Welcome to my eclectic journey of my life and delights. This year my theme is surrendering my writing pen to the true author, Jesus Christ, while looking forward to the future, reflecting on the past and dancing through my journey.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Parable A Day

Benjamin and I have been going through The Guy Who Lost His Beach House, a one minute Bible Parable for Kids.  Now please note it says for KIDS!!!

That is how He does it. He catches me, his fish, by letting me think I need to teach my child something.  So I grab His suggestions hook, line and sinker...swallow it whole.

As I read and gagged on the worm, I knew the fishing was for me and not my son, although he benefits from the lessons I am learning.

I seem to pass over these familiar parables. I can recount them almost word for word having heard them from the days of Sunday School class to adult pew sitter.  However, knowing something and penetration into the heart to change your behavior, is another thing.  The last few weeks God met his daughter, me, with precious words of rebuke through His parables.

Parable Review

Too Seedy for Me

  • "But the ones sown on good ground are those who hear the word, welcome it, and produce a crop"  Mark 4;20   "Still others fell on good ground and produced a crop that increased thirty, sixty and a hundred times. " Mark 4:8 "The ones sown on rocky ground: when they hear the word, immediately they receive it with joy.  But they have no root in themselves, they are short-lived" Mark 4;16-17
  1. "rocky ground" - trouble and worry - don't lose faith when we encounter troubles
  2. "thorny weeds" - the prickles of greed and desire
  3. We need to bury our roots deep in God's teachings 
Mustard Seeds and Yeast, Mighty Small Heroes

  • "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed"  Matt. 13:31  "The kingdom of heaven is like yeast." Matt. 13:33
  1. Good things come in small packages- this peewee seed grows to be over 12 feet tall
  2. Like yeast God's way of doing things are always better
  3. When life's brings big and small circumstances we should have the attitudes that God admires...thankfulness, forgiveness, kindness, faithfulness, honesty, and charity
Can we say "OUCH"?  As I pick up the book I have started a heart prayer before reading..."Lord may I hear your voice!"  Let's just say, He has been speaking VERY LOUDLY!!!  What a pouch His parables still give me, as I make them familiar to my little one.  Do you have a favorite parable?

This weekend is Benjamin's Mine Craft birthday party. I have been knee deep in making mine craft favors for the party....my first ever pinata, and Steve heads for the little boys to wear as they mine in our backyard. Now off to paint rocks to look like stones for the boys to mine.

 Then off to move my daughter into her first new place and help her nest.  I am having a blast helping her decorate her soon-to-be newly-wed home.  Walls will be painted in a blue/grey.  We are thinking about a padded headboard made of drop cloth.....how fun!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Teenager in the House!!!

Today I am celebrating my teenager!!!  He is seventeen and when he smiles at me, through his braces, I just grab the chance to store the smile in my heart.  This week we will venture into the world of driving!  As we fill out all the forms to start behind the wheel in my tank....I hear this song going over and over in my head.

Wayne Watson wrote songs as he experienced life with his sons and to this day I treasure the repeated memories of those songs.  Watercolored Ponies to Teenager in the House, he reminds us of the joy of parenting.  If you have a chance....listen.

Here is my teenager son cleaning the bathroom....and yes, that is the mop!!  He thinks this is the best way...I just laughed and took a picture.  It is his bathroom, I don't have to use it.  How fast they grow.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water in the Dry Places

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Is.43:19

I heard a pastor speak about  watching  what is happening in the physical realm  and you can see what is happening in the spiritual realm.  From that point on I have watched. I will watch the titles of new best sellers books, the top movies, the trends and even the weather.

We drive over two very large bridges on a daily basis.  Benjamin asked me why they were built since there isn't any water underneath them.  For a couple of years now our area has experienced a drought.  Drought exposed things that were hidden.  This once lake area dry land revealed dinosaur tracks.

Our churches are packed...even turning away those who come to hear the message...and yet, our land is dry.

As I pray for the physical rain to hit our area I also pray for the spiritual rain.  Rain that will soak deep...not just pour and roll down into the gutter.  Spiritual rain that will go deep into the spirit and bring transformation.  

How easy it is for us to be used to being feed at the tables of our churches and not go deep into the Word ourselves.  How easy it is to know the Word and yet, not let it transform our lives.  How easy it is for the me not to be the salt to society....a dry desert instead of a place of nourishment.

