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Monday, February 3, 2014

Just Need to Laugh

There is something so healing to laughter.  Even when dealing with the heavy issues of life, laughter can just be a balm to your soul.  As women shared their stories of the journey of unemployment the other night in my home, we laughed.   We laughed to cover the tears, and yet, it was the most healing process of all...laughter.

As we celebrated the life of our friend, whom the Lord called home, there was laughter.  Through the tears we laughed.  The joy of the Lord was present.

A friend pinned this saying on Pintrest the other day. It has stayed with me and has made me giggle.  We all  have a need for laughter
Maybe a Lucy show will start the giggles and it will evolve into a hug belly laugh.  Maybe a story someone tells on themselves.

I walked out of the grocery store the other day to a car lot full of cars.  I had just finished working at a house and my brain was in overload with all I needed to accomplish in the remaining hours of my day.  As I stared out into the parking lot I realized I had NO CLUE where my car was parked.  Now I must say...this is not like me at all. I have never been one to not know where I parked.  My brain had totally shut down on me...overload factor.

Here I was walking up and down the parking lot rolls, pushing my cart,  wondering where my car was parked.  I wanted to just sit down on the curb and call my husband to come help me find the car. This in no way was funny...then it became funny!  The sun was shining and here I was getting my exercising going back and forth through the cars...trying to find one white car in the middle of a million white vehicles.  I had the choice..either sit down and cry about my loss of memory, or enjoy the extra calories I was burning.   As I released the frustration and told the Lord, "thank you, but would you please help me find my car?"  I looked up and there it was. It hadn't moved...but my heart had moved....I had chosen to laugh.

May you laugh this week.  May you feel the Joy of the Lord, no matter your circumstances.  May this saying stay with you through your days. "Hey, you got down the stairs faster." May your laughter be restored if it needs to be.  I am believing for "restoration" in the laughing department.

19 Joining in with more words:

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I just couldn't agree more. It seems as if laughter sometimes is just exactly what we need. How grateful I am the Lord gets that and has blessed us with the ability. Some of my best remembered moments in life were spent in great bouts of laughter. And trust me, laughter at myself, and the silly things I find myself involved in are some of my best laughs. Enjoy your day Janette!

Sandy said...

I remember one Christmas season Seth and was were at our local mall shopping. He was about five, I think. The parking lot was jam packed. When we came out of the mall I realized I had paid no attention to where I parked my little Honda Civic. After walking up and down the rows of cars I looked and saw that little Seth was crying softly. He told me we were lost forever and no one would ever find us! I had to call my husband and he drove right to my car immediately as if he knew exactly where it was. It was so funny and we laughed for days about that. Poor little Seth finally got over being overwhelmed at the sea of cars and us being unable to find ours. So, I know exactly what you are talking about! Where would we be without laughter?!

Christine said...

Been there and done that, but without the giggles but tears.
Next time, and yes I'm sure there will be one, I will ponder on this post!

***Smiling now***

Sharon said...

I loved this story. Yes, I have done that very same thing more often than I care to admit! I've resorted to using the *panic button* on my auto key opener. Loud, obnoxious beeping and blaring usually clues me in where to go!

I am taking your advice to heart. In a season of sorrow, I'm going to look for the laughter. It's healing to the soul, and I think it makes God smile, too!

LOL...let's make it a habit!

Nancy said...

Great post to start off Monday...How we react to a situation is always our choice but so often we depend on old ways of reacting and miss the joy that a different reaction could have had....Because of you I am going to choose to laugh today....Sometimes when I start laughing I can't stop.....so fun...

Vee said...

I find losing the car a real problem. It began in my forties, which is some while ago. I no longer park my car without taking serious bearings. John and I actually stop and discuss it. So far...so good. Laughter is good, but it usually takes the passage of time, significant time. I love that you are getting to the laughter point a lot faster...sorta like falling down the stairs.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Laughter truly is the best medicine--nothing I love better than a good belly laugh.

Recently, my DIL parked and went in to Walmart. When she came out she her car was not where she thought she had parked it so she called the police to report a stolen car--when he got all the information, he walked to the next aisle of cars and said, "Could this be it?"

Talk about embarrassed--ha ha!

Farm Girl said...

I have had so many, many just sit down and laugh times. You are so right it helps and it makes things not seem so serious.
I do admit to doing just what you did at the grocery store. I really thought someone had stolen my car. I have no idea what I was thinking about when I parked.
I hope you find lots of things to laugh about this week.

Angela said...

I had an uncle who once came out of a store and went and got in his car. As he sat behind the wheel, he turned his head to look behind him before he backed out. To his surprise, there was a woman sitting next to him in the passenger seat and a child in the backseat, both staring at him with fear. He was no less startled. He had gotten in the wrong car! He apologized and got out. I sometimes wonder if that woman tells the same story, only from the opposite point of view:)

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Laughing at this one, check out what I posted today...

As to the wrinkles ebing in the right places?? Not so much. And yet... we have earned them all, good or bad! :)

Pom Pom said...

I like it when something tickles my funny bone. Great post, Janette!

Debbie Petras said...

I can identify! There have been times when my mind was all over the place and I couldn't remember where I parked. I have a friend who used his automatic trunk opener to find his car. He heard the sound and found his car. So you're not alone!

I love your attitude though. We have to laugh sometimes or else we'll cry.


Debbie Petras said...

I can identify! There have been times when my mind was all over the place and I couldn't remember where I parked. I have a friend who used his automatic trunk opener to find his car. He heard the sound and found his car. So you're not alone!

I love your attitude though. We have to laugh sometimes or else we'll cry.



My husband can always make me laugh. I am spoiled.


Debbie said...

I have been given the gift of laughter at some of the most inopportune (which would make them opportune) moments in my life. I remember one time in particular that my sister and I were in a deep state of sorrow about my father's impending death when something happened that very literally made us have to sit down on the ground because we were laughing so hard.

It was a gift.

I think your words are a gift, AND your perspective.

For what it's worth, I actually DID have to call my husband to come to the Walmart parking lot and help find my car one day. I was not even close when he found it, either.

Rebecca said...

I guess I'm in good company :)
Thankful for that little button on the key thingie that honks the horn for me. Sometimes it's the only way I find my car. (And frequently I pass others in the parking lot who look as puzzled as me!)

podso said...

I guess there is a reason they say laughter is the best medicine!

Leslie said...

Oh Janette, I've finally had a few minutes to catch up here and this post was a favorite. I so enjoy all you share but this hit home perfectly as I too recently lost my car n found myself praying first n laughing next! Mine was after a ridiculously long day to get our passports in DC with two patient kids,in snowmageddon,after office had cancelled first appt when we were almost there (2 1/2 hr trip requiring big 4 wheel truck plus metro)... arrive at metro 6 story parking garage second trip (now w VW) and had to walk ENTIRE 6 levels w kids to find it.I laughed n cried n treated us all to Starbucks once safely en route! Of course I returned home w dinner n chores still to do. Love all your honesty here friend! Hope you found some sunshine n have a happy heart now! Xoxo Leslie

Leslie said...

Oops am reading n commenting from Vienna n my Google accounts are crossed. Hope you could understand my ramblings! It's so comforting to touch in w blogging buddies from far away~ It's a beautiful trip and I feel so blessed to be here, but I'm homesick. ;-)
Leslie @ farm fresh fun

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