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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Catching UP!

I have a computer......................now what do I do with it?  For over a month I haven't had the ability to type out the words that run so rapidly in my head.  What is funny is, even with them running in my head, I didn't feel any of them were worthy to be put down on paper or my blog.  This year of blogging has been very different for me.  There just aren't words.

How can a person whose brain never slows down not find words?

Well that is what has happened.

As I fumble back into the blog world, it will be only when I find words that I feel are worthy of taking the time to write.  If none come, then I hope I can be obedient to keep my mouth shut, because who needs empty words?  It may also be that God wants to speak and He can't be heard over my rattle.

David Wilson - November 16th
Maverick - November 18th

In the last month we celebrated both baby's one year birthdays!!!  We celebrated with a full table for Thanksgiving on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, leaving a small gathering, served on paper plates, on Thanksgiving day.  Changes....oh changes...........not bad..........just different and at times awkward.

I leave you with our family Christmas picture.  More will be added to our family this coming year with our daughter's announcement of TWINS in June.  Yes, two new grandchildren at the same time again.  We are praying for a healthy pregnancy for our daughter and continued energy as she mothers three children under age 2.  Changes...............changes............I pray the Lord gives us all grace and mercy as we embrace the changes He brings to us all in this season of life.

Merry Christmas

17 Joining in with more words:

Farm Girl said...

Oh my gosh congratulations!!! Twins! I am so excited and so happy that the Lord has done this for your family. Twins are just the best!
I am so glad that the Lord is giving you so many babies to your family. What a gift! Nice to see you back. I missed you.

Pom Pom said...

Twins! Hooray! Your family looks happy, J!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Just so wonderful Janette... a family of jewels in your crown!! Merry Christmas friend, I miss you!

Vee said...

So happy that you found some words today! I am glad that you have a computer again...Very necessary in your line of work! Twins? Warm congrats...if I knew this once, I have long forgotten. Praying with you for an uneventful pregnancy for your daughter because nothing after that will ever be uneventful again. =D

podso said...

it's nice to "See" you again and a wonderful photo of your family. And how it's growing! Twins are work but such fun. We have quite a few in our family. May you have much energy and grace! I understand about the words. We're always here when you have some! Have a wonderful Christmas month.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Loved this happy update! Yay TWINS!!!! <3 Pics can share so much when words fail and yours are so full of God's goodness! I too am struggling to keep up with my blog. I broke my collarbone at my busiest time, haven'
t rested it, slow to heal and so have limited use of right arm. Miss you friend. Feel free to Fb me at Leslie Deering. ;-) I hope to post a catch-up and get back to documenting my blessed but busy life but... I can't keep up! Wishing you and your growing family a blessed Christmas.

Sandy said...

I miss your sweet, funny, love filled posts too, Janette. Good to see you back, however briefly. I understand about having no words. I don't blog as much either. Just don't seem to want to right now.
What wonderful news!! Twins!! I hope you are still blogging by the time they're born. I do so want to see pictures. Congratulations to all!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Love and Blessings!

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I am SOO happy for you!! Twins!!! Yes, this will be a large challenge for your daughter no doubt, but somehow I just know she'll do beautifully. And double all the blessings just couldn't be more true. And I just love your family Christmas picture. The Lord has blessed you soo much!! Still smiling over here!! HUGS

Maryann said...

Oh my goodness, such wonderful news! You have a lovely growing family.
I have had times when I struggled to keep up with my blog. When our grands left, it was hard to put words to emotions, I honestly didn't know ifI was going to continue to blog, but I found the words again. Quiet is good sometimes but I am so glad to see you back. Congratulations to all!

Debbie said...


I am so excited for you. It amazes me how God has opened the grandparent floodgates for you.

My mother had a set of twins which gave her four children in under four years. She would tell your daughter without a pause that it wasn't easy, but it was very, very fun.

(If you are wondering why you only hear of three children on my blog, my brother passed away in 1994)

And I totally get the words thing as you know. I am hoping that when God opens the mouths, he opens a bunch of them at the same time and we can have a blog yakking hen party.

Debbie Petras said...

My how your family is growing. Congratulations Grandma! I loved seeing the photo of you and your precious family. I'm also glad you are back blogging with a computer. I've been there before so I know how it impacts you. We've become so dependent on our computers, haven't we?

Thank you for your comments on Heart Choices. We will begin to embrace change, right Janette?

Love you,

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, my goodness, TWINS!!! They are precious but her hands will definitely be very full. I hope that you live nearby. :o)) I do hope she will not have any issues and will have a healthy pregnancy.

Love your family picture! Blessings!

Sharon said...

Well, you certainly have a full house! What joy, Janette! And twins arriving in June - oh my! May the Lord continue to bless your family as He adds to its numbers!

And, I'm waiting anxiously for God to open the floodgates of your words. Seems like many of my favorite bloggers are suffering from "writers' block" right now. I'm praying that it is only a "season" and that soon Blog Land will once again be blessed with your words and theirs!


Nancy said...

Congratulations...two more blessings...I'll be having another next year as well....two under the age of 11 months....Our families know how to multiply, uh?
I know what you mean about not wanting to blog unless you feel God is leading you....I often just don't now what to say even though so much is going on around me and in my head...Hugs to you my friend...

Rebecca said...

Twins! How exciting!
The family picture is a beautiful one! You are blessed to have everyone together in one place! (It's been a l-o-n-g time since we've had that experience.)
And re. "words" & blogging (as ALL things) we yield them them to Him - let them flow at His prompting, under His "impulse", in His time, ever for His glory.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Change, we all experience it. Some feel right, others are indeed a challenge. Congratulations on your new additions to the family, a very happy change. Perhaps this new year's changes will be more of the welcome kind, filled with God's graces. Merry Christmas, Janette.

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Wow, Janette, when you come back, you COME BACK! Twins? Wasn't it "just yesterday" you were feeling like you'd never have grands? What sweet news! Praying God's richest blessings for you and yours as you celebrate our Savior's birth. Merry Christmas!

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