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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time to Re-Energize - Day Three

Create...Re-energize Number 3 is to create, and I don't mean in the sense of procreation, thank-you, that one I have completed.

During the early years of parenting my four, (all under age 7!) I had an interior decorating business.  I ran this business out of my home.  I designed and created rooms, from window treatments to wall coverings.  This kept my creative juices flowing, and seeing my completed projects would energize me.

Then came the teen years- carpools, sporting events, music lessons... and another baby.  The season for the business came to an end; my creative juices would be used only occasionally.

Past and present energizers...

 Painting... I don't let something sit still too long, and walls are always an open canvas.  Furniture can be updated and transformed....garage sale items are a great place to start.  Many of my projects have been done with "oops" paints from Home Depot.

Sewing...not clothes, but anything for the home. My new bedroom bedding is the latest.  The energy I received from my new bedding was wonderful.  My next  adventure will be chair covers for the dining room, to transform the outdated honey oak.
I will also be finishing a Mother's Day order for a client ordered through my new business...www.encouragepillow.com.

Hand sewing....I haven't smocked, cross-stitched or embroidered in years, but I am going to do it again, even if it means with glasses.  I just purchased some flour sack rags to put iron-stamped embroidered patterns on them and see how much I remember from my grandmother.  I fondly remember having such peace when I set to busy my hands with a needle.

Scrapbooking....this creative hobby started with my fifth child.  I am not a good scrapper.  I concentrate on high school books for each child's graduation and then, ever so often, another one gets completed.  This year, the book is for ME.  I have started to gather all the pictures from my own life...oh, my!  The walk down memory lane is just awesome....now, to start my book to tell my story.  

Decorating....any means of decorating, whether it is just setting the table differently, re-arranging the furniture, changing the pictures on the wall or tearing out old white tile for oak counter-tops.  The change in my atmosphere can be a vitamin B-12 shot to my soul.  This week, I have taken down the 80's gold picture frames to spray paint them silver with black underlay.  The 80's gold frame mirror will have an overhaul  also.  My new dwelling is more limited than my past homes, so I am updating items instead.  As I started, my four-year-old met me at the table to "help me" paint.

I believe God made us to create, in one form or another. So, to neglect that part of our being will cause us to dry up. Therefore... creating re-energizes!  I think it is also the fact I LOVE to see something completed.  Parenting is a long process and I have already been on this journey for 26 years with at least 14 more  to go. So, to be able to view the completed process of parenting....well, forget that!  So, I am going to keep on re-energizing by putting my hands to creating.. and just watch my energy level rise!

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Cindy said...

The motto of one of my favorite stores, Paper Source, is "do something creative every day". I try to take that to heart because creativity also energizes me.

Vintage Whimsy Studio said...

I love these posts! I'm going to post your logo on my personal blog as well as the Ruby blog and encourage our readers to think about doing this, too. You really are an inspiration to so many women - did you see your wardrobe post on the Ruby blog? It's at www.rubyforwomen.com I'm so glad I found you ;o)

Jen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog during the UBP! I enjoy W-A-Y too many creative endeavors. Right now, I have sewing supplies taking over half of my dining room! I haven't done any scrapbooking in a long time - good for you for focusing on yourself this year! Your kids and grandkids will appreciate those pages the most in the future.

Jen said...

Janette - Don't get me wrong. I don't create a lot right now. Hence the pile of sewing supplies in my dining room. If I had the time to do a bit each day, I'd be more productive. I do feel that I need to be creative, and that by doing so, I find a bit of myself again and am a better wife and mother for it. I understand the need for that outlet, especially as a mother who homeschools and is focused on home and children and family all day and night. When I am crafting, though I may be making something for or about someone else, it is still "me" time!

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

Thanks so much...Ruby for Women,

Jen, I so understand and encourage you to continue, even if you don't get the projects finished. I think part of my burn-out, even with home schooling, was I neglected this part of me....Blessings to you, you are so on track!!!

Unknown said...

I didn't realize until today that you are in Denton! That isn't terribly far from me in Abilene-a few hours. Matter a fact while on our way home from Children's hospital last week I got off a wrong exit and started toward Denton! lol
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments about Brandon. He is doing better and hopefully will soon be walking without his crutches. He has started with a rash and so I am hoping it is just from the tape on the bandages but if it continues I might have to take him in here to be looked at-we will see.
Happy Friday!

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