted the wood, sanded down the rocker and started painting.  My calligraphy is going slow....need to practice more. I read through the aromatherapy book...interesting, will need more time for that study.  I also read through the new authors I was exploring.  My favorite by far was reading through parts of "Forever, Erma" by Erma Bombeck.

There is just something to be said about reading the wisdom of seasoned women.  I found some interesting things in the younger writers' books, but they really left me with, well, you haven't lived long enough yet!  Erma made me smile, cry, nod my head and a desire to set with her over a cup of tea.  There is such  truth to scripture saying the "older women are to teach the younger women", and yes, I now find myself in the category of older women, but I still have so much to learn.
So I want to share one of her treasures....just in part.
Erma is talking to a woman who is mourning her daughter leaving home.  The daughter is 24!  She writes this piece encouraging mothers to know when their job is over.

"I see children as kites. You spend a lifetime trying to get them off the ground.  You run with them until you're both breathless...they crash...you add a longer tail...they hit the rooftop....you pluck them out of the spout.  You patch and comfort, adjust and teach.  You watch them lifted by the wind and assure them that someday they'll fly.
  Finally they are airborne, but they need more string so you keep letting it out.  With each twist of the ball of twine, there is a sadness that goes with the joy, because the kite because more distant, and somehow you know it won't be long before that beautiful creature will snap the lifeline that bound you together and soar as it was meant to soar - free and alone.
   Only then do you know that you did your job".

Thank you Erma...I passed my three-week test.  Thanks for the advice on parenting, empty-nest, marriage, holidays, housekeeping, family, friends and aging. Thanks to so many seasoned women who share their wisdom daily through their blogs. May we all learn to pass the baton to the younger generation as we release our kites!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The End of My Journey - the Beginning of Another

  Putting the photos away and the scrapbooks back in their boxes, I conclude my recording of my youth with Mommy Piggy Tales.  The most prevailing theme throughout, which is also the truth today...My God is with me through everything.  I am so grateful to so many people as I look back.  First, to my Godly parents;  second, to the leadership at church; third, to the teachers who believed in me in through out my education; fourth, to my precious friends, whom without them I would not be who I am today;  lastly, to my Knight in Shining Armor!

As fall of 1979 arrived I  found myself attending the University of Texas as a Physical Education major, with dance specialty and a Business Minor.  I loved being on the University of Texas campus.  I attended football games as a student!  Football players were in my ballet class, under the instruction of a man who studied under George Balanchine.  Fall was thrilling, but it got better!

December 1, 1979 - My dream would come true and "my beloved" would propose to me!  After a long day at the UT and A&M game he drove us to the church, where it had all began.  We had already had a custom-designed ring made, so I knew it was coming one day!  He said, before he asked me anything, "I need you to know that "divorce" will  never be an option".  I accepted and we were married in that same church on June 14, 1980!
The same photographer who did all my drill team pictures did our wedding!
The rest is history!  That is right HIS-STORY, because with out Him we would not have made it to our 30th Anniversary, nor parented six wonderful children.  My Bravo, Bravo God post tells about renewing those vows in the same church 30 years later.

He still brings me flowers! My wedding picture in the background!
So I close the door on Mommy Piggy Tale posts and say, "thank-you" I enjoyed the journey!  I hope you were encouraged to tell your tales!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Entering the World of Imagination

When was the last time you let yourself enter the world of Imagination?

This past weekend our yard became a field of mushroom circles due to our latest rain storm.  Popping up in their different shapes as they formed "fairy" rings in our grass.

Uncharacteristic of my loving husband, he came through the front door asking for the camera, while telling our four-year-old to hurry.  Before the adventure could begin my husband had allowed his imagination to overtake his sense of "to-do-list".  He rummaged through the toy box for some "little people."

Curious of Dad's unusual behavior, our four-year-old obediently followed his dad out with wonder.  His own imagination became engaged as Dad positioned the little people under the toadstools.

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities. 
Theodor Geisel 

Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity. 
L. Frank Baum 

He is the giant among the little people!!!
Live out of your imagination, not your history. 
Stephen Covey

Our God is the creator of imagination!  What imagination He has!  When was the last time you allowed your imagination to flow and experience an uncharacteristic part of yourself?  Doesn't it always put a giggle in your spirit when your imagination soars?  May you have the imagination of a child!  May you see the world around you through the Creator's Eyes!  May you slow down long enough to let imagination bubble up and overflow through you!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I WaS ObeDienT?!!!!

