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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recipe for Disaster

Returning from our two days in the #1 Fastest Growing city in the United States, as well as the #1 Most Romantic city in the United (what titles for what-was my quaint home town), I had to hit the floor running.

I grabbed my overly-scheduled calendar for the week.  You know those weeks, the ones that in your mind you say, "this week is going to beat me."  I knew that I couldn't drop any balls or they would all fall.  So I gathered my old cooking pot and added the ingredients.

"Overload-Schedule" Stew
(4) Cleaning Jobs - my Leah Business (Simply Clean Service)
(2) Days of Painting a Client's Home - my Rachel Business (Simply Your Decor)
(1) Afternoon to Purchase Material for Client's Window Treatments (Simply Your Decor)
 Home Room Mom assignment - Largest yearly Fund Raiser for Benjamin's school
Baskets to the School
Bake a Cake for the Cake Walk
Regular Duties as Wife and Mom

add the spice of Sin into the mix - add heat!!

Serve with a large spoonful of GRACE!!

Tuesday morning I was up and running.  By Wednesday night, the baskets were all assembled and ready for delivery.  Thursday ended my third day of cleaning and my afternoon to pick up client's material. However, the heat was starting to be felt on Wednesday night.  I just walked right into the trap of sin, as the heat escalated with my physical tiredness.

By 1:00 pm on Thursday afternoon, I felt I might make it across the finish line on Sunday.
I drove my car 30 miles away from my final job to pick up the material.
My gas tank read  E!

As I ran into the store for the material, my schedule began to unravel and my own sin was revealed.

The 23 yards of material were being measured when the man's face wretched.  I looked up, "What... is something wrong with the material?"  He points to the flaw........the flaw kept going.......and going........and going........and my stomach started to ache.  I had already collected the money for the material.
The client was set on this material.
What was I going to do?  Did any of their other stores have more?  NO!
Could it be ordered?  NO!
It was discontinued and 8 yards short of what I needed.

They told me they would sell it at a discounted price, however, I couldn't work around the flaw.

I left, trying to figure out what to do.  I entered my dried-up-gas-tank car and drove to the nearest gas station.
I reached down to pull out my wallet.  WHERE WAS MY WALLET?
I panicked as I realized my purse wasn't holding my wallet.  The clock was ticking.  Benjamin was needing picked up...all the way.........back.....30 miles from where I was.  I didn't have a dime or card to my name.

I reached down to call my husband, who could be anywhere in the Metroplex.

Here came my first spoonful of grace.  I reached him.  He stopped what he was doing to come to my rescue.
He filled up my gas tank as I ran into another store to see if anyone else had the material.

Hubby tracked back to pick up Benjamin, while I continued my search.
I made it home...tired and "material"ly defeated.

Now for the wallet!  My husband found it and without any comments of condemnation, he handed it to me.
It's hiding place was a result of my own sin...another large spoonful of grace!

My recipe for disaster was covered in grace.  All the tasks that needed to be accomplished were accomplished by Sunday evening.  Monday started with a return to the material store.
I found an alternative for my first client, while getting a good deal for a second client on the flawed material.

This week is slower...more time to clean my own house and sew for a client.
Next time I see a pot waiting for my recipe for disaster, I think I will start with a huge spoonful of gratefulness.

I am  learning in a practical way... where I am weak, Christ is strong and gracious!
(this is for a precious friend who texted me with "what is God doing in your life?")

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Sharon said...

OK, I'm exhausted just reading this! How on earth did you get everything accomplished? I have also had weeks where things seemed to pile on, and I really needed (and appreciated) grace.

Glad you found your wallet. That was what made me the most nervous!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...


Pom Pom said...

Oh, you're so busy! Try to rest when you can!

Debbie said...

wow...what a week for sure! So glad it is behind you and you actually got it all done and this week has been a little less hectic so far. You've got a lot of balls in the air and several hats to wear. Thank God for His grace, huh? Whatever would any of us do without it? Be sure and rest when you can. HUGS

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Wow! retirement is looking better and better--lol

I'm glad you received lots of grace this week to go with your tremendously busy schedule.

I don't ever get bored but I do miss some of those "busy" times. Enjoy!

Christine said...

I had a feeling you were up to something, cause I missed you.
But this is a WOW!
Loosing my wallet would of put me over the top, all in it's self.
You remind me of the Energize Bunny!
(and I mean that is the sweetest possible way)

PS, I had to add the word WOW to my comments, also. It seems it's a theme with most of the comments.

Rebecca said...

'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far; and grace will lead me home!

Bless your ♥, Janette.

Sandy said...

Of all the comments here I second the one from sweet Rebecca. You need not be overwhelmed and exhausted when the Lord has been the one to open these doors of opportunity and employment for you. I know it has to be hard work but I see His grace and power on you at every turn, Janette. You are a remarkable woman and I am proud to call you a sister in Christ.
Love you~

Farm Girl said...

Well that is a very nice way to look at it with " What is God doing in your life?" That is a nice reminder. At least you were aware that you were being bumped. Sometimes it all happens in the afterward.
So glad you accomplished your goals.

Vee said...

Oh my! Such a day would have me on the floor or needing to be scraped from the ceiling. Glad that God was at work!

Debbie said...

Heart pounding as I read this one. It wasn't just pounding because of the pace you set both with your week and the way you wrote it. (The old writing teacher in me gives you an A+...) It was that you describe a typical sin filled grace filled day in the life of Debbie lately. My busyness is of a different sort, but the sin nature causes the meltdown here, and the God of Grace keeps extending His hand.

What I loved most of all was what you said at the end. I need that on my refrigerator.

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

These are amazing days Janette... one day you will look back on this and see just how God has been leading each step... I think you are already seeing that. I am so proud of the job you are doing!!

My worst nightmare is always if I think I've lost my wallet, my identity, my cards... SO glad you found it! :)

Keep truckin, you're doing so great.

Anonymous said...

You have the gift of encouragement, and I thank you for it! What an inspirational and cautionary post.
As Ann Voskamp says, "All is grace."
You are someone I look to as being well grounded in the Lord, as your day ended up exemplifying. He is grace. He is trustworthy. He is faithful. He is God.

Anonymous said...

wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... I felt it - the running and searching and then no wallet - oh my goodness... glad it all worked out..wink!


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Janette, your week sounded a lot like mine two weeks ago. We can stir things up in the wrong way at times. I am glad your husband could be your knight in shining armor. We need them to do that now and then. God bless you!

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