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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Open Space Can Clear Your Thinking

I guess it is just my age, but things just move too fast.  Life just runs off and leaves us, while we are still trying to figure out how to pay bills.  For some, life slows down and the fruit of their younger days allows them to spread their wings in different ways.  For others, they are still flapping their wings trying to keep from nose diving into a big mess of ________________. You can fill in your own blank.

While I was frantically flapping my wings, trying to avoid that mess, I was also wanting to soar away toward open space.  Nothing refreshes or energizes me more than being outside and creative.

I kept telling myself that life is just toooooooooooooooo short to keep putting off soaring in more
open spaces.

After an impromptu visit to a Flea Market in Fort Worth, where my daughter put her social skills to work, and not just for selfies, we started to soar.   I had cash and she had the texting skills to take what we bought at the Market and turn it into profit on the spot.  This ignited an idea of how we could spread our wings in the open space of Texas.

Within hours we had filled up the gas tank, reserved a hotel, cleared out the seats out of the back of  my car and headed to the Largest Texas Antique Week near Round Top, Texas.  I was going to see the places that are now plastered across my television screen.  My daughter, in her high energy way, knew we could make some money.  I quietly bowed to her gifting and let her lead the way. If you don't let her lead she will just run over you......................so better to get out of her way!

We drove through miles and miles of nothing!!  I mean nothing!  There wasn't going to be a Starbucks in sight!  We came up a small little hill to see what was the beginning of something we had never experienced.  As far as your eyes could see there were white tents.  These white tents would connect some of the smallest towns in Texas.  Population in Round Top is less than 100, and yet, over the weeks in Sept - Oct, and again in April, 100k people will walk through these sleepy towns.  Doors that only open for the shows will fling open for buyers.

My daughter's inspiration was for us to find old windows to re-sale and letters.  She text through her phone announcing what we found, while people reserved their piece through a text.  I was the money person, handing out cash or writing checks.  She is the people person, grinning from ear to ear, talking Texas fast, and spinning deals, which allowed us to fill up the back of the car in no time.

We walked our legs off for two days, trying to figure it all out.  Where do people find all this stuff?  How do you really make money?  Why are some prices as high as what you would pay at an A/C provided nice building, where you wouldn't sweat and they would load it into your car, because it was only feet from the door...................not miles away?

Each step was exciting, as the atmosphere pulled you into the open space and cleared your thinking.  The mind now created and didn't think of deadlines, school lunch, practice schedules, dirty house or cooking.  The Texas open space reminded you that there are still little towns in our state, that live a slower pace.  Even with the crowds you experienced small town excitement.

We have to thank Sonja of Bits and Pieces, who used to have a booth at this famous Antique Week, for sharing through e-mail info to make our trip fantastic.  She is a cheerleader, if there ever was one, and her love for life inspires me always.

We both came back home inspired and zealous for our businesses.  My daughter's business, Mrs. Wilson's Restoration, saw she could make money from her home.  My business, Simply Your Decor, needs to expand into items to sale, as well as, learning all the social media sites to expand my audience.

We also had our first mother and daughter road trip. Yes, it took 22 years for that to happen. What can I say?  The trips before were for her sports, this time it was a girl trip.................very different thing.  I think women who sweat together through fields of Antiques and Junk, might just make it through life!

I encourage you to find some OPEN SPACE to revive your thinking. May you be inspired.  You can also come on to TEXAS and see our open skies, with miles and miles of Antiques.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Design Divas of Texas

I can't remember NOT being in some type of decorating project.  From my younger years at home under my inspiring and fully creative mom, I knocked away at my own level of creativeness, through sewing, painting and you name it.  When I married in 1980, I put my stamp on our new house before the builder's paint was even dry.  There wasn't even a month in our new (and first) home before paint, fabric, and wallpaper had transformed it.  In our second home, I had sewn drapes within a week of moving in and from there created my first decorating business, Classic Stitches by Janette.

Those were the dark days of DIY, which meant you had to learn it all on your own. There weren't shows and very few books.  Patterns were almost non-existent, so you learned by trial and error.  Forget about research at your finger tips with a computer... who would've thought we would even computer in your HOME?

Today, however, you can just click on the TV, pull up a blog, YouTube, Pinterest or Google until your inspirational questions have all been answered.  All those jobs that were not glamorous are now front and center on the newest reality shows. Contractors were NOT the people you put on posters.

So today, this Texas girl wants to take off her old hat to the newest generation of DIYers, who are bringing inspiration to all of us and allowing me to remove some cobwebs in my own creative brain.

They are also showing the wonderful world of some of Texas' smallest little towns.  Who would have believed that within a stone's throw of the door where I raised my children, the sleepy, little town of Buda, Texas would be the talk of a new HGTV show?