I was obedient and submissive, as in, I was sitting down, while standing up inside.

Our financial situation has continued to be a challenge.  As all commission earners know, you have good 
and bad weeks.
We, however, have been on a downhill slope of...how low can you go?

My husband in his creative wisdom called to ask about doing some research group.  He has done these in the past and it is fast and easy money.  They are a source of energy to him since he loves people.  Anywhere where he can meet and engage with people, even for free, well, he will be there.

I, on the other hand don't enjoy this kind of venue.  I have to have a purpose in meeting people!
I am a more one-on-one person, not strangers, where I am suppose to engage in conversation...
well, lets just say headache and throw up!!!

My husband  signed me up for one of these groups.  The money would pay for a week of groceries with 
supposedly, very little effort on my part.
After agonizing, complaining in my own personal way, completing the homework the group had assigned me,
I begrudgingly drove to my appointment.

Everything that could go wrong went wrong...as I repeated to myself...I am being submissive!!!!
The traffic backed up in two places making my arrival questionable.
The traffic meant my son wouldn't be picked up in time by the person getting him
The drive back would mean 5:00 traffic....make the journey 3x's more

I got into the parking garage...couldn't find the elevator, found it....needed to go to the bathroom....
well, that would have to wait. I was going to be late and late meant ZERO money.

Breathlessly, I walked in, gave my name and set down.
Within 5 minutes the nice lady announces that all our "early bird" names will go in to a drawing for more money
Remind you....I was the last in the door.

I got quiet as the lady beside me congratulates me and starts a friendly conversation.
We explain our homework to the mentoring lady.

They start to call out names to continue in our research project......
my name isn't called????

I knew I had done something wrong and like I told my husband....there wasn't grace on this!!!
Would he have liked to go to a sewing class and answer questions?

The nice lady gets up to announce that they had too many, therefore, after 10 minutes we would be
released with full pay!!!!

Can you say humble pie???  Me, who now had a headache, had complained, belly-ached, reminded God 
I was being a obedient and submissive wife...........wouldn't have to do what I was scared of.

Shoulders down, head down, I walked out with more money than we had anticipated and started to
ask forgiveness.
As I slide into my car seat, I turned the radio on to hear Amy Grant's
"Better Than A Hallelujah"

It is His kindness that leads us to repentance.   
He could have made me set through that group for two hours, fight hours of traffic home and I wouldn't have received the correction.  I would have justified in my own "stubborn" head that God had another way of providing and that wasn't it!!!!
Instead...He blessed me through my "sin" and I came out humbled.

What a loving husband I have that he forgave me for my "stubborn" heart and a God who always forgives!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am sure you are like me and you will never forget the morning of September 11th, 2001!!!
My prayers go out to all the families affected by this tragedy and thanks to all that have sacrificed since that day!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Senior Year, Hope Chest and His Wisdom

The summer prior to my senior year my mother took us on my last family vacation.  She  hooked-up our pop-up camper and drove across country with four children.  We traveled from Texas to California in three weeks.  I enjoyed the trip, but my moodiness about leaving my "permanent boyfriend" behind would get on my mother's nerves.  She swore she would never take me again....and she didn't.  Dad stayed home to work on his business.

Summer  also brought Drill Team camps.  We trained at Strutter camp in San Marcos, Texas, as well as an additional camp at the University of Texas.  I performed a duet with my Co-Captain Kathy, tuxedos and canes were our props in "New York, New York" and we came in second.  My "permanent boyfriend" was now a full time representative for a leading printing company. He would schedule his travel around my camps to come and enjoy lunch with me on the river in San Marcos.  Our team  came home with countless ribbons and trophies preparing us for my final year as Captain of the Steppers.

