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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Side of Fixer Upper Mania

Yes, I am jumping on the Fixer-Upper Mania, but probably not in the way you expect.

If you want to hear about the Gaines, the jewels of Texas, you can google search to find post all over the internet.  You can't turn anywhere without seeing their precious faces. They are even icons in the Christian world as they openly share their faith.  I posted on them years ago, I think it was the end of season one of their show Fixer Upper.

I will show you pictures of my time at the Magnolia Silos, but what I will share here is my view on this "around the world" , "city changing couple."

You see, I know Waco and McGregor and all the towns surrounding this area of Texas.  I am a native Texan, at least four generations have been born here, therefore, I seem to have relatives stretching the expanses of this large state.  Therefore, I grew up going to Waco, where my Aunts, Uncles, Grandmother and cousins lived.  It was WACO!  It was and still is a SMALL town.  I on the other hand was from Austin......................then smaller than now, but a big city in comparison to Waco.
  Lucy and Ethel take the Silos, to celebrate both of our birthdays!

Waco had Baylor University and that was about it!  There wasn't much to do in Waco, in comparison to the large cities of Texas.

The city hasn't changed much.  Baylor did build a wonderful, eye-catching football stadium and their football titles have rocked them into the spot light.  I posted in 2012 on my trip there with Ethel and what was in WACO, this was long before the Gaines started their transformation.

But then,
                       came the show

                                          Fixer - Upper 

which woke up this town and it will never be the same.  You see, when I went to the Silos, silos I had passed all my life, silos that were just empty, what I saw was God.

You see, when God gets a hold of anything...............there are changes.

God took this one couple and He ignited a movement.  There are jobs that were created out of the success of Fixer-Upper.  Buildings were and still are being restored.  A city has come to life!!!  Restaurants have customers filing out the doors.  Parking goes down the street. The vision keeps expanding.

One couples "Yes" has transformed a complete city!! People drive from everywhere to visit Waco now.  Where Waco before was just a gas stop on your way to the large metropolis of our state, it is now a destination.

Local antique shops are full on Saturdays.  Businesses that use to have just a few inside their store all day, now have to monitor the flow.  The first time I visited her little shop on Bosque, there were only two people in the shop. Now you wait in line to get into the store!!!

My Ethel and I followed all the businesses Joanna had recommended on her paper you receive when you visit the Silos.  I kept shaking my head and I repeated more than once....THIS IS WACO!!! I had to pinch myself.

Bottom line and end of this story.  If you get a chance  go, but what I hope you see isn't the store, the bakery, the gardens, the barn............the list is still being added to, as God continues to bring more and more of His vision to life, I hope you see HIM.  I hope you see how God can take the little in our hand and expanded it for everyone around you.  I hope you can see how, as my Uncle said, "we watched this young couple take a shack and make it into their home, thinking, what are they doing?", and see how God can change everything.

The Gaines latest purchase is the Elite Restaurant in Waco.  Another historic landmark in Waco, where we have eaten through the years, on our way to another city, and also celebrated my mother-in-law's 98th Birthday.  They will preserve history, as well as provide more jobs.

One couple.....................handing over their "dreams" to the one who gave the "dream" and then walking in obedience, they get to be part of what HE is doing in and through them.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures, but mainly I hope you see what I saw when I visited Waco. Now you can read their book, watch interviews on every network, read tons of blogs and hear their side of the story. I just wanted to share mine and my applauds is to a Big God....BRAVO!, what awesome works you do through those who say, "YES" to you.

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