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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Benjamin's Spring Concert

Last night I again, set amazed at our youngest son's playing ability.  He had one of only two solos for the concert. Afterwards people asked him how long he practices, they were blown away.  In comparison to the other students he is years ahead. The fact is..........it isn't his practice..........it is just a God-given-talent.  As parents we can't take any credit, we have done nothing, other than provide the opportunity.  We are now wondering where do we go from here?  How do we encourage this gift God has given him at such a young age?  We want to be faithful, while not being "too child" centered.

Today I wanted to just share with you our little's guys concert. He played in front of over 300 people last night.  His legs hurt at the end from nerves. He said he kept thinking, "don't lock your knees or you will faith", which is what happened to his brother at our oldest son's wedding.

What was priceless last night was when a friend (age 10) came running up to him afterwards and said, "Ben, I knew you were good, but I had no idea you were that good!!!"  I watched my son's eyes light up, as a peer gave him praise. I could just hug that kid!!!

This is to give credit where credit it due.............To God!!!, and may Benjamin's playing be for God's glory.

Friday, March 11, 2016

I Will Watch This!!

online image

I have to say or maybe it is, stand on a soap box and yell, I don't like commercials.

 I remember the days when you couldn't advertise prescription drugs. Those issues we deal with in life, many things that should only be between your spouse and doctor, weren't embarrassing portrayed across the television.  You didn't have to change the channel or cover eyes and ears of your children. Even "G" rated stations now have politically correct, which usually means no moral content ads, which display non-biblical and non-moral issues you have to explain to your child.  I am one who doesn't care for this change in our society.

But before I "throw the baby out with the water" may I say, these commercials on values have caught my heart.

Someone is getting it right. They are allowing values be displayed on our TV.  Between all the negative there is some hope.

My Benjamin is one who is caught by these ads.  He is the one who catches the strong words and videos.

I hope this one blesses you as it did me.  Values are out there. Let's continue to pass them on!

You can go to Values.com and see more.  Have an awesome weekend.

Monday, March 7, 2016

They Came - One Hundred Thousand Plus

The traffic started backing up. It was still over two hours before the crusade was to begin.  I have never been more excited to see a traffic jam.  The lines started forming blocks away.  Everyone was in such a good mood.  The massive stadium daunting the sky.  The clouds rolled in, yet one little hole in the clouds allowed the sun to shine through.

Benjamin didn't miss a step.  He looked on at awe at the number of people.  He has never been to one of these events.  We had taken our other children to a Billy Graham crusade at the old Dallas Cowboy stadium years ago.  In comparison to this stadium, it was small.

The arena filled to capacity (100,000 people) within just a hour.  People were even seated behind the stage, their only view would be to watch it through the massive screens over head.  The stairs were loaded with people watching, who couldn't get a seat.  Outside others listened, who couldn't get into the stadium.  It was streamed live all around the world.  The total number of viewers, only God knows.

The Gospel was spoken.  
Greg Laurie shared the Gospel.
My phone was dead so I didn't get a picture of him.  

I don't need to judge the hearts of the people, that is God's job.  He is the one who turns the hearts. He is the one!  I prayed, I was obedient, the results is His, for His glory.

There were prayers lifted up for our Nation!!  

This is Benjamin's hat, he picked it out and asked if he could have this.

The altar call was made, as was always done in the Billy Graham crusades.
The massive football field, which usually holds football players, was now being flooded with people, answering the call.  The overflow was so large they opened up rooms all over the stadium to counsel those that came forward.

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

Each time I have attended an event like this I have thought, well Lord, this is what heaven will be like.  What a creative God we serve, none of us alike.  
This morning my heart is full.  I will continue to pray!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Woodlawn, Now Go! - part 3

I will not argue if God speaks today or not.  Much of what He says to us is through His Word, the Bible, however, I do believe there are other ways to hear His voice.  As I picked up the old vinyl albums and placed them in a safe place, I still had the Jesus Expo '72 running through my head.  What did it all mean?  I placed my thoughts aside with a "Thank you Lord, for faithful servants."  Then we rented a movie.

Woodlawn - just the name brings back memories.  I was a pre-teen in 1972, yet I can recall vividly my memories of that Christmas season.  In our small part of Austin, Texas was a growing, on-fire, light-up-the-world for Christ youth group.  I am sure many probably attended the Jesus Expo in Dallas in 1972. The name of the church was WOODLAWN.   December of 1972 the large youth group was headed to New Mexico for a ski trip.  They had prayer coverage from the church and others who knew many of the youth.  They left Austin in two school buses...................the rest is history, know all over the world.   There were 17 youth and two adults, who left this world to be with Christ.

Our phone began to ring, the news came through the television and tears of horror were felt in my family.  Although none of my family members were on the buses, many of my family friend"s teenagers were.  I remember the tears as each death was reported and those who were fine were being flown home.  The relief to know our close friend's son was fine, while also grieving over the loss of so many, marked me for life.


When I mentioned to my husband I wanted to see the movie Woodlawn, he assumed it was about the wreck.  He had been invited on the trip, but decided not to go, so his memories are stronger than mine.  I assured him "No!", that it was about a football team, however, I didn't know how the events of 1972 would be the backdrop of this movie.

I will not tell all of the  true story, but I will tell you where God grabbed my attention.  The football team was from a school named Woodlawn, a school that was dealing with racial tension, as the mixture of races were forced to play football.  During the beginning of their football season a man asked to talk to the team.  He started his speech telling about his experience at Jesus Expo '72.

What?  You have got to be kidding?  There is Jesus Expo '72 again.

His talk with the team lead to the whole team becoming sold out for Christ.  The rest of the team's story is history. The story is inspiring.

The movie closes with actual films from the Jesus Expo '72 and music from the album I had rediscovered during our vinyl playing of "oldies but goodies" Christmas morning.  It goes on to tell about coming event to the Dallas area, Harvest America.  At this posting there is over 1000 churches joining together to put on this one day event.

Okay........................that was it!  I am going!!  I will be there!! I am praying.

Woodlawn will always be the church bus wreck to me and how God's grace and healing came to our city.  The movie showed me that even in that name (Woodlawn), God was working.

My first two children were dedicated to Lord by the pastor who was the pastor of the church Woodlawn, in Austin, Texas. He guided his congregation through their grief and continued to pastor a growing body of believers.   Again, more of my spiritual heritage.  I just feel the Lord says, "look, I am still working, don't miss it!"  An album and a movie drove that part home.  I know I am weird to many, but then again, I think the Lord works in ways that don't always make sense. The events of today can be discouraging, yet HE is still on the throne.  I am looking forward to Sunday and taking our younger boys to see this move of God.  To also remember that God isn't finished yet, and there is more to come, as we bow our knees and pray.

*Sonja of Bits and Pieces let me know she was in attendance at Jesus Expo '72, the final night at the Cotton Bowl.  Her father had lead groups through out the city.  How neat is that?  Maybe one day she will share her experience.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences!  Although I am sure some got "catch up" in the movement, I rest in the fact that God is the one who sifts through all of that.  For now, I am seeing the many faithful seeds that were sown and the fruit of them decades later.

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