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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Oh No!!!

Oh No!!!   Computer has died!!   So what does a girl do?   My 10k pictures are unavailable at this time and forget trying to pick out a post on a small tablet keyboard.
I can't download what I want to show you.

So until things are resolved.   This mind turning, words coming every minute - girl is being forced into silence.......boo hoo.......I hope it isn't for long.

Miss everyone.

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Catherine said...

Dear Janette, Computers and technology can be sooooo frustrating. I know! I often am at the mercy of my son and daughter to help me with such problems.
I hope that you are back up and running real soon.
Hope all is well.
Blessings dear friend. Catherine xo

Sharon said...

I hate computer snags and snafus!! I had one a couple of weeks ago, and it still isn't completely resolved. Grrr.

Hope everything gets fixed fast! I miss you too much to wait! (Yes, I do!)

Hang in there, Janette. These are only the things that test us, like the spilled coffee fiasco I wrote about this week. In all things, if we're willing, there is something God can say to us!!


Debbie said...

OH NOOOO....lol How I hate computer woes! Soo frustrating! Hopefully you'll be up and running soon!

Nancy said...

You were still able to give us some really cute shots…so precious each and every one..

Computers are like cars when they are down we feel out of commission..I hope you get yours fixed soon….Hugs

Pom Pom said...

Yikes! I'll miss you! I hope things are all good very soon!

Farm Girl said...

so sorry come back soon ;)

Sandy said...

Hope you get things resolved quickly. I miss you already.

Christine said...

Hang in there, we will wait patiently.
Sending you a pray of Patience,
Hope and Faith.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, computers can be so frustrating and I do hope yours is short lived for sure. But, as someone else said, we'll be right here when you return. Happy rest of the week!

Debbie Petras said...

I hope your computer gets fixed. I've been in that situation myself so I know what it feels like. It's amazing how we have come to depend on something years ago I never thought about. But it does connect us. Think about this. If we didn't have computers, I'd never have 'met you'.

Blessings and love,

Rebecca said...

I hope not, too :)
We really do get kind of dependent on these machines, don't we?

Maryann said...

Computer snafu's are the worst. Hope yours gets resolved soon. Blessings friend

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Computer breakdowns,ugh. Praying yours is corrected quickly. Hard to function without one these days, particularly if you are a blogger!

Vee said...

Nothing worse than being muzzled by a malfunctioning computer! The nerve! Hope that you, too, have a computer geek in the family who can set it right. (Funny thing, though, I still don't seem to have many words even though my computer is up and at'em.)

Debbie said...

This is a true statement: I expect my computer to fritz any minute. I expect it because every time I think I can sneeeeaaaak back into an internet routine, something happens to put the kerfluffle on it. It's either life or technology or something.

If I believed in bad luck, I'd believe I live under a schleprock cloud.

Having said that, I'm hoping that since I am trying to sneak that peek, you will have the ability to write those words sooner rather than later.

Oh, and your boys are all just cute, regardless of generation.

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