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Friday, March 5, 2010


My husband is seven years my senior, therefore, he experiences life's changes before me, which allows me to give him a hard time. Hair greying, soreness after yard labor, being called old by his children and then the most unavoidable of all...needing reader glasses.

His diminishing sight began in his late 40's while trying to read a menu and having to ask the waitor or me what it said. Oh, did I harass! That seventeen-year-old girl he had fallen in love with came back to life as I gave him a hard time for not being able to see the menu, since my sight was still "perfect".

I used my eyes through hours of reading, cross-stitching, sewing, cooking and couldn't imagine having to stop and obtain eye-wear.

Well, to my disbelief, I started entering the age of needing extra assistance with my eyes. As my Dad said, "Do you need longer arms Janette?" I couldn't believe that what had always been there was slowing decreasing.

If I was going to have to give in, then it would be with style...so the readers came in red, dots, lime green and one pair to carry in my purse with it's own holder.

I am now used to my new occassional accessory, but finding them can be a problem.

The other day I went all over the house looking for my stylish pair. Where could they be? I searched upstairs and downstairs. Surely they couldn't have walked off... nowhere to be found. Then I took what seemed to be my tenth trip up the stairs for a final search.

As I turned the corner of my stair's landing, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I burst out in laughter, so loud my son came running to see what had happened.

There, so daintily postioned on my head....were my glasses! I couldn't believe it. I had finally given into the idea of wearing glasses, now is forgivefulness next?

I might give into buying those librarian beads that hold your glasses around your neck in order to have them within reach....well, probably not yet.

My gracious husband refuses to harrass me. Instead, he will slowly hand over his reader glasses to me when we are at a resturant...we are growing older together.

My youngest only knows his mother with glasses and proudly tries them on.  My 18-year-old daughter wears fake glasses as a fashion statement. 

God is so merciful to walk with us through the changes of life. To hold our hands, to hear our voices and even our cries that come from pure vanity.

I look forward to a body that is perfect when I get to heaven, but more than that, I look forward to using my eyes to behold  the giver of sight...and without glasses!
Did you notice my font size?

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Leslie said...

... Almost there! Fighting, denying and delaying. MY hubby is 7 years my junior so I count on him to take care of me as I dotter around. He does tease but it keeps me laughing, and that's my medicine of choice!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Well Leslie...there is life after glasses...too funny! Teasing is also so fun and the kids just love seeing their parents tease each other.
Thanks for sharing your experience with me....watch for those glasses on your head...LOL

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