Welcome to my eclectic journey of my life and delights. This year my theme is surrendering my writing pen to the true author, Jesus Christ, while looking forward to the future, reflecting on the past and dancing through my journey.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jesus, At-One

For Jesus, at-one-ment was not being at-one only with the glory of the stars, or the first daffodil in the spring, or a baby's laugh.  He was also at-one with all the pain and suffering that ever was, is, or will be.  On the cross Jesus was at-one with the young boy with cancer, the young mother hemorrhaging, the raped girl.  And perhaps the most terrible anguish came from being at-one with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, the death chambers at Belsen, the horrors of radiation in the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It came from being at-one with the megalomania of the terrorist, the coldness of heart of "good" people, or even the callous arrogance of the two men in criminal court.
 We can withdraw, even in our prayers, from the intensity of suffering.  Jesus, on the cross, experienced it all.  When I touch the small cross I wear, that, then, is the meaning of the symbol.
                                                   Glimpses of Grace - Madeleine L'Engle

Palm Sunday took our family out into the country to walk among a re-enactment of the Passover.  Beyond the big city, out into the open field, lays a vision of one woman.  It has been built and actors come from everywhere to participate.  Volunteers guide you through the Path of Plagues and Jerusalem Village. The Majestic Statue Garden walks you from the Garden of Eden, the Ark, Moses, David, the cross, and then to the empty tomb.  Along the paths are written scriptures.

We were all touched.  No words needed to be added.  As I stood within feet of each re-enactment my mind would quote scripture or sing a song.  We were rushed into a home with the door post covered in the blood of the passover lamb, so the angel of death would pass over.  To stand there as the actors cried out and you heard the terror outside the door, you felt the fear, and  yet, the peace of the shelter provided by the lamb.

Within the Jerusalem Village you were invited into a home to watch a Passover meal, meet Mary and a Martha and watch Judas give Christ over for 30 pieces of silver.  We watched the Roman guards collect taxes.  Jesus entered the streets and the children ran to him with excitement.  We climbed the stairs to the upper room.  Standing within feet of the final Passover meal, before the cross. we experienced the humanness of the moment.  Again, nothing needs to be said.

These are the pictures I captured as tears rolled down my cheeks, hidden by my sunglasses.  I needed the reminder.

This week I hope you too meet Him at the empty grave.  He is coming back!!  The victory is won.  That is why we look to heaven and not earth.  To be with Him in Glory.

Thank you to all people of  Passover Experience, who gave of their time and resources to re-enact the greatest story every told.  www.passoverexperience.com

Saturday, March 28, 2015

You Want to Smile?

I just felt this complimented my last blog post and besides, it makes you smile.

This is the staff and teachers from my Benjamin's school.  As much I didn't want to stop home schooling my youngest, God had other plans.  One of those plans was to bring a woman, whom I had home schooled with, to be the administrator of the school.  With her came her walk with the Lord and leadership that has allowed me to "let it go" on home schooling Benjamin. She is the one in the black and white dress leading the group.   The man who sings will be Benjamin's math teacher next year.  The tall man in the back with glasses is Benjamin's history/science teacher, who spent his winter vacation ministering in Africa.  This is a charter public school....not private.

The students had a talent show in our church last night and the show was finished with this performance.  I stood...clapping...yelling....joy over flowing...as this piece ended the evening.  I also stood and applauded at what an awesome God we serve!   To watch people walk in their gifts from God and their callings from God.........................well as I have stated before, it was a BRAVO GOD moment.

I hope you take time to watch and be uplifted as we Shake it Off and Let it Go!!!

Both links are the same time. I have warned you, get ready to sing, to smile and enjoy life!! Too fun!



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sometime Just Let It Go

This is what I wanted for my header for my blog this year.  I had a story behind each picture I picked, but as you can see, however I made the collage, it is too grainy to be used.

There are just times you have to sing the song....Let It Go, even if I don't know all the words, the mantra is so true about so much of life.

By the time I figure out how to make my header look like I want, the  year will be over.

Let it Go

Then I had planned to explain my header and pick a word and pick an accessory and maybe a color for 2015.

Let It Go!!!

I had also planned to enter 2015 more organized, house clean, holidays decorated and put away in a more timely fashion, (don't ask what just got put away).

Let It Go!!!

As I pulled everything together then I was going to blog.

After I figured out how we were going to pay bills this year..then I would blog.

You get the picture.


I also thought I would enter 2015 with my Rachel business..ie, Simply Your Decor, becoming my main source of income...once again...

LET IT GO!!!!!!

