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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burnt Orange or RED

google imagine...a imagine I saw in real life for 38 years of my life, before moving  north

Okay, what happens when three..."young-at-heart women"...get to challenging each other on whose team is going to win the....Red River Rivalry?  You have alot of FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my allergy-blurred, mid-life-with-menopausal brain went into full gear.  I took up the challenge.
I am sure you have one of these types of games in your area. Even if you usually don't watch sports, you hear about it.  As I drove through town, the radio announced, "Welcome all of you here for THE GAME.", as if there weren't other games being played. We all knew what "The Game" meant.

All of that is to say....I bleed Burnt Orange.  My Dad and Husband are both University of Texas graduates.  I started going to their games at the impressionable age of 17, followed by attending my freshman year at the University of Texas.

During the final weeks of my pregnancy with my first-born, I loaded my large belly into a car and headed four hours north to watch the UT/OU game.  My soon-to-be son flopped all over my belly during each touchdown of the game....the stadium crowd noise was unbelievable.

Years later, Benjamin(#6) was born within 24 hours of Texas winning the National Championship, under Vince Young...my