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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Open Space Can Clear Your Thinking

I guess it is just my age, but things just move too fast.  Life just runs off and leaves us, while we are still trying to figure out how to pay bills.  For some, life slows down and the fruit of their younger days allows them to spread their wings in different ways.  For others, they are still flapping their wings trying to keep from nose diving into a big mess of ________________. You can fill in your own blank.

While I was frantically flapping my wings, trying to avoid that mess, I was also wanting to soar away toward open space.  Nothing refreshes or energizes me more than being outside and creative.

I kept telling myself that life is just toooooooooooooooo short to keep putting off soaring in more
open spaces.

After an impromptu visit to a Flea Market in Fort Worth, where my daughter put her social skills to work, and not just for selfies, we started to soar.   I had cash and she had the texting skills to take what we bought at the Market and turn it into profit on the spot.  This ignited an idea of how we could spread our wings in the open space of Texas.

Within hours we had filled up the gas tank, reserved a hotel, cleared out the seats out of the back of  my car and headed to the Largest Texas Antique Week near Round Top, Texas.  I was going to see the places that are now plastered across my television screen.  My daughter, in her high energy way, knew we could make some money.  I quietly bowed to her gifting and let her lead the way. If you don't let her lead she will just run over you......................so better to get out of her way!

We drove through miles and miles of nothing!!  I mean nothing!  There wasn't going to be a Starbucks in sight!  We came up a small little hill to see what was the beginning of something we had never experienced.  As far as your eyes could see there were white tents.  These white tents would connect some of the smallest towns in Texas.  Population in Round Top is less than 100, and yet, over the weeks in Sept - Oct, and again in April, 100k people will walk through these sleepy towns.  Doors that only open for the shows will fling open for buyers.

My daughter's inspiration was for us to find old windows to re-sale and letters.  She text through her phone announcing what we found, while people reserved their piece through a text.  I was the money person, handing out cash or writing checks.  She is the people person, grinning from ear to ear, talking Texas fast, and spinning deals, which allowed us to fill up the back of the car in no time.

We walked our legs off for two days, trying to figure it all out.  Where do people find all this stuff?  How do you really make money?  Why are some prices as high as what you would pay at an A/C provided nice building, where you wouldn't sweat and they would load it into your car, because it was only feet from the door...................not miles away?

Each step was exciting, as the atmosphere pulled you into the open space and cleared your thinking.  The mind now created and didn't think of deadlines, school lunch, practice schedules, dirty house or cooking.  The Texas open space reminded you that there are still little towns in our state, that live a slower pace.  Even with the crowds you experienced small town excitement.

We have to thank Sonja of Bits and Pieces, who used to have a booth at this famous Antique Week, for sharing through e-mail info to make our trip fantastic.  She is a cheerleader, if there ever was one, and her love for life inspires me always.

We both came back home inspired and zealous for our businesses.  My daughter's business, Mrs. Wilson's Restoration, saw she could make money from her home.  My business, Simply Your Decor, needs to expand into items to sale, as well as, learning all the social media sites to expand my audience.

We also had our first mother and daughter road trip. Yes, it took 22 years for that to happen. What can I say?  The trips before were for her sports, this time it was a girl trip.................very different thing.  I think women who sweat together through fields of Antiques and Junk, might just make it through life!

I encourage you to find some OPEN SPACE to revive your thinking. May you be inspired.  You can also come on to TEXAS and see our open skies, with miles and miles of Antiques.

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Sharon said...

Oh! I so wish I had been able to be part of that trip! Girl talk, AND antiques??? That would be heaven on earth for me! Looks like you two are quite a team. So creative...and frugal, too?!

And yes, I couldn't agree more about Sonja. She is awesome!

Now you guys are giving me the antique bug. I wish there was more out here in California. I have heard it said that we lack antiques because people weren't willing to haul stuff over the Rockies! I might have to venture to some Texas open spaces some day!!

Farm Girl said...

That is one of the things on my bucket list, to go to Round Top and see all of the vendors. I am so glad you did it and you did it with your daughter. It sounds like a wonderful day. Your pictures are lovely too. I wish you the best. Both of you. it is exciting!

podso said...

It sounds ilke a wonderful and inspiring mother daughter time together. It's nice you can encourage each other as you are in similar work. I also enjoyed reading about the HGTV shows, none of which I've heard of. I wonder if I could watch it online as its always the same old shows when I turn on the channel. Hope you're having a great week!

Pom Pom said...

Such fun! I love browsing through antique marts, but I am always too cheap to buy! I bet you had a ball! Good for you! You have the best attitude, J!

Christine said...

Yee Haw! I was chuckling all the way through your post!
I also, that I need to bow to my daughter and let her lead the way. For the same reason.
It sounds like this is just the start of something BIG!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, I have heard about this for years and I have a blogging friend from Scottsdale, Arizona that is there antiquing right now. She and her friend drove in today. She was beside herself with excitement. Perhaps I need to gather some friends and join in the fun.

Tanna said...

I can feel the zest this trip brought to you, Janette! I love it! Mother-Daughter time is priceless. =) I've always wanted to go to Round Top... but, still haven't made it. Glad you enjoyed such a wonderful open space! blessings ~ tanna

Debbie said...

Can't think of a whole lot of things that I would have enjoyed more then doing something like this with my daughter! How I would love to see this all. So glad you enjoyed this time! Hope your week's been a good one!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

ok here we go! You got me going on this one... come on over and share my open invitation to all of our blogging buddies to come to Texas and join us!! :)

Sue Anne McKinney said...

I remember going to that one up in Canton about 10 years ago with MY mom. It was such a fun day. What a great idea to go buy and sell, on the spot like that! Praying success for BOTH of you!!!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

What a great get-away with your daughter! Lots of inspiration and ideas and precious time together :)

myletterstoemily said...

Hey Designer Girl!

This was so much fun to see your take,
as well as Sonja"s, on the amazing
antique fair! Your daughter is adorable!

Debbie Petras said...

What an exciting adventure! I love how you are finding creative ways to expand your business. And I love that you and Sonja were able to share something special with us. Oh my, that would be such fun to get to one day meet both you and Sonja.


Debbie said...

This is beyond wonderful to me! I love everything about it from the fact that you are (both) expanding your businesses to the fact that you're doing it together. Seriously, this is exciting to me.

Rebecca said...

Subtract 15 years from my life and take the staples out of my knee scar and I'm WITH you!

I loved reading this post and imagining the fun the two of you had. Sometimes I wish I possessed more of that natural entrepreneurial spirit that launches you into such adventures!

Unknown said...

Hey Janette.. I dont know if you remember me but Im Karen from my old blog Glass of sweet tea.. I have anew blog http://watchingformyblessing.blogspot.com/ and I just wanted to stop by and say that I had not forgotten you , and im looking forward to following your postings again..
I hope you swing by and visit,,until then..have a wonderful and blessed day..

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Oh my, what a trip! My late husband and I used to prowl the garage sales, flea markets and antique stores looking for just the right items to incorporate in our flower shop and craft items. I miss those times, and the fun of the exploration - including the wide open spaces between stops. At least I still get to see those spaces....

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