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Monday, May 6, 2013

Leah verus Rachael

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The Biblical story of Jacob always amazes me.  It gives me hope, while also making me say, "really, really Lord?"  I am sure if I was God, I wouldn't have given Jacob all the chances he was given...and in that, I then see the hope I have.  If God was patient with Jacob and can bring something good out of a deceiver's life, then He can make something out of my empty rags also.

Years ago I heard a sermon on Jacob's wives.  I say sermon because it wasn't one of those that he used cross references, strong-concordance, Greek and Hebrew nor history knowledge to explain what he had received out of the scripture.  He just took the story of Jacob's wives and applied it to his own.

He brought a new slant into this story that has stayed with me for decades and this week I feel it is where I stand.  I stand looking at the Rachel in my life and the Leah.

Leah was the wife that produced the offspring that would fulfill the promise that God would make a nation from Jacob.  She wasn't the wife that Jacob cherished, in fact, she was the wife that he had be deceived into marrying.  She, however, was the wife that God would bring forth many offspring.   She was fruitful.

Then there was Rachael...Jacob's true love.  The wife of his passion.  The one he gave years of labor to his father-in-law to have her hand in marriage.  Unlike her sister Leah, Rachael didn't have the offspring to produce a nation.  Jacob's love for Rachael didn't go away and later the Lord blessed her with two sons.  Her sons are special to me since I named my late- in-life son after them both.  Rachael produced fruit later in her life, yet maintained the love of her husband from the first day.

There are choices before me for income for our family.  One choice is my passion.  It energizes me.  It excites me.  It allows me to be creative and use my gifts, however, it isn't bringing in income.  This is my Rachael...my decorating business.

The second choice has the potential to bring in a good income for my family.  It will be work.  It will stretch my energy and my comfort zone. It isn't glamorous and will not bring forth my creative side. It is my Leah.

There are seasons that the Lord produces fruit in our life through things that aren't exactly our choice.  This week I will lay down my Rachel in exchange for a Leah.  My prayer is that while I am obedient, that one day the Lord will allow me to again enjoy my Rachel.  I also want to rejoice in the fruit of Leah.  I am sure there are things God wants to teach me that can only come through the Leah season of my life.  These things maybe the things that allow me to totally enjoy my passions and deep seed dreams in the future.  Who knows maybe my Leah will become my Rachael as God changes my heart.

Have you had a Leah and Rachel in your life?  As you look back aren't you glad you allowed the Leah to produce the fruit God wanted in your life?  Have you also had your passion returned through a Rachel?

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Elizabeth Dianne said...

So glad you have an opportunity for good income for your family.

Hopefully, you will grow to enjoy and maybe even love it.

I do wish it was part of "your Rachel gifts"--maybe it won't be a long season!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Well, I never thought of my own present tug-of-war as being Leah and Rachael, but I think you're onto something. I'm going to have to ponder this a bit... I don't know what your Leah is, but I do know how it feels to have to (even temporarily) turn away from Rachael. It hurts! Know that I continue to pray -- and now I'm praying that Leah will become your new friend!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

I just love this Janette! You just wait... God always has ways of surprising us when our true gifts and the desires of our heart are concerned. Your Rachael is going to blossom too, even while your Leah is faithfully obeying, and in that obedience, your heart will find blessings that you didn't even dream of. God is very carefully guiding your days and your future, and best of all... He knows YOU!!

love you!

Sharon said...

You know, Janette - I just loved how you contrasted the *Leah* and *Rachel* things in our lives. Such a good analogy.

The one thing that really struck me was how God never forgot Leah. As you said, He blessed her. I am holding on to that promise - that the *Leah* moments of obedience that I am involved in right now will be blessed.

And yes, I KNOW He's going to bless your Leah-ness!!


Tanna said...

I love that you wrote about Leah and Rachel. We are finishing up Genesis in BSF... and I've thought a lot about those two. I'm going to have to think about how those two apply to choices I've made; I am sure there will be instances. I know you will flourish and be fruitful if this is where God is leading you. And, I feel like your Rachel will still be fruitful, too. blessings ~ tanna

Debbie said...

Janette this is such a good analogy. I think MANY of us work a Leah in our lives at different times, praying God will bless it, and soften our hearts towards it. And yet I believe that our Rachael's still linger at times in our hearts too, and that's OK. I honestly believe you can have both. God will work out the details in ways you never imagined. He knows your heart, and He knows Your desire, and He GAVE you that creative gift, and in His perfect timing He will bless it and use it to His glory. But in the meantime, I also believe He will bless your Leah as you move forward in obedience and selflessness. HUGS

Debbie Petras said...

Very thoughtful and interesting take on this one. There is blessing in obedience. I would have preferred to indulge my Rachael but instead I too am working. So I take each day and cherish the gifts I receive and can offer others in the moments.

Blessings and love,

Farm Girl said...