Lord I cry out for our land to be soaked in your natural rain and your spiritual rain.  Continue to make me see the signs of our society around me and intercede..."thy Kingdom come".  Lord begin with me!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


stew  (st, sty)
v. stewedstew·ingstews
To cook (food) by simmering or boiling slowly.
1. To undergo cooking by boiling slowly or simmering. See Synonyms at boil1.
2. Informal To suffer with oppressive heat or stuffy confinement; swelter.
3. Informal To be in a state of anxiety or agitation. See Synonyms at brood.
a. A dish cooked by stewing, especially a mixture of meat or fish and vegetables with stock.
b. A mixture likened to this dish.
2. Informal Mental agitation

Yes that is where I am.....I am stewing!  Mental agitation.  I think agitations can be good, as well as bad....so my stewing has both.   But as we all know, a stew not seasoned and allowed to tender is a horrible dish to eat, yet, when allowed to cook slowly it brings comfort to the soul.

I am stewing, so the meat can tenderize, allowing the delight of the dish to come forth and not a hard, chewing mess to eat.

Here are the ingredients in my stew that need to be simmered to perfection.

  1. Meat.... Hubby will find out this week if the contract for the job he has had since November will be extended....if not, well the meat will be hard to swallow for me.  I am sure the Master Chef has something up his sleeve to make this meal more edible, so I stew in faith.
  2. Spices that add taste...Daughter found her first "home", so we are off to pick out paint and let her start nesting.  She will have it ready for them both to live in after their honeymoon in March.
  3. Vegetables that add nutrition ...College son has found him a new apartment and will be venturing out for good....leaving the last two boys to dream of what they want his room for....Lego City or Music Studio
  4. Broth that allows all the ingredients to come together...I have now read two books that seem to be speaking the same thing to my spirit.  I am not sure what it all means, but I feel the Lord is telling me something.  I really need time to let it simmer.
  5. Flame to cook on....Convictions that the Lord is bringing to the surface.  It is always amazing that during a season of "Transition"...yes, my word for the year...things can be brought to the surface that need to be addressed
So during this "Stewing" season I might need to purchase some "duct tape" for my mouth.  I need to let things simmer in my soul....so the outcome will be a stew that comforts and doesn't disgust the palette.

I have warned you..............so please, when stopping by if you see some bones that I have discarded...give me grace....I am still STEWING!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Lord Delights in a Giggle

My High School and early married car....it got 50 MPG!!!  

As I walked out to my daughter's rental car I grabbed the keys and said, "I am driving."  Within minutes of crawling into the drivers side of this compact car I was taken away from all the businesses of life.

This season of life holds more facets than I can process at times.  The joy of answered prayers along with the joys of the struggles have left me discombobulated.  I just can't seem to get all my ducks in a roll.  This is why I know my Heavenly Father delights in our giggles.

My world just fell away as I drove down the street with continued soul giggles.  My daughter didn't get it...I had left the planet emotionally.  I was in dream world.  I turned to her almost in tears saying, "I know this sounds so stupid.  I don't want diamonds, I don't need a trip to Europe, or fancy clothes, but every so often there is something that I really would enjoy.  I WOULD REALLY ENJOY a CAR like THESE!"  She thought I had lost it.  I promise you if I had the money the salesman at the local FIAT store wouldn't even need to try it would be SOLD!!

We jetted around town all day in this matchbox size car.  I U-turned in the middle of a six lane road leaving my daughter gasping for breath..."Oh My I am Going to DIE!"  I laughed that mischievousness laugh and replied, "I know how to drive little cars!"

My teenage years of driving were before my eyes.  If anything could make you feel years and years...well lets be honest, decades younger, this little car had.  My days of driving around my home city in a small compact car brought all my experience back.

My children have only experienced me behind a HUGE SUV...the larger the better for a our large brood, but now our family is smaller, I don't need a tank.  Do I need a small car like this...NO!, but wouldn't it be fun?

I think the Lord looks down and says, "My daughter needs to giggle....just give her the keys!"

Make mine RED with a sunroof and please put some eyelashes on her!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Different Script

Penning the writing of a different script in my life continues.  I see the magazines, I hear the stories and I have been to the weddings.  The mother-of-the-bride helping with each detail, enjoying the shopping, the dreaming, while dollars flow from some bank account in which this day had been planned for since her little girl since birth.  I have heard all that is to done by the Bride's family for the bride.  I know the planned script well.

