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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thing One and Thing Two

In the midst of our rain the sun shined down on us Wednesday, when Thing One and Thing Two entered into our world.

Still feeling great and waiting the birth of her two sons, my daughter met the challenge with the same tenacity she lives  life.  Everything went well, receiving her heart's  desire, she didn't have to have a C-Section to deliver her boys.
Dad was suited up in case there was an emergency.  Can you tell he is one proud Dad?

Elliott James arrived first, weighing in at 6 pounds and 1 oz.
Three minutes later, his younger brother

Thomas Ezekiel, weighed in at 5 pounds and 3 ozs

This is Elliott James, Thomas has an appointment at the NICU resort for a few days.  He is doing great and will join his whole family in a couple of days.

David...big brother at the old age of 18 months, got to meet his brother, however, I don't have that picture with me at this time.

Proud Uncle Ben had the honor of being the first Uncle to hold Elliott

 David and Grand Mommy had to do some shopping for his stay with me.
The wonderful blessing of being a Grand Mommy is just the greatest.  As I listened to my daughter tell about the birth of her sons.........our hearts were linked, once again, by the common thread of MOTHERHOOD.  

She comes home soon...next week is the end of school...and next Friday our son's graduation.  Just in case I thought life might slow down...................it starts speeding at 100 miles per hour.

We once again say Thank you, to the Lord of all Creation and His wonderful faithfulness to our family.  Ps. 127:3

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Prayers for TEXAS!

View out our car window as we traveled to get through the tornadoes passing on our side and front of our car.  We arrived home safe.  The reports came within minutes of our arrival at home of the destruction these tornadoes left behind.

Our rejoicing over the much needed rain has now turned into shaking our heads as the storms continue across our state.  The flooding and tornadoes across the state have left destruction.

We are only seeing the sun for short periods of time.  I grabbed one glimpse on Saturday.

Our family is safe.  Alarms still sound throughout the day and night, as we continue to watch weather reports.   Our home city is struggling this morning as the waters rose this weekend leaving streets flowing like rivers.  Please pray for safety and protection through the remaining season of storms.  This has been the worst flooding in our state since the 20's.  Pray for the rescue teams and responders in all these areas.  Pray for Texas and other states being affected by these huge storms, yes, the storms brought the much needed rain to a dry thirsty land, yet damage will be felt for years.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Season Came to an End

A New Season for daughter and family.

There are seasons in all our lives, some are seasons of rejoicing and others are seasons of grin and bear it.  There are times of abundance and times of famine....in different areas of our lives.  It would be nice to say that not all of us going through these seasons, but then, that wouldn't be life.

In each we have the chance to learn.  There are times I love learning and times I am sure the Lord feels He is dragging me through the growth He wants for me.  Each season is for His glory and not for mine.

Two years ago we went through a long period of unemployment and insecurity.  During this time I put my hands to the plow.  I opened up two businesses. One I named my Leah and one my Rachel. Both businesses provided for our family.  One, however, wore me out.  This year it brought anxiety and body aches.  I pleaded before  God for strength or provision to quit.

Two weeks ago I took the leap of faith and quit.  I called someone else to take over my clients and the transition has begun.  When I jumped off, God provided through a commission check through my husband's job.
New Season, Spring...outdoor movie with Grandson Joshua and Benjamin.

As summer approaches I find myself in a new season.  HOME!, ready for summer with Benjamin and available for the coming babies...all three.  I now have time to try to enlarge my decor business.
A New Season for our fifth child as he graduates.

As Benjamin said today, "in a few weeks I will be a fourth grader!  Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?  That means when it goes fast it has been a fun year!"  I had to laugh, what a wonderful outlook on life.
Benjamin is the youngest in the Strings Ensemble.

We close the school year with violin concerts, field day at the school and graduation of our fifth child.  A new season for us all.  Our son will enter college in the fall, Benjamin will enter 4th grade, our son will complete his new home (with his brother's construction business), our third son started a new career and three babies will be born.  This Mom/Grandmommy will see what the Lord has in store for me.  For now, I am jumping for joy over closing one business and entering a new season.

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