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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Make-Up Do I Buy, Ethel?

Middle Age Madness has brought many challenges and a big loss of confidence.  You have to watch what you eat.  You wake up at night with unexpected hot flashes, and you seem to forget things at the worse time, like my pin number while checking out at the grocery store.

I was chuckling to myself, and yes, those around me weren't sure if I was sane or not, when I strolled into Walgreens for a long, overdue make-up purchase.  I hate to admit it, but, due to other financial priorities, my make-up drawer had been neglected.  So there I stood, totally overwhelmed by all the selections and their promises to undue what life had left behind on my face.

First, I started with my foundation purchase.  Did I want to hide wrinkles? Well, yes, I am almost fifty.  Did I want to diminish my jaws, which I had inherited? Again, yes.  Did I want to smooth out my coloring? Well, didn't think about that one.  As I moved up and down the row, I wasn't sure what all I wanted corrected and how many products it would take.

Second, came the lips...then I started to laugh.  There is moisturizing lipstick. Then there is lipstick that you apply to pump up your lips, which to me makes you look like a botox treatment gone bad.  I stopped in my tracks and decided to ask the man I wanted to please if he liked big lips.  I texted my husband, who knew the most loving answer in the world, "No, I love your lips the way they are."  Yea!, now I didn't have to spend extra for the busted lip look, which the product had promised, and I would be able to talk.

The lip selection became easier, so I moved to the mascara.  Now I have to admit, my luscious eyelashes have started to disappear.  So the advertisement for long, extended, will-grow-more-lashes mascara was a big pull for me.

I moved from the mascara to facial cream and moisturizer, which I will save you from reading all that they promised to do to my aging face.

Not wanting to spend our complete salary for the week, I just put some reasonably priced products in my cart, since my loving husband had just told me he loves me the way I am, and headed out the door.

I was laughing by the time I got to the car and thought that if I had picked all the right products then I could go home and reappear with another face, a younger, non-wrinkled, pumped-lipped, long eyelashed, youthful-complexioned face, without the signs of a life lived by this 49 year old.  Then again, I love my well-earned laugh lines.

This was just from going to get make-up!

Couldn't you just see this being played out between Lucy and Ethel?

Now I will have to recover before I go and look for a new bra! Oh, the body issues that need to be corrected... what products will I buy?

"A cheerful heart is good like medicine" Proverbs 17:22

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Anonymous said...

Ethel says you are hilarious! She would have loved being a tube of lipstick on the shelf getting to watch and listen to you make your purchases!!

Janette Wright said...

Thanks Ethel...wish you were here to help me with my purchases...Love Lucy

Lady Dorothy said...

Just became a follower of your blog!

Karen said...

I'm laughing with you, thinking about this! I went with Bare Escentuals, which is expensive, but lasts forever, and I found a place to get stuff a little cheaper. But I had to chuckle, b/c I was at a makeup party when the lady was selling her products, and she looks for the flaws, you know, to sell the product? She's selling this stuff for the lines you get above your lip, I'd never noticed anything there, but she points it out in front of everyone! They've bugged me every since lol, something I didn't know I had! Then, in the mall at Christmas this year, this lady is a kiosk (how do you spell that word?), comes up to me and says, "You have beautiful skin!" Well, thanks! "But you need this stuff for the dryness that is causing wrinkles?" Well, I told my 14 yo daughter, that was not the way to sell me lotion! Why not "use this lotion, and your skin will stay as lovely as it is right now?" ANYWAY, I love your blog, and I'm going to have to read on. Thanks for visiting mine, it's always good to meet a new friend in Christ!

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