Our script is being penned differently.  There was never an account for a future wedding.  The savings accounts have long been emptied in order to live.  There wasn't any plan.  Day to day surviving has been the script we are living at this time in our life.

Our daughter and future son-in-law came to us early in this play expressing that they would pay for all of the wedding.  For two non-college graduates this has been a large undertaking.  For me, my heart just sunk.  I would have to lean on the author of this story in trust.

As my daughter tried on dresses I couldn't allow the attendants to know that our budget was very small and NO! I would not be buying the dress.  My daughter would bounce into each establishment not letting dollars keep her from her dream.

The script isn't being penned the way I would have written....the author of the script has known all along the beginning, the middle and the end of this story.

She found the dress of her dream.  The dress alone would pay for a nice wedding. As we walked out of the Bridal Boutique I said, "well you are going to have to find it."  Within minutes my daughter had searched the internet and found one.....1/3 the cost.  Another bride had two wedding dresses.  Her mother bought one and her grandmother bought another...she was to pick which one she wanted and sell the other.  The other bride's  abundance became the answer to my daughter's pray.  The author of the script wasn't surprised.

The venue for the wedding was another dream.  We knew the figures this place charged...our daughter had worked there for years.  God also knew our hearts.  If we had the money for this wedding there wasn't a question where it would be. The author continued His story.

Milestone in Denton, Texas

Sunday night two very humbled and grateful parents went out to the venue for food sampling.  Our daughter will have her wedding in this magical place.  The owners had given her and her groom-to-be a wonderful discounted price and their labor would pay the rest of the tab.  Two Christian men, owners of the place, heard God and blessed our family.  I know the author enjoyed adjusting this part of the script from my version...."we are blessed to be a blessing to others", is being walked out by these wedding venue's owners.

There are still tons of details to be worked out.  I will not be able to throw a Bridal luncheon. She didn't have a shower given by any family members.  There wasn't any "Save the Date" cards.  The list ever presented to Brides these days will not be checked off.  The budget is very tight.  The author isn't surprised, nor does He expect this to affect the blessings He has in store for this Bride- to-be. If He can be Father to the Fatherless, He can also be the Provider for a Bride.

My script was changed.  The author remains the same. He knows what He is doing, even when this mother says, "Why Lord?"  He knows the plans He has for this couple,  Jeremiah 29:11.  I only see what the world tells me is my responsibility, I only see in part....I miss the whole picture....He does not!  I am rejoicing in watching the author change my worldly script to His heavenly script....He is dealing in the eternal.  I can truly say this wedding is given to my daughter by her Heavenly Father....and that Heavenly Father blessed my husband and I, His children.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kings and Queens - 2013 First Sunday Singing

I started my Sunday Singing post in dedication to my grandmother over a year ago.  I would go with my grandmother to "Singings" around the state.  People would gather in different places to sing Praises to God...sometimes into the late hours of the night.  When I post these Sunday Singings I have picked a song that has spoken to my heart through that month.  Today I am so excited to share with you my first Sunday Singing post of 2013.  Since I am trying out my "Grandmommy" name I feel this is the song to share.  I dedicate this to my first grandchild, that God picked for our family years ago.  This child will be given a new lease on life because of "loving the least of these".  I hope you have time to hear it and rejoice over the fact that God has called them to be Kings and Queens.

Comments are closed so you can listen and view this song on video.


Little hands, shoeless feet, lonely eyes looking back at me
Will we leave behind the innocent too brief
On their own, on the run when their lives have only begun
These could be our daughters and our sons
And just like a drum I can hear their hearts beating
I know my God won’t let them be defeated
Every child has a dream to belong and be loved

Boys become kings, girls will be queens
Wrapped in Your majesty 
When we love, when we love the least of these
Then they will be brave and free
Shout your name in victory
When we love when we love the least of these
When we love the least of these

Break our hearts once again
Help us to remember when
We were only children hoping for a friend
Won’t you look around these are the lives that the world has forgotten
Waiting for doors of our hearts and our homes to open


If not us who will be like Jesus
To the least of these
If not us tell me who will be like Jesus
Like Jesus to the least of these

Boys become kings, girls will be queens
Wrapped in your majesty
When we love, when we love the least of these
Then they will be brave and free shout your name in victory
We will love we will love the least of these
We will love the least of these
We will love the least of these
We will love the least of these
We will love the least of these 
We will love the least of these

Friday, January 11, 2013

Time to Pick a New Name

Yes it is that time!  It is time for me to pick a new name.  This name will be spoken out of the most precious mouths on earth....my grandchildren....it is an important name.  It is one I get to chose.  I haven't been able to chose a name before.  You are given your name from your parents, you might have a nick-name or two through the years given to you by others and your spouse might give you a name...but you never get to chose your own!

