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Friday, June 21, 2013

Who, Not Me?

Don't you just love Debbie at Words on Wheels?  If you haven't met her you must.  She just enjoys yakking and with her yakking we are convicted, cry, laugh...yes, laugh a lot and then see ourselves in her daily walk.  So this week she just went to meddling when she posted on hoarding.  Now I must say, when I started her post I had my finger pointing at others, but not myself.

Well you know that saying...while pointing with one finger you have three pointing back at you.

So I must confess...I have a hoarding issue also.  I have 10 thousand plus pictures...in boxes, in photo albums and tons of storage on my computer.

But the hoarding that touches my heart is when I am glad I just didn't throw that away.

June 14, 2013 my hubby and I celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary.  Now I must say, this day wasn't wrapped in excitement but frustration.  I really just wanted to over look it and go forward.  The stress of unemployment and lack of any financial security can make us both look at each other as if we are growing horns...demon horns.
My wedding dress.  The picture I had torn from the magazine in 1979. Behind the picture are the sheets of music for the song my husband wrote for our wedding.

Yet, through all of it God will gentle reach down and give me hope.  So it was as I went through a box of hoarding memories looking for my misplaced birth certificate.  There they were....memories of the past...memories of dreams that were fulfilled.  I sent them by text to my children, whose response was, "Why did you keep that through all the years?"

Our  dream house plans we drew out during a church service before we married.  In 1982 these plans were very close to what we built.  I didn't even remember us drawing these plans.  I do have on the back of this church bulletin that we needed to stop or we would get in trouble.

I kept them because God knew that one day I would need encouraged and I would thumb through an old box and smile.   Through the little pieces of forgotten paper God would show me that He still knew what was happening.  He would remind me of my vows and His place in my marriage.

A copy of our wedding vows provided by the church.  I am sure I haven't seen this in over 32 years.  Re-reading was a good reminder of the covenant I entered into 33 years ago.
So Debbie...thanks for your post and letting the three fingers point back at me.  Isn't it amazing what God can use in our lives when we allow Him?

15 Joining in with more words:

Debbie said...

Oh no! Just when I got my hoarding confession off the front page, you rat me out anew. You're a nut (a sweet and kind nut, but a nut nonetheless.)

See now, THESE kinds of things are the very reason that I'm trying to cull down and get rid of all the superfluous stuff. When you save too much like I do, you can manage to crowd out the treasures like this.

But now, admit it. Going through your schtuff always... ALWAYS unearth's a treasure.

I wrote a bunch of blog posts about that last year in the Great Purge of 2012. They just never turned out right so they never made it to the blog.

A few final notes:
Your dress is gorgeous, and your husband writing a song for your wedding is about the most romantic things I've heard in a long time.

Debbie said...

I think Debbie's post made us all think this through. You really did unearth some treasures didn't you? And I was going to say (though Debbie beat me to it!) your husband writing a song for your wedding is soo neat! Did he sing it or play it or both? Whichever I love it. Congratulations on your 33 years together. Really is quite the accomplishment. May God bless you with MANY MANY more!

btw, I did not know I could sell my Bernina for what I paid for it! That's exciting and good to know! Thanks for the heads up! Enjoy your week-end Janette!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Debbie is also one of my favorites bloggers, she challenges me, and almost always makes me laugh out loud, while making her point.

ketting into those boxes, like you, always brings surprises and nostalgia. I just can't seem to throw them out!

LOVE the wedding dress, the song is such a heart treasure, and someone should write a whole blog on 'church bulletins through tthe years'!!


Christine said...

You have such a deep and wonderful heart. You say it like it is, no messing around.
Yes, we all look at our loved ones and have frustrations (horns and all). I like how you reel us back in and show up your heart!
Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary and many more!

Maryann said...

I have to admit Debbie inspired me to take a good hard look at what I was "storing" uh hoarding as well (interesting what God uses isn't it?) Sounds like in your case he used it as an encouragement to you (would you ever have gone through your stuff if you hadn't read that?) I also love that your husband wrote a song for you. Congratulations on 33 years, we just celebrated our anniversary as well

podso said...

Interesting post as I've been doing some cleaning out and it's a slow process as it all makes me stop and remember. It's hard to part with so much of it, and yes, it reminds us of who we are and our story, Maybe it's ok to keep it and let our kids toss it. I don't know, its a question I often have and don't have the answers for. But I do love that church bulletin with your house drawn on it. Maybe you should frame it!

Tanna said...

He always sends just what we need...

Yes, I loved Debbie's post... though I had to hide under the bed in fear the hoarding police might show up here. ;)

Congratulations on 33 years, Janette. A true accomplishment. blessings ~ tanna

Nikki (Sarah) said...

Me too...love Debbie's yakking and loved how she reminded you of all your hoarding the good stuff. Those are awesome memories you've saved...tangible things that show the incredible journey you've taken.
Congrats to you and your husband on 33 years of marriage.

Debbie Petras said...

I have to say that I've never 'met' Debbie. I know I'll need to swing by and read her blog. After all, she comes highly recommended.

Happy Anniversary! I had to laugh at the house plans drawing on the church bulletin. That's something I would do too. :)

Going through boxes can be a chore. But I've discovered some treasures I'd totally forgotten about as we are in the midst of sorting.

I love that your hubby wrote a song for you on your wedding day. What a keeper.

Blessings and love,

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

With my husband, hoarding is cut to the bare minimum. I have an antique trunk filled with the few cherished keepsakes I have room for. However, my heart has enough room to hoard as many beautiful memories as I want. I love seeing your photos. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life with us.

no spring chicken said...

This is wonderful. I have saved things but I'm not sure where. I guess I am an 'unorganized' pack-rat. I look forward to stumbling on some of the things I just know are living in the untouched boxes in the attic. :)

Happy belated 33rd. Not every celebration is romantic, huh? But that covenant... thank you Lord for the covenant that reminds us of your perfect plan and keeps us. Thank you for taking us to forgotten keepsakes when we need a heart help. Thank you for the fruit of a marriage grounded in you.

And yes, Debbie's yakking is a highlight of many mornings! :)

Blessings, Debbie

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! It IS interesting to look back and remember...and if takes a little hoarding to stimulate those thoughts, then thanks be to hoarding! What a beautiful dress, by the way...

Sharon said...

Yup, Debbie does have a way of getting to heart of the matter, doesn't she? Always laced with her signature sense of humor.

And yes, I am a hoarder. I admit it. And some of the things that I've kept, I'm really glad I have. The sentimental value makes them priceless. But there is other stuff that really just needs to go.

Same thing with my heart...just sayin'.


Nancy said...

It seems that God had a purpose for you saving all that wonderful memorabilia so that one day He could remind you of His love for you and your love for your hubby....All things do work together don't they even when things look bleak He has a plan....

Thank you for sharing this personal story....

Marsha Young said...

We do need those reminders, those "monuments" from our past, to remind us of who we are, who we want to be when we are at our best, and where we are going.

God still has a plan for each of us. Blessings to you.

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