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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Design Divas of Texas

I can't remember NOT being in some type of decorating project.  From my younger years at home under my inspiring and fully creative mom, I knocked away at my own level of creativeness, through sewing, painting and you name it.  When I married in 1980, I put my stamp on our new house before the builder's paint was even dry.  There wasn't even a month in our new (and first) home before paint, fabric, and wallpaper had transformed it.  In our second home, I had sewn drapes within a week of moving in and from there created my first decorating business, Classic Stitches by Janette.

Those were the dark days of DIY, which meant you had to learn it all on your own. There weren't shows and very few books.  Patterns were almost non-existent, so you learned by trial and error.  Forget about research at your finger tips with a computer... who would've thought we would even computer in your HOME?

Today, however, you can just click on the TV, pull up a blog, YouTube, Pinterest or Google until your inspirational questions have all been answered.  All those jobs that were not glamorous are now front and center on the newest reality shows. Contractors were NOT the people you put on posters.

So today, this Texas girl wants to take off her old hat to the newest generation of DIYers, who are bringing inspiration to all of us and allowing me to remove some cobwebs in my own creative brain.

They are also showing the wonderful world of some of Texas' smallest little towns.  Who would have believed that within a stone's throw of the door where I raised my children, the sleepy, little town of Buda, Texas would be the talk of a new HGTV show?

HGTV image

My Big Family Renovation - Brandon and Jen Hatmaker have introduced Buda to the world in their home redo projects.  They are also a Christian family who play it REAL on their show.  I want to tip my hat to them and their show.

HGTV image

Fixer Upper, has become my all-time favorite, inspirational show.  Chip and Joanna Gaines have brought Waco,Texas, the town where my relatives live and I have visited my whole life, to the forefront of viewers all over the nation.  Their precious relationship teaches us all that God is in the business of families.  They inspire me through their designs and creativity, but more so through their visual testimony and Biblical family values.
yahoo image

Junk Gypsies - these two young women have brought the national spotlight to one of the smallest towns in central Texas, Round Top, where, when it is now mentioned, people say, "oh, where the Junk Gypsies have a store."  They seem to have jumped on the wave that has been built around this quaint,little German community............... Antiquing and Junk, and  they are riding it well.  They now have their own line of home furnishings at Pottery Barn.

So when you hear that Texans are proud... well, I agree.  I just had to shine a little light on some Texas girls (and guys) who have earned a place throughout the national medias.  We all need to brag a little on our home state... that is part of being American Proud.  You might check them out. They also have blogs... just learn how to say "Ya'll!" As my mind returns to my growing, home interior business with the name, Simply Your Decor, I am enjoying their inspiration and learning from this dynamic, techno-savvy generation.

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Christine said...

Oh, how I remember those "dark days of DIY". As you were recalling your projects, so was I. Yup, no patterns, just trail and error. Lots of redoing!

My new FAVORITE show is Fixer Upper! Love how down home both Chip (funny guy)and Joanna are.

Texas has a lot of talent, you included!

Pom Pom said...

So fun! So creative! Great post, Janette!

Farm Girl said...

How nice and what fun. I had to laugh about your comment because it was trial and error wasn't it?
I remember reading so many books on refinishing furniture and I constantly had a project.
Those links sound fun. Have a great weekend.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

I just recently discovered Chip and Joanna and absolutely love everything about them and their show--the others you mentioned, I am not familiar with but will look them up--very inspiring!

Debbie said...

OK, so I have been AWOL from visits again. Let's just say that I have been busily dealing with the reason they have to dig a new well (or DRAIN LINE) in my front lawn since Wednesday. I feel like a crazy pants.

So... I am just getting here. Actually, I saw your post on facebook and realized that I hadn't checked my dashboard in several days.

I did not know about a single one of these shows! I stopped watching HGTV several years ago because I thought their programming had gotten stale. This gives me a good reason to turn it back on.

Maybe (MAYBE) seeing creativity will jumpstart what ails this spirit of mine. Heaven knows I have tried everything else.

And... what is this about buying and selling with your daughter? Did I miss something? I haven't seen you post about that.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Wow, I've been away too long but feel like we are such old friends that you posted each n every post just for me! ;-) Loved all this! Been too busy w ponies to feel creative an the house but ready for some (old n overdue) reveals soon on Sarah's room (old n new). Yup, like you my vintage style has gotten a shot of fresh n modern perspective from all the great links available.

Debbie Petras said...

I love HGTV but I may need to check out these shows now that I know more about them. I had heard of Jen Hatmaker as a Christian speaker. And yes, things have certainly changed with the internet and DIYers.

Love you, you little design diva yourself.

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