 Strutting onto the practice field  adorned in hot curlers, (which would be traded out with pick sponge for dancing), leotard, white tennis shoes, and whistle hanging around my neck by 7:30 am, I would take charge of the Steppers.  I could be heard through the halls of our high school counting 8's on the practice field and then enter class as quite as a mouse. High kicks, props, jazz hands, ripples, new dances, stand routines, and getting us all in time, would take hours of my week. My Senior Year would be exhilarating!!! This year brought two performances on the football field of the University of Texas.  We  performed in the Battle of the Bands and finished up the football season on the same field. I stuffed all the Steppers in the family orange Honda and drive them around the parking lot...we looked like the circus clowns.
Stepper obligations ended with red roses and the girls made two posters, one of my "permanent boyfriend", whom they all knew, and one of me from the dance "New York, New York". ( I still have them both and we now laugh over how young we looked)  These girls will always hold a special place in my heart!
FOOTBALL - My high school won District...I have heard it hasn't won since.  Friday night was high school football and Saturday I would attend with my "permanent boyfriend" the University of Texas football games, we had season tickets.  By Sunday I never had a voice from all the cheering through both football games.

SAT test was taken...then we didn't prep for the test, we just showed up on a Saturday and took it.  My application was sent into the University of Texas and my acceptance letter came by the first of the year.

Spring held half day classes, a job at Hickory Farms, performances at basketball games and anticipation of graduation.
I made my dress!! Also pictures from my grandmothers.
In my "maturity"  girlish mind I wanted an engagement ring.  In my "permanent boyfriend's" maturity, there was no way!  I thought having an engagement ring for my senior year would just be TOO COOL!
Instead, he would travel with me to my grandmother's house for Christmas and buy an appropriate Christmas gift. He was accepted by my whole extended family.  My grandmother would pull him aside and say, "Now there are all my granddaughters and if it doesn't work out with Janette than you can have your pick.  I want you in the family."  She loved him to the day God took her home and he honored her love by speaking and singing at her funeral.
I graduated in May 1979,  with a class of over 300 students.   I looked forward to my freshman year at the University of Texas and harrassed my "permanent boyfriend" about an engagement ring.
He suggested that I date around during college so that there would never be any regrets...I SAID "NO WAY!"
My graduation gift was a walnut, cedar-lined hope chest...can you tell where my thoughts were?  My neighbor gave me my first item, a wooden rolling pin.  It started getting filled up!

My journey is almost complete...next week will tell what happened next....no more posts after that.  Thanks for joining me on this journey......it has been more than I could have imagined.
Linking and completing my post with Mommy Piggy Tales.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Change - Nice!

In Texas the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather just stay around a day and it will change."  So Texas weather keeps us hopping, never leaving us bored, and so is life!

This past week I stepped into unfamiliar territory.  For the first time in 26 years of parenting I took a child to Preschool!  Leaving this 49 year old mother with........

  • Where do I go? How do you do this?
  • Fighting back adjustment tears for me!!!
  • Excitingly watching the clock to go pick him up
  • Enjoying the joy this change was bringing to my four year old - for two days a week
  • Ready Confetti for the night before school...under his pillow
  • Hat day on Thursday
  • The Thrill of being the first to bring home "Beezy" for the weekend - we will record all the bee does with us for the four days
Change number 2 - my fourteen year old's high school year.  He is a part of a one day co-op that includes writing, history, literature and art.  On Friday I hosted the Book Club in my home with full Greek theme set table.  They had just finished reading Odysseys.  The table was adorned with Greek food.  Even "Beezy" got his picture taken with the group.

So I am being moved outside my comfort zone.  A good move, but still a change. There is a season for everything and a new season is visiting our household.  Like the Texas weather, I know I will get use to it!
I guess I am not too old for change.  Thank you Lord for this new season!!! 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is She Real?

As a mother of  five boys I look at life a little differently.  My only daughter joined me with a giggle or two as we walk through the accessories available to young women.  Another friend asked me through a gasp..."Have you seen this?"  We both have boys and start to imagine how it could be on an innocent wedding night.
This is totally for fun. I know the stats on innocent wedding nights, even though I pray that for my children.

What is Real?  Is this my wife?

