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Friday, April 22, 2016


Without knowing it, I have taken on this word....ADVENTURE!!!

It is the word I use when I gather my grandsons into my arms and sweep them away for an 

The joy of getting older is you don't care what people think as you make a clown of yourself to produce a smile in your grandsons or even your youngest child.  The cost is worth it as I jump or gallop like a horse to take them on an

Recently, my daughter-in-law found this shirt for my grandson to wear when he goes with me.

Today is my precious husband's birthday.  The man I have loved for over 39 years.  The man who is the father of all six of our children, ranging in ages from 32 to 10!  That alone says it all...........
it has been an 

Adventure - An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome

This card today just jump-out and said it all for my husband.

An Adventure takes risk and has an unknown outcome....that is what life is all about.  It isn't always laughing, sometimes it is crying, but most of all, it is a choice to enter into the ADVENTURE.
I believe God calls us to enter into the ADVENTURE He has for us all.  As we enter His adventure we also learn to trust Him in deeper ways. We walk in faith, through all the dangerous and unexplainable parts of our own personal adventures, trusting Him with the outcome.  

Our second son took all of us on an ADVENTURE, we hadn't experienced.  We all went to the horse races for his birthday and had the joy of dressing up, as if we were going to the Kentucky Derby.

The ADVENTURE, gave us some wonderful picture time, while we celebrated his new decade of life. It was a time where God showed me He is in the ADVENTURE.  

My youngest son and my six grandsons lead me on ADVENTURES each week.  They stretch their arms out to lead me on an ADVENTURE....life...it is risky...an unusual experience.
It has been an Adventure, this journey of being a wife, mother and now a grandmother.
I have learned somethings on this Adventure, but most of it is, I don't know God's next move.
What I do know is............He leads the ADVENTURE.

Enjoy your ADVENTURE, each of ours looks different.
Love the ones who are on the ADVENTURE with you.
Thank you God for leading us on an ADVENTURE.

usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome
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