HGTV image

My Big Family Renovation - Brandon and Jen Hatmaker have introduced Buda to the world in their home redo projects.  They are also a Christian family who play it REAL on their show.  I want to tip my hat to them and their show.

HGTV image

Fixer Upper, has become my all-time favorite, inspirational show.  Chip and Joanna Gaines have brought Waco,Texas, the town where my relatives live and I have visited my whole life, to the forefront of viewers all over the nation.  Their precious relationship teaches us all that God is in the business of families.  They inspire me through their designs and creativity, but more so through their visual testimony and Biblical family values.
yahoo image

Junk Gypsies - these two young women have brought the national spotlight to one of the smallest towns in central Texas, Round Top, where, when it is now mentioned, people say, "oh, where the Junk Gypsies have a store."  They seem to have jumped on the wave that has been built around this quaint,little German community............... Antiquing and Junk, and  they are riding it well.  They now have their own line of home furnishings at Pottery Barn.

So when you hear that Texans are proud... well, I agree.  I just had to shine a little light on some Texas girls (and guys) who have earned a place throughout the national medias.  We all need to brag a little on our home state... that is part of being American Proud.  You might check them out. They also have blogs... just learn how to say "Ya'll!" As my mind returns to my growing, home interior business with the name, Simply Your Decor, I am enjoying their inspiration and learning from this dynamic, techno-savvy generation.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dig Another Well

In this past, I have written post called Sunday Singings, in honor of my Grandmother who sang at Singings.  This morning's sermon reminded me of this song and I had to run home to post.  Now I  am giving a warning...it is extremely country, so if you aren't a country singer type, just listen through or read the words.

The sermon this morning encouraged us to dig into the Word of God and dig a deep well.  He encouraged us  to dig that deep well when life was easier.  He used the example of a man digging a water well when he wasn't thirsty in comparison to one who dug in order to find water to survive.  The one who was digging during the crisis might not survive before he found the water.

Many times we run to the Word during a crisis to find an answer, when we really needed to have dug  deep well, in the Word of God, earlier so that the answers came to our minds and hearts................the written Word of God.

Enjoy the tune I picked out today and hey, I am going to go pick up a shovel and dig deeper.  In today's society I don't think I can ever dig deep enough in His Word.

(Don Schlitz - Paul Overstreet)

Well Ike had a blessing from the Lord up above
He gave him a beautiful woman to love
A place to live and some land to farm
Two good legs and two good arms
Well the devil came sneakinG around one night
Decided he would do a little evil to Ike
Figured he would hit old Ike where it hurts
so he filled up all of Ike's wells with dirt
And when Ike went out for his morning drink
He got a dipper full of dirt and his heart did sink
But he knew it was the devil so he said with a grin
God blessed me once and he can do it again.
He blessed me once and he can do it again.

So when the rains don't fall and the crops all fail
And the cows ain't puttin' any milk in the pail
Don't sit around waitin' for a check in the mail
Just pick up the shovel and dig another well.
Pick up the shovel and dig another well.

Now me and old Ike got a lot in common
The Lord blessed me with a beautiful woman
He gave me a job he gave me a home
He gave me a well to call my own.

Now when I go out for my morning drink
And get a dipper full of dirt my heart does sink
But I think of old Ike and I have to grin
Cause God blessed me once and he can do it again.
He blessed me once and he can do it again.

When the rains don't fall and the crops all fail...
And the cows ain't puttin' any milk in the pail
Don't sit around waitin' for a check in the mail
Just pick up the shovel and dig another well.
Pick up the shovel and dig another well.

--- Instrumental ---

Well, the good book says Ike finally won
(Pick up the shovel dig another well)
The devil got tired and he left him alone
(Pick up the shovel dig another well)
All I know someday I'm gonna win too
(Pick up the shovel dig another well)
'Cause the good book tells me what to do
(Pick up the shovel dig another well)
Pick up the shovel and dig another well.

Pick up the shovel and dig another well.
Pick up the shovel and dig another well..

Read more: http://artists.letssingit.com/paul-overstreet-lyrics-dig-another-well-m4rqkjz#ixzz3DJEm7vvD
LetsSingIt - Your favorite Music Community 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Let It Go, Let It Go!!!

Let it go, let it go!  See I caught you,  you are now singing the song and it will be in your head all day.

I am ashamed to say that I haven't even seen the movie, nor heard the full lyrics of this song, yet I know the catchy line that holds so much meaning.  There are times just those words and melody pop in my head, a very good lesson for me.