I could write you a whole novel on the Rachel/Leah idea. Sometimes I feel like God has asked me to lay down every single thing at one time or another. Then He replaces it ever so lovingly and gently with something that is so much better than the things I thought I was giving up.
He has returned to me 100 fold. As I forget all of the time, it isn't our sacrifice that He wants but our obedience.
I always think too, Rachel was buried on the road to the promised land. Leah was buried in the tomb besides Jacob. In the cave that Abraham bought for Sarah. Leah was the one God chose. Leah was always giving thanks for what God had done for her.
Rachel was always wanting more.
They are a really good lesson for us all.
Lovely post today.

Sandy said...

I enjoyed reading this, Janette. I believe one day you will indeed be able to use your Rachel gifts. This is only for a season and the Lord will use it to your advantage in more ways than you can imagine now!

myletterstoemily said...

i would love to advise you, but i am a slightly
biased 'lea.'

this made me smile:

1. because i have had such fruitful offspring
2. i do have weak eyes and have to wear
sunglasses in the choirloft. :)

i CAN pray that the Lord show you where to
put your energy. i have an awesome testi-
mony of this . . .

Debbie said...

I would never have looked at this story that way, and yet again am amazed at the gift that God gives others to share with me.

I read this a while back and have been busy pondering it.

So... you said you thought of me. Did you pray, "Oh LORD, send Debbie some Benjamins!?" Wait. No. Strike that. I know the kind of Benjamins he sends you. I don't think this old weak eyed worn out Leah can handle it.

I want to hear more about your Leah opportunity, and I want to know whether you think I need to lay down some Rachel dreams or expect some of that "passion fruit" after my long wait.

Sally said...

I would characterize my job as my Leah...so fruitful and yet requiring deep obedience.

Heading to Austin this Friday. Time to move out and store all the dorm goods. Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and laughter.

Vee said...

Oh. I see what you mean. And it flies in the face of so much teaching today. I think you are right. There are times when Leah must win. Good, practical Leah. One thing is certain, God has your best interests in mind.

Anonymous said...

I'am with you .. very well said..
Yes, my passion did returned then went away - came again - then went away again and on and on.. But now-a-days they seem to mix-together very well - the give and take some here and there - you know what I mean.
My heart was changed to embraces it's all - the endless changes of life duties and well - just living life!!
Hugs.. all the very best to you dear friend..

Ginny Marie said...

I've often heard the Mary/Martha story and how it relates to our life, but your take on Leah and Rachel is new to me. Such a lot to think about! I'm sure your "Rachel" will be something you can embrace again in the future!

Maryann said...

I really have never thought of the Rachel and Leah story this way but it is intriguing. I think there are times when the Lord asks us to put our "Rachel" aside for a season....if he is calling you to 'Leah" he will give you the grace and strength to walk the path and hopefully it will be a short season

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

God will lead you through every path, and just rest assured he already knows what decisions you will make. Blessings!

Angel said...

This is a very insightful and thought-provoking analogy. I guess you could say I've been torn between the two many times in my life.

Blessings to you as you walk in obedience to Him wherever He leads!

Rebecca said...

What a new (to me) application of this story! And what a new picture of you I'll hold in my heart when/as God reminds me to pray for you...

Nikki (Sarah) said...

the creative me wonders if you can turn your decorating flair into a business? I've seen some of your work...hey...you're the one who fixed that toilet a while back....If you lived close by...I'd hire you when stuff breaks down.

Maybe...just a thought...don't completely close the door on your passion being your work. Just some early morning thoughts. Have a great day out there.

Holly Williams Urbach said...

Whatever you do, the people who are the recipients of your efforts will be immensely blessed!

Lisa said...

Wonderful analogy. It sounds like you are in a transition time in your life. In betwixt and between...It is good that you are embracing the changes. I would wager that God is birthing a whole new , highly productive season in you and would not be surprised if He tapped your creativity to do it. He gave you the gift and He will use the gift in His time and in His way.
PS Congrats on all your precious grandbabies!!!! God is doing new things for your family.

no spring chicken said...

I've never thought of Rachel and Leah this way before. I'll be chewing on it today.. very good.

I'll also remember to lift you and your Leah in prayer as I ponder. :)

Blessings, Debbie

His Song to Sing said...

What a beautiful post, Janette. I've recently taken a respite from reading blogs but am thankful your "raw" heartfelt posts were still waiting for me. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story from your garage sale. God always provides, doesn't He? Your application of the story of Leah and Rachael here is one I'll long remember. I'm confident that God will use all of the talents of His servant Janette wherever He sees fit. Saying a prayer right now for you and yours.

Unknown said...

I am doing the Leah right now too friend and at first I didn't even want to tell people (pride thing) but I learned as people knew and people told others I have had more jobs than time at times. It has changed my attitude in many ways and has helped our family so much. Praying for you sweet friend. We can be Leahs together. Rachel may not be too far off in the future. :) Love you

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