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Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Paint Bucket

This summer I am adding to two buckets instead of a sand pail.  I have a cleaning bucket and decorating bucket.  This summer the motivation is income!  Now income only comes when your skills have been honed in, which I am also doing.  The results are starting to show at my home as the windows shine and other decorating projects get finished.

As I was applying another coat of paint to a chair I looked down and noticed something that made me grin.  There were my pretty manicured toes and they were glaring back at me through the matching paint!  Yes, my toes matched the chair.

I didn't realize that I was starting to enjoy this color, but evidence showed up everywhere.  So here it goes through word pictures.

That dreaded bathing suit I added last year, after decades of not having one.  I found the color here as I pulled it from my closet.  Benjamin so enjoys me going swimming with him and my confidence is starting to rise as the scales continue to decrease...yeah!  At least one things is working around here.....weight loss.

My summer coverlet and pillows!

This color just wakes up my eyes after the winter heavy comforter.

I looked down and there it was on my shorts!

Now it has found its way to my chair! 
What can I say?  I seem to bring the colors I enjoy into my wardrobe and into my house.  I think this is a season of cheerful colors for me.  Kinda like the poem...When I Am I Old I Will Wear Purple!

Have you noticed, do you match your house?  I can tell with my clients.  If they are still wearing colors and clothes for decades ago then their house looks the same.  If they are scared to change their hair cut, then they are scared to change their furniture arrangement...they usually want to stay matchy, matchy. If the colors they are drawn to are the colors of the early 2000's or even the 90's, then so is their wardrobe and the new colors of clothes or decor scare them. Sometimes life's changes call for us to get out of our rut.  Just a change in color can help your navigate those changes easier.  Many of my clients are dealing with new empty nest.  Just changing things is helping them enjoy this new season of life.
Now who would guess that what we wear could speak so much about our home?
Are you in need of some color?

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Pom Pom said...

Great post! I love color! I like to choose new colors for my toes (even though I only get about two pedicures per year!)
I like red and yellow! Green and pink! Lavender!
I see why you like that pinky red, J!
I wonder why I picked royal blue when I bought a new swimming suit. I think it was to match my eyeballs.

Lisa said...

Such a pretty color, Janette! I love the bed coverlet. It is perfect for spring and summer!

myletterstoemily said...

what a fun post! and well done on the weight loss.
i'm having a bit of a struggle with that. in the past
i had some tried and true methods that no longer
work. deperate times, i guess. :(

on the brighter side, i LOVE pops of color. even
have two gigantic rose red couches in my living
room to prove it.

Vee said...

Haircuts...I'm currently wearing recession hair and will be until things improve so I really am returning to a former time there and no color either. As for clothes...yikes...never thought of it, but bingo...they do match the house. Ha! Oh I do love that color whatever it is...are you sharing?

podso said...

Fun post! Makes me think about my house and what I wear. There is the consideration of what colors we look good in too. Did you ever have that color analysis? Years ago it was the thing, but I still think of it when I look for clothes. :-) You sound busy and happy!

Farm Girl said...

That is pretty profound. I will have to pay attention now to my wardrobe and my house. That is really interesting.
I like your colors they are bright and happy and great job on the scales!!! Good for you.

Crickit said...

I love the color... and your summer coverlet!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

One of my favorite colors, that and apricot and raspberry pink. The hair?? I'm experimenting with it, more layers and a little shorter and perkier. It's hard to teach these old dogs new tricks, but I love the process!! :)

Debbie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have always changed my hair OFTEN. I like new "dos" and even changes in color occasionally. (though I stick pretty close to blonde recently as it is much easier with these grey roots!) I add to my wardrobe with new colors and fabrics (though the styles are still quite similar ~ not a lot of choices with this figure!)whenever I can, BUT! most of our furniture, pictures, etc. I have had for years and years! What does this say about me?! I am weird and out of the box I am afriad, haha. Congrats on the weight loss, all your hard work no doubt!


Lime green is my cheer up color, but this rosy pink is lovely.


ps. I posted pictures of the wedding today. :)

Sandy said...

I love color too and everything in the rose/pink family, as is this color. Looks beautiful, especially like the coverlet on your bed.
Congratulations on your weight loss, Janette! Are you getting a new hair style?? I certainly need something new. Check Pinterest if you want ideas!

Sharon said...

I never really made that connection between our clothes and our houses - really interesting.

I look around my house and I see earth tones. However, the colors work in my mountain home - so I don't feel outdated at all!

I guess I'm just an earthy girl, in love with nature - and the colors I surround myself with reflect that.

Maybe I should just add a splash of sunflower yellow!


camp and cottage living said...

I really like all of your pink-very girlie!
My house décor and clothes are nothing alike.
I am getting ready to use some very bright colors in my new decorating. Wish me luck!
Good for you with the weight loss.

no spring chicken said...

That IS my color! And yes, I have always matched my home colors and style to my clothing. It's denim and red and forever more shall be. Sometimes I shake things up a bit with a splash of... brown... :) What can I say? Deep, deep, deep ruts.

Blessings, Debbie

Sally said...

Speaking of wardrobes; not to long ago I noticed that I gravitate to solids so I made a concerted effort to pick up patterns. I recently pulled some of these tops out of a hidden spot in the closet and thought, "I need to stick to solids." :( The challenge is on, I'm going pattern hunting.

Debbie said...

Well, this year is my POP of color year because you kind of described me with the part about being afraid to change things. I have had the same hair style for years. Before that, I had another same style for years.

I happen to love that featured color, by the way.

(BTW, I'm actually still mulling a sand pail list because it just seems that I want my time to count for more than leisure, and sand pail lists are so leisurely. Does that make sense?

What an emotional mess I am these days.

Tanna said...

There is no doubt in my mind that our color choices reflect some inner goings on. I love the pop of your color, Janette! You are a pop of color for me. blessings ~ tanna
ps Congratulations on the weight loss!!

Unknown said...

Oh one of my favorite colors. Love you sweet friend. Thank you for my card. It made my week. Hope all is well. We need to plan a day to get together.

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

I LOVE your color, but it's definitely one could/would never wear (or decorate with)! I trust you'll enjoy it enough for both of us. Seeing your cute swimsuit makes me stand up and applaud! Way to go with the continued weight loss; I just hope not ALL of it is due to stress... Have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

What a great color!

And congratulations on the weight loss! Keep up the good work :)

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Fun! Im with ya yet again! Thats my signature color and it makes me happy to see you in it! I dont use it in my house very often, instead my bedroom walls are brown n I add pinks there. Youve encouraged me to try it on my toes now too! Come visit my last post to see my fave "youthful" color - ORANGE!
Congratulations on your weight loss! I need to work at mine. I allow myself too many indulgences when Im tired from working. (ie constantly) Not good. I did swim n play pool volleyball w Jack last night. Why dont I do that more?! BEST memory yet this summer. Later Sarah n I cuddled in bed watching pbs on broadways newest Annie production. A close second in memories, Wishing you MANY fun n colorful memories this summer, friend!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I laughed as I read this post. My husband and I go round and round about color. He likes muted, earth colors. I want color. It has been a slow process to encourage him to branch out and incorporate color, but it is finally taking root. He now has splashes of bright color in his wardrobe and we have some throughout the house. Nothing wrong with earth tones, unless that is all you have! Great post, as always, Janette.

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