An email reminded me I needed to chose my name...the one that would be passed down through all the grandchildren to come...and I pray  there will be a lot of them. I will hear this name until I pass to see the Lord.

Now this wasn't a chore.  It pulled at my heart...I have been dreaming about my first grandchild for years.  Somehow making it official, to be printed below my picture in a album, made me really think.

I thought I had it....Mimi...that sounded cute.  Many of my friends are Mimi.  Then there was Nana...more friends have that and even  blogs declare the title of Nanas around the world.  Gigi is also cute.  Granny was my grandmother's names and my mom is Nanny.  Somehow they all didn't fit.  I kept trying them all on for size...no!

My daughter-in-law then suggested the one I had hidden in my heart.  Yes, you can call me old-fashion.  Yes, I am a Baby boomer and I am not hip.  No, I don't mind being thought of as old...I have earned it!

What is it going to be.................

                            GRANDMOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is me!!!

As the child arrives and is welcomed into his/her new home then I will declare more about my first grandchild. As for right now, showers are being scheduled, adjustments to life are being made and I am trying out my new name.  It looks like before I wear my "mother-of-the-bride" title, I will be enjoying my new name.  I might just have to go back and add it to the header for the year....

GRANDMOMMY ......................do you think it fits me?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's All in the Numbers

Benjamin decided to change his name to his Dads....

Well there has been numbers changing in our household the last five days.  Yes, in five days three of us changed our age.  I share my birthday month with my two youngest children.  Since out of six children no one shares my name, it is kinda nice to share my birthday month.  My husband found the most precious card from the two younger boys...and no, I don't receive cards from the older ones...I am sure that is just too old fashioned for my high-tech adult children.  The card hit the spot since at one time I won the June Cleaver award at my high school reunion.  Oh yes, I had the most children at that time...and that was only four!  I was also a stay-at-home mom....even in the 80's there were few of us, so voted June Cleaver.

Here are our numbers!

Year 2011 - we had 5 in common...yes, age 5, age 15, and I entered the big 50!!

Year 2012 - we had  6 in common - age 6, age 16, and 51 ( add 5 plus 1 = 6)

Year 2013 - we have the  number 7 in common - age 7, age 17 and 52 (5+2=7)

Just another number...another year....another time to see God's hand in all of our lives!  Happy Birthday precious sons...may you grow up to love and serve the Lord all the days of your lives.  My continuous prayer for all my children and their spouses and my future grandchildren....Love the Lord Your God!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dare to Dream

Just listen to a child dream about his future or a newly married couple speak of their dreams for the future and you wonder "where did my dreams go?"

Many people have a wonderful way of never letting go of their dreams, but I would say the majority of us allow the circumstances of life to grab our dreams and rip them from our grasp.  I know there are times to let those dream match up with reality, but just watching someone like Susan Boyle win a talent show, thrusting her into her dream, we know it is possible. The world would mock it is "too late" for Susan as she wasn't in her prime of life, yet her dream manifesting tells us all to look at the dreams we have allowed to collect dust on a shelf.

In December I was reminded that age isn't a factor in our dreams.  While pinning on Pinterest I saw a book that inspired me to dig deeper, while I was also reading and delighting in the success of another bloggers successful year in business., I knew there was something I needed to hear.  Both women aren't in their 20's...I know the 20's generation doesn't think this is possible, and yet, their dreams were taken off a shelf and ignited into fulfillment.  I would love to share their inspiration with you.

Leslie at Farm Fresh Fun was one of my first followers and I one of hers.  I have no idea how we crossed bloggy lines to meet, but I have been inspired and blessed.  She and I share the common bond of being "wiser in age" mothers to young children.   She also had a dream.  She has pressed forward with her dream and the rest is just inspirational pictures which make my eyes tear up when I view them.  Her love for horses and training when she was younger opened the door to her new business.  As her family enjoyed the joys of "foxhunting" she shared how this too was an answer to years of dreams and prayers.  Her Christmas card held a picture of them riding their horses with these words to me, "Wishing your dreams come true too! Praying 2013 brings you closer to your dreams!"

