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Monday, April 28, 2014

Honored to be Among Them

We all came together again, after decades, to celebrate the restoration of a marriage.  We had all attended the same church in the early 80's, while starting  our new married lives and early parenting days.  If you were a fly on the wall, you wouldn't have know all the years that stood between us all, yet, the bond that had brought us together before, still glued us all together.

Each couple had their stories.  The rise to success through their early years of marriage, the dreams playing out on schedule and then the devastation of the events that hit us all in our 50's.   All the men had seen their successful careers come to an end in their 50's, as they all enter their 60's, they see life through new eyes.  All the women shared the ups and downs, through their tears and their laughter, they all told of God's faithfulness. Career loss was only one blow that began the list of struggles, that would have taken most people down for the count.  NO ONE had missed life's blows.

We laughed about how we never could have guessed all those years ago, that life would hand us such incredible struggles in the midst of extreme joys.  We celebrated God's goodness and faithfulness.

The light that shown the brightest on this day of celebration was the fact that even though life had thrown some very strong curves to each couple.......................ALL...ALL...MAY I SAY IT AGAIN...ALL had stood on the solid rock and stayed faithful in their walk with the Lord.  There wasn't a word of bitterness, there wasn't a shaking of the fist to the God who created this world.  EACH...I say this again..EACH pointed to the Lord through it all.  Each shared how He had been greater than any trial.

I stood among these couples with gratefulness.  Their testimonies built my faith.  Their walks strengthen my own.  Faithful through the ups and downs of life is what Faith is all about.

I opened the book my husband bought me for Easter. This Too Shall Pass, here is my reading for today.

Lord, I have made it through the long dark night and now I stand in the joyful light of your love.  Help me to spread my wisdom and experience to others so that they, too, may know your grace, your mercy, and your enduring love.  Let me be an example to them of how your love heals and renews and makes whole again.
Let me be the guide that helps bring others back to the safety of your shores.
No one, including God, ever promised us a life from struggle and suffering.  In fact, we are pretty much assured of challenges and obstacles, for how would we grow and become stronger and more loving without them?  How would our character develop without trials that help mold and shape our personality?  But what we are promised is that every cloud comes equipped with a silver lining in the form of powerful and profound life lesson that we will one day be grateful to have learned, no matter how hard the process.

That sums it up.  I was so honored to be among these couples, who have been through the fire and now are allowing His reflection to be seen in their walk.  They have, and still are among the faithful.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ducky Post!

I just believe there are times of weakness which become counterfeited strength.  That is my story and I am sticking with it, as my excuse for my moment of weakness, which resulted in two baby ducks coming to our house. 
My client had two baby ducklings in a box under a warming light when I arrived to work.  Their chirping drew me in with their sound and  "awe" came off my lips.  Benjamin and Joshua would so enjoy watching these little birds grow up, began my mental moment of lost sanity.
My weakness has become a strength.  I LOVE MAKING MEMORIES, and these little ducklings are making memories.  Even my adult children have joined in the fun.  I Instagram or send a picture text of our ducky adventures, and although I usually don't receive text messages back from my adult children, well the ducks invoke a reaction.

Recently our time has been making "Ducky" memories, as my hidden farm girl heart is revealed, or a desire for a simpler life.  My home school heart talks about the stories we have read, Ping and Make Way for Duckling.

Grand Mommy has ducks....temporary that is.

Grandson...all three, came to see the ducks!  Yes, I live in a subdivision, and yes, we will re-enter them back into a natural habitat.

Another adventure has been my decorating business.
My precious friend, Angela of Collected Yarn, rolled up her sleeves to join me in a wallpaper day, at my son's home.  I wished you could have seen some of the Lucy and Ethel moments.  Although the finish product wasn't exactly how all expected, we had a fun day of refreshing our wall papering skills.

Another client just needed some new touches on some warn dining room chairs.  Off came the cushions and on came new material.
Amazing how changing out the cushion seats can liven up a room.

My large decorating job is piling up.  Paint, Paint, Paint...can I say that one more time?  Paint can change everything.  Wednesday this week the re-upholstered furniture and drapes will be installed in three of the rooms.  I brought in a artist to paint a design on the ceiling of the dining room.  It is all coming along.  My son, who is the contractor, said the other day, "Mom, if you would stop picking things out, I could get finished."  That is the joy of re-doing your home...there is always something else that can be changed.

All the walls, crown and fireplace have been painted.  I love how the fireplace becomes the center piece.  Final pictures will be coming...these are just a few of my Instagram fast shots.

Kitchen updated - left black granite counter tops, painted cabinets in white with antique glaze,(honey oak begone), back splash added, and first new accent for kitchen...chicken that matchs the swirls of the back splash and kitchen valance.
More updated picture...before and after...to come.

Saturday before Easter became Grandsons day with Joshua and Maverick.  Uncle Ben and Joshua decorated cookies, and Maverick, ie handsome, enjoyed being with everyone and seeing Grand Mommy's ducks.

This is where I have been.  I am excited to roll out the decorating project after the big reveal this Wednesday...may my 53-year-old nerves come down!!
Where we are weak He is strong!  Yes, Jesus loves me!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

He is Alive!

Easter...Resurrection...my sins paid for on the cross.  This season always puts me in a quiet mood, as I spend time before the Lord.  This year, this season was even more precious, as my eight-year-old participated with more understanding.  Our devotionals walked the road to the Cross, the Grave and the Empty Tomb.  His tender heart convicted me more than once.  My readings from Bread and Wine - Readings for Lent and Easter, brought my spirit and soul much needed reflection.

I pray this season, you too, will hear His voice and rejoice in the truth of the cross and the resurrection.

Happy Easter!!

I am learning how to do InstaGram and I have been posting pictures from my decorating job.  Somehow I just can't get it all done these days. I do so miss blogging and hope to be back soon.
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