Just to throw this in for good measure...............I wanted to be a size 8, but instead I gained 20 pounds from September to December.

Expectations can side track us...de-rail us...disappoints us...and leaving us going no where.

Let It Go!

This year has already been a year full of unfulfilled expectations and lessons.

God has spoken quietly.  He has allowed me to struggle, like any good parent who knows if they help their child they will only stunt their growth, He has allowed it for my good.

In the midst of some cloudy days...both in the natural and spiritual, He has brought those days of sunshine.  An encouraging word from Benjamin...my son of encouragement, or a smile and laugh from a grandson, a call from a girlfriend, a sunset viewed from my bedroom window.

For now I am going to Let some things GO!!! and embrace spring. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Paint Therapy

Have you had one of those months that you are sure it must have been a year worth of life?  Well this year has given me some long months, and it is only March.   As soon as winter left us, after one last snow storm, which was so much fun, I needed some therapy.

Our college son moved into his new home.  This left me with an empty bedroom.  Now I could do the traditional guest bedroom, but why?  The main guest in my home are my GRANDS!  This Grand Mommy also needed some Paint Therapy, so throw Tradition down the drain and give me a grandchildren's room.

The door opens to Cat in the Hat.  I used my trusted projector and sketched him on the wall.  He was then outlined with a paint pen and a paint brush was used for the red.  My wonderful...has more talent in his pinky-finger-husband, added the final accent strokes.  He took what I had done and added the icing with his black hash marks.

As you turn into the room I had to add Thing One and Thing Two in anticipation of our twin grandsons due in June.  This one is totally my work...it didn't need the artist hand.

I needed to cover up where the two colors came together on a curve.  Solution, a tree and Lorax.
I had to add Pink...in anticipation of a future granddaughter at some time.

The side wall has this quote.  My Grands will learn their Grand Mommy loves literature, quotes and the power of the written word.  They will hear who Grand Mommy knows will be with them as they climb the mountains of life.  He is the one who will guide them.
The twin bed will be placed under this quote.  A Cat in the Hat comforter has been ordered.  

The side wall next to the quote has two windows.  I will be making a valance across both windows.  The wood valance will be painted red and white strips.  I will post when finished.  The final wall is Horton. He is above the baby bed.  This is for the small Grands.  Once again the artist came to the rescue and added his touch.   Grand Daddy has his strokes on this wall also.

The paint therapy allowed Grand Mommy to remember what life is all about and let go of those nuisances of life that want to steal our joy.

Saturday night two guest will be spending their first night in the new guest room.

Our three grands and the three due this summer have a special place!  I have a little bounce in my step after my paint therapy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Welcome Surprise

Pintrest picture

It came as a surprise.
Turning our end of month, humdrum routine into a much needed and welcome break. it came.
The spring like Texas temperatures, the ones allowing me to enjoy my sun roof, dropped and took a change.
The text started coming through the phones to report..........NO SCHOOL!

I breathed in deep.
I didn't know how bad I needed this break.
This break STOPPED everything.  No running around, no lessons, no school, no games.....................no WORK.

We turned on the fire and slept in late and relaxed.  It was all ice...so no playing outside.
We just enjoyed and I seemed to rest...much needed rest.

Two days at home and then back to school to have another SURPRISE.
Back to school, back to lessons, back to work to have another drop in temperatures, this time with SNOW!!

Friday, around lunch, snow started falling.

What beautiful snow!  What peaceful Snow!!  What a wonderful, at home, relax and playful weekend.  The text to come  pick up kids from school, the canceled events were posted.  We again enjoyed the break.

Our pregnant daughter-in-law took the picture as the whole family enjoyed the powder snow.

I love this one, he is wearing his mother's gloves.  We don't get much snow so most families don't have gloves for their kids. These pink gloves made this a priceless picture of my first grandson Joshua.

My son-in-law won my heart again by taking Grandson David out to play.
Our pregnant daughter watched with her camera.

This is our active David, who cried and cried when he had to go inside.

Our grandsons enjoyed.  Roads kept me from enjoying the snow with them. Their parents bundled them up and their Dads, just like my hubby had done for them, and was doing with Ben, played in the snow with their boys.  I am so proud of these men, who made memories.

Changes, unexpected changes, even if it is the weather, can breathe new life into a weary soul.
As I looked out over the white horizon I looked up and said, "Thanks Heavenly Father, I needed to see your beautiful handiwork."  Spring is now just around the corner and again, I will enjoy His handiwork in the new life as it springs forth.

BREATHE............as we move toward the celebration of His Resurrection.

Weather is on......................more snow on it's way....another break?

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