So I sing those words in my head as the forecast for this weekend will bring in our first blast of Fall.  Yes, I usually am on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation for the change of season, since normally our August in Texas is a barn burner, but not this year!  We had by far one of the most pleasant summers in my life.  I can't remember an August in which grass remained green and you could stroll outside without breaking down into an exhausting pile of sweat.  Because of the wonderful weather I hate seeing this season come to a close.  It might have even created in me a desire to move to a cooler state, just for a calm summer...................well, just a little, but I am a Texan by birth.

As I reluctantly close the door, and the school schedules fill my fall calendar, I pause for a moment to reflect on my unexpected summer of the past.  Like your first writing assignment at school where you say what you did for summer, I get to do the same thing here, before I .....Let It Go!!!

For all you people who plan and schedule, well our summer was neither, it just fell into place.

First, Benjamin had the surprise joy of attending a horse camp with his Big Sissy.  No, not everyone in Texas owns a horse, and no not everyone knows how to ride them.  It really is an expensive hobby, so this was a very unexpected experience.

VBS was the second week of June, which is always a delight for all.  I applaud the wonderful people who give of their time to bless children through VBS.

Second, unscheduled surprise.  My husband's company, where he has now worked for one year, sent him to a conference.  Since his one year of employment wouldn't come until the Fall, he had not earned vacation time..........which I can't remember us having had a regular vacation time in all our 34 years of marriage, so that isn't new.  Anyway, his company allowed him to take us with him.  They paid for the room and we piled in on him for a trip to Galveston, Texas.  The beaches this year were totally covered with sea grapes, and left a lot to be desired, but the hotel was awesome.  We enjoyed a couple of days at Moody Gardens.

Third, I returned home from Moody Gardens to complete my seven month decorating job.  The second round of drapes were installed, flower arrangements completed, furniture delivered and I could walk away pleased.  Other than a few extras accessories, the job was finished.  My son is still promising to get a professional photographer in to take wonderful pictures. My phone pictures and the light through the windows, leaves my photography account of my work, and his,  with much to be desired.

Fourth, wonderful play time with all three grandsons.  Ventures of having all three at one time by myself, to just have Grand Mommy time, and ventures outside highlighted summer.  Even allowing Joshua to play in the sprinklers watering the edges of the sidewalk in our subdivision and playing at the lake brought memories of my own summers past.  My heart overflows, how could your ever be prepared for such joy from your grandchildren?

Fifth, not to let this summer of wonderful weather pass we also got to go camping.  Oh, I love nature and just refresh stepping out into her beauty.  Even sleeping on an air mattress on the ground is worth it when you can inhale the breeze and watch deer frolick around you.  We even canoed around the lake, one of those things that we had always said, "we need to do that one time." Well we did!!

Sixth, the milestones that were celebrated. My mother-in-laws' 99th birthday!   My grandson's legal adoption and name change to Joshua Graham Wright. The babies dedication, to the Lord, with family members in attendance, for Joshua Graham and Liam Maverick Wright. Mama Mia Broadway show to celebrate 34 years of marriage, left my husband and I both singing.  Both sets of new parents also bought homes and started their transformations, by the end of summer both families had moved in to start new family memories.

The list goes on and on, and the biggest blessing of all was that God slowed down my work schedule so I could enjoy. The lack of work was unscheduled. I had no clue when I entered summer that I would be off so many weeks, and NEVER once did I  have to get a sitter for Benjamin!!  This makes fall a caught up time on finances, but it was worth the break.

Now I will let it go, but I will hold the memories in my heart.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Passing Down A Tradition

My mother-in-law always lived a very simple and conservative lifestyle.  She only lived in two homes in her married life, until at age 98, when she needed more assistance. The two homes my in- law's lived in where both paid for in cash. This cash came from a man who made a very modest income.  He just never believed in borrowing and he didn't!    To be honest, I never remember her ever talking about things she wanted.  She wasn't interested in traveling the world, or vacations, or a new home, or really anything materialistically,  She just enjoyed her family and her request was to see everyone very often.

As her days of independence have come to an end, the family is slowing trying to deal with her wonderful treasures of her life.  There was one piece that served as a memory maker for me.  She had this one chest that stood in the entry way of her small home.  It was antiqued with a stain over off white paint, and I am sure that is how it was bought, so you see, what is old is new again.  Inside this chest held "old time" games.  You would find checkers, tic-tac-toe, Uno (one of the modern games) and varies board games.  This was the chest she open when the children came to visit.

This was the piece I ask to have.  I wanted to pass down the same tradition.  Now in this age I am sure my grand kids will be bored with board games, cards, tic-tac-toe, and will probably roll their eyes at me, as they ask for the latest techno invention.   Even if they do, I will still open the drawer and try to engage them in play from items of the past.

I took her chest and put a twist on the antique white to make it my own.  I wanted it to say, children.

Passing down a tradition can keep all the generations connected.    
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