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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

His Name is Changed and He Has a New Blueprint

My son will hate this...but I couldn't resist the little king looking up at his Daddy.

My daughter-in-law sent me a picture of my grandson at the table looking over their new blueprints for their house to be.  He was going over each room and telling me, through phone video, where his room would be.  Just the picture of him touching the house plans sent me back to 2012.  His story of  beginning my son's family was in the blueprints of our Heavenly Father.

Here is the post I wrote at the beginning of this incredible journey He Needs A Family (click to read beginning journey). I had to remove the post during the procedures that ended on June 16, 2014.  Each time I look at him I think....with God nothing is impossible.

My son and daughter-in-law had been walking through a season of infertility when they said, "YES" to welcoming Joshua as their first child.  The day they went to bring Joshua to their home, which was the next step in the adoption process, she also got a positive on her pregnancy test.  This precious couple, who had struggled with the issue of not having biological children of their own, became parents twice in nine months.

The final process was the legal adoption and name change.  On Monday we all packed out the court room to witness this final event.

Joshua ask,"Where is the judge".  His mother had instructed him on what to expect and he was ready.  My son raised his right hand to be swear in for the process.  The lawyer did a wonderful job of setting the case before the judge.

Joshua Graham Wright 
became my grandson.
He had won my heart back in 2012 when our daughter showed me his picture while bathing in a sink.  God's blueprint..................perfect!!!

My mother's day gift to us mothers...pictures with the boys.  The quilt behind me is the quilt my grandmother made for me from cloth from my own clothes.
We are all so happy to have Joshua part of our family.  He is the oldest of all the grandsons.  He will be such a great big brother and cousin.  He is the first grandchild and will always have a special place in his Grand Mommy's heart.  I stand in awe of an Awesome God!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Forgot About That!

I am not sure how the future generations will walk back down memory lane.  I know their stroll will probably not be like mine.  Today we take more pictures in a week then past generations took in a lifetime. Even though we click, click, click, it is rare for them to leave our technical devices to be enjoyed by others. Somehow, most of those pictures get lost in cyberspace.  Then we send E-cards or text cards... if we send any type of card.  Rarely do we experience someone's handwriting or thoughts of their hearts.  Our texting leaves out emotions all together.  Are we saying what matters the most?  Are we reminding others we love and appreciate them?

So my journey started out with this.

Oh yes, it is what you think it is. Years.............well, decades to be exact, of cards and letters from age 17 to now.  I must say there are very few recent cards or letters.  It was time to purge.  I started grabbing and going through what others would feel is junk.  Tears flowed, laughter burst out loud and precious memories were re-lived.

My husband's first card to me was on my 17th birthday.  I also sent him a card with some advice on his then-dating life, which I was not a part of.  He was almost seven years older and I was like a little sister, explaining how I needed to protect his heart.  I haven't read these in decades.  To say the least, in one short heart's beat, I was taken back to the beginning of our relationship. What a wonderful stroll! But...

What will future generations do?  Instagram, Facebook, emails and texting will be a thing of the past, how will they stroll down memory lane?

I purged through the cards, throwing away all the ones that only had a signature. I held some close because the writers have now gone on to heaven... all those little notes that came with wedding gifts, baby showers and generic birthday cards.  I held on to the hand written notes I had tucked into my future husband's windshield wipers while he was at work as well as the notes he wrote to me expressing his love.  I also kept the few notes from my kids.  May I say again.............the few.  One announced their running away from home. The note, 20 years old, has been enjoyed by the whole family.

I allowed the words to smooth over my soul.  So much time has come and gone.  I have a couple of letters from my first daughter-in-law.  I am also holding on to the letter our newest daughter-in-law wrote to us on their wedding.

This one I gave to my one-day husband at the mature age of 17!

Signed by my nickname, which I haven't heard in decades and decades.

What an 18th birthday gift.  I remember wanting to be engaged before I graduated.  In his mature age of 25, he knew it would be too early for engagement.

The one that I held onto and soaked in was the one from my grandmother on my wedding day.  I only had one grandmother that wrote to me and her handwriting remained this beautiful up until the day she went home to see the Lord.

I ended with this... a trashcan full.  NO! I didn't discard them all.  I just couldn't let them all go. I will need to walk back down memory lane again. I also think I will print off my blog.  Even though it isn't handwritten, maybe one day my children or grandchildren will need to walk down memory lane.  I also think I will write some letters.  Even if this generation doesn't see their worth now...maybe when they become older they will need the wealth of handwritten encouragement.  The problem will be, will they keep them long enough to know how important they are?  I am glad that I held onto them...it has bee a much needed week of precious memories on my journey.

We will celebrate 34 years next Saturday!...............what a ride from age 17!!.....................onward!!!

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