Welcome to my eclectic journey of my life and delights. This year my theme is surrendering my writing pen to the true author, Jesus Christ, while looking forward to the future, reflecting on the past and dancing through my journey.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blog Reflection

I pressed the key on my computer to publish. What was I doing? I didn't have a clue. I had only read one blog in my life.  I didn't know what I was stepping into.  I didn't have a vision, nor a direction. I didn't even have a name...I just guessed at one.  All I knew was I was in a hole and I needed to climb out.  Maybe by working things out on paper I could survive.  Thus began my blogging journey.

The pit I was digging out of started with the loss of life as I had dreamed it would be and what I knew.  We had lost the "American Dream".  The one you hear about all your life.  Home ownership, after 28 years of mortgage payments, had slipped through our hands.  The economy was nose diving and we were the product of this turn.  Our age would not be to our advantage for job options.  The mortgage companies wouldn't work with us and interest rates were high.

I began to blog.

In blog world, I found support.  I found women who had walked through this journey and many who had walked through much more. ALL pointed to their source - Jesus Christ.

Through the years there would be deeper pits and still higher mountain tops... unemployment, another move contrasting with marriages, graduations, grandchildren and new jobs.

This year, my typing keys were more silent. I would write in my head, but the words never seemed to manifest on the computer, nor the "publish" button pushed.  I don't know why, but that's okay.  I want this blog to be my journey and sometimes the journey makes you stop and be still.

Today, I leave you with little Instagrams of this year. If I summed it up, it would be "Life is found in the Instant Moments"... those moments that bring us joy in our journey. Instagram provided me balance and helped me look for those moments.

I thank you all for your support...your blogs...your prayers and personal emails.  The Body of Christ is BEAUTIFUL.  As I gathered around our large, ornament-filled Christmas tree, I was reminded from each ornament of how faithful God truly is.  I look forward to 2016!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Our oldest son bought himself a sports car for his 32nd birthday. It is stick and he allowed me to drive it.  Now this instant was a blast!!!  After all.....I did give him birth!
Our little guy still lights up my world.  If I am every discouraged, this little guy has the words of encouragement for his mother.  He has also began to share the gospel with his class mates.  I couldn't ask for more.
Twins are just too much fun!!!
Grandsons...and Grand mommy babysitting.  This filled my life with joy this year. Anchor has dark hair like I did as a baby.  He is our youngest grandson.

Don't blink or this one is out of your site. When you take twins, two - 2 year old and a four- year-old to the pumpkin patch, don't blink!  I enjoyed Grand Mommy adventures in what we call the Grand Mommy mobile,(my old Toyota) with my grandsons this year.  We ventured everywhere!!  Instagram let me catch the moments. 

The blessings of my husband of 35 years helping me handle three grandsons and Benjamin at the Dallas Children's Christmas Parade.

My sons working together to restore an old house to its future glory.  Move in date,sometime soon.  They are friends....what more could a mother desire, then her children to Love the Lord with all their hearts and love each other also?

Those dreams of our family expanding and enjoying the open space we had at our dream home, are gone.  Instead we are crowded setting elbow to elbow.  Those dreams are replaced with God's faithfulness to us through this journey.  Our rent home may not be what I had or what I envisions, but it is full with my family.  My heart overflows with joy!!!

I welcome 2016 and God's continued writing of my story.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Reflecting Back

I know it is December.
                    I know I am running late.
                                                      I know life keeps jogging along as I am skipping, enjoying the slower pace....or trying to.

I can't go into December without reflecting back on three years ago.  Three years ago my oldest and his wife were still going through treatments in order to conceive their first child.  Many of you prayed for them.  Three years ago they opened their home and heart to a little boy name Joshua, my first grandson.  The day they announced their desire to adopt him, we were celebrating the engagements of two of our other children.  Three new family members were to be added to our family.

I also hear the voice of a friend of mine from decades again say, "whenever I call your house it is like calling the Lucy Show!"  So began the fast pace Lucy Show of the Wright household.

Since that day of announcing the adoption of our first grandson and the weddings of two of our children, we have now added two in-laws, and SIX, yes I said SIX grandsons!

Such a testimony of God's work in all of our lives.  We just never know.  We only see in part, yet He sees the whole.
Our first ever kids table!!!

Today I wanted to reflect and rejoice.  Things still go up and down.  Many of my daily struggles are the same, but somewhere in the midst of struggles there are six little boys that smile at Grand Mommy.  When they warm my heart with a smile, I remember God isn't finished yet!!!

In the business of feeding the twins, and chasing two,  two year olds, I didn't get a picture of my daughter and her family. Thanks for your prayers.  They move this week.  They will be an hour and half drive away. Their new home will be an adjustment for all, as she steps up to bat.

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