After waiting for the special night the couple comes to their honeymoon night.
As she prepares for the event, which doesn't leave anything to your imagination, she starts to disassemble.
Hair - What once looked like long, flowing locks are too painful to sleep in, now reveal a bob..
Eyelashes...they weren't permanent so they were intended to be taken off before bed

Blue eyes were popular, but color contacts needed removed at night
Bra - which appeared to hold a 38D now releases the average breast size of 34B...little cleavage
 Buns -The slim body admired by society doesn't leave a woman with an ounce of fat, so the fake bottom is removed , leaving behind a bony hiney
 Height - The high heels are left at the entry door, diminishing her height by 4  inches

Will He Be Shocked?  Can't you just see it on a Lucy Show?
I know I could go into some deep meaning here, but it really was just a good, tear-jerking laugh as we imagined what might be in the future for some innocent guy!  You truly don't know what you are getting these days....they know how to paint the "barn" better than when I captured my 
"Knight in Shining Armor", he could see what he was getting!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elvis Dies and Permanent Boyfriend

With boot money in our hands (from my grandfather), my mother, sister and I headed for the popular shoe store for the newest season’s style. There was another reason to visit this store; my future husband was one of the salespeople.  He and his Longhorn band member friend worked together making sure the city women had right-fitting shoes.  As we approached the shoe department, he met me with, “Have you heard?”  The store radio was playing Elvis music, but I was unaware that the music selection was for a special reason.  “Elvis is dead!” was his shocking news.  Since I was born on Elvis’ birthday with his voice serenading every birthday morning radio show, I was in shock. After talking through our astonishment, he would help assist my sister and I to select the newest boot fashion for our coming year of high school.  So, my junior year, 1977-1978, began with a moment locked into history.
My Co-Captain "Kathy" would be a friend for years!!
The fall of my junior year, I would continue as Captain of the Steppers after try-outs the year before.  The summer of 1977 would prepare us through summer camp at the University of Texas.  My muscles would hurt so severely from the high kicks that my calves wouldn’t allow me to walk up and down the stairs.  The whole team moaned and groaned as we crawled up or hopped up and down the stairs to our daily work-outs.  Our determination was awarded with camp metals and a successful new season.  Our new formal outfits would highlight our half-time shows. Each year, we would be able to add additions to our uniforms and props.

My" future husband" would be in and out of my life as I continued to see him at church.  I longed for a boyfriend.  I felt all the other girls had one, and he would hear my “girl drama” about not being asked out. During this time he was dating a UT cheerleader, whom our pastor thought he should marry!  I would talk him into buying a car with bucket seats (to keep her further away from him).  Their relationship came to an end...I have heard since that I was usually the main reason for their arguments.

On New Years Eve, he stopped by our house to wish my family and I a Happy New Year.  As we stood outside in the yard discussing our New Year’s resolution I, again mentioned I soooooo wanted a boyfriend, and his reply was, “well, maybe this year.”
January 14, 1978 our relationship changed from big brother, little sister, to boyfriend and girlfriend.  He decided to kiss me on the lips, instead of the forehead, and I KISSED BACK!!!   I would run to my room after the kiss in tears pleading before God to allow this relationship.  God had the answer "yes" and  I appealed to my parents to date this "man" nearly seven years older than me. I would recieve their total blessing.  So even though I was sure it would be a struggle and total shock to everyone…well, I was the only one who was shocked by the change of relationship.  My friends would call him the "man" and ask if a "man" can kiss?  They saw him mainly in three piece suits, while school friends saw him in jeans! This major shift from friend to permanent boyfriend highlighted the rest of my life.
So many precious people I don't have pictures of...I love them all and so grateful for their part in my life!
Youth group would change with the release of our youth leader and my older friends graduating.  My future husband would lead the choir...I didn't attend much.  I would continue to be involved with youth activities throughout high school, bringing friends from school and drill team to different events.  Of course, when I started dating my "permanent boyfriend," I also attended church with him.
Fashion at this age consisted of  HIGH HEELS!!!  My father laughed that I would break my neck in those shoes, after countlessly falls down the stairs of our home.  I loved them!!!

Music would remain a source of enjoyment...as my "man" boyfriend would take me to concerts through the next year and half of high school.  We would attend Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Linda Rondstand, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow and Christian concerts, Imperials and Cruse Family. He would spoil me!

Vacation and Drill Team would fill the summer before my Senior Year!
I am coming to the end of posting my youth in 15 post with Mommy Piggy Tales!  I hope it has inspired you to tell you tales....and I hope you have also been able to laugh with me along the journey!
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