I have linked the picture to her publishing house for purchase

Now if that wasn't enough then there is the author "Lisa" - of Hospitality Pursuits  (check our her side bar to see other dreams come true) and her artist friend Linda Merritt.

Well pinning I ran across a pin of a children's book.  As I looked down I realized that Alisa Brookins and "Lisa" were indeed the same person.  I commented, "Oh My! is this you?"  She graciously emailed me back the answer to my question.  As she explained, yes it was, she also laid out her "dream come true" story.  She had written the book and then the manuscript was put on the shelf to collect dust for 10 years.  She continued on in life with all the duties it holds...helping other reach their dreams.

God wasn't finished, therefore, He brought in a friend to help her dream come true....another woman who had a dream also.  This woman would inspire the creative juices in them both as she became the one who would illustrate her manuscript.

To Benjamin's and my delight we received a copy of her "dream" manifested book.  It is a delightful children's story, yet for this adult it shouted, "dreams still happen at any age."  The gifted illustrator is in her 60's.

So as we enter 2013 is there a dream you have put on a shelf and allowed to collect dust?  Do you need to ask the Lord for a dream?  Do you need to let go of fear or procrastination so you can dust off the dream?  Is it time for action?  I don't know about you, but I can say I am trying to answer all these questions!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reflections in the Rear View Mirror

google image

I love to reflect.  It is probably a strength, as well as a weakness of mine.  As the year comes to an end, I always look back.  There are parts of the year that usually makes my skin crawl. But more than those events is always the prevailing truth that God has never left my side.  I also take in the fact that His sovereignty has always prepared me for what was ahead, if I would only listen.  So as I reflect through the rear view mirror at the year 2012, I see once again that He knew and prepared me.

I entered 2012 with a gusto to live "intentionally".  My words for the year were "spunk" and "meekness".  One word would characterize my zeal to bring fun back into my life. The other would be a process God would mold in my heart.
My beginning post on "spunk" - http://janettessage.blogspot.com/2012/01/spunk-or-moxie.html
My post on "meekness" - http://janettessage.blogspot.com/2012/01/meekness.html
In fact, every post in January 2012 prepared me for the year to come.

I can "spunkily" say that God allowed me to experience that word to its fullest.  I watched for every opportunity to experience it.  My neighbor laughed as I shared with her the day I pulled on my new pink bathing suit, wrapped my thunder thighs in a Hawaiian wrap, climbed on my pink bike and rode down the main street of our subdivision with my six-year-old to swim at the pool.  We both laughed at how one little event can make you feel alive again....she says she still has that picture in her head.  "Spunk"...you were a delight in 2013... from concerts, to filling my sand pail, to stuffing my stocking and sharing life through the eyes of a child.  I will not put my "spunk" on a shelf. Instead, I will continue to push forward with the joys of life.

Spunk helped me to feel energized when the "energy-buster" hit our family with unemployment.

During the year, the Lord let me come to terms with "LIFE". That is right, both the fact that it can be taken away in a flash and the fact that it never is what we imagined.  It is okay that life isn't what I imagined.  As I continue to watch God place pieces onto my puzzle of life, I was able to share with precious others that our pictures may look different... but they are OURS and that fact makes ours a masterpiece.

I left 2012 with more unanswered questions than answers for the new year.  I also picked my new word.... .....TRANSITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is what 2013 will be, a season of transition.  Just like 2012, I know that what I think that word will mean and the final definition is all in God's hands.

My spiritual word last year was meekness...this year... Joy.  I don't want to cover the scars that God has allowed in my life, I just want to look at them with total JOY!  This again will be a heart issue like meekness.  I pray that both will grow from the inside out.

Because we will have two marriages in 2013 (one son and our only daughter), I am turning  to my "Silver Fox" and  take time out to re-new, invest and turn up the heat on our 32 years of marriage.  I think this will be fun.  We don't have an empty-nest yet, so these two gray-hairs (almost 60 for hubby) will have to be creative and possibly take some Geritol.  Life can really put a strain on relationships and it is time for us to patch some of the holes that the curve balls of life have inflicted on our marriage.

I am also picking an accessory for this year.  Now I know that sounds really funny, but stay with me.  I am picking shoes!  That is right - SHOES!!  Why?  Because I feel that God will be taking my feet to new places and with Him, I am going in style.  I have neglected my shoes for years in exchange for other necessities in life, but this year I believe He will even adorn my feet.

Welcome 2013....I am looking forward to all you will hold.  Last year was a good year of growth...and I am sure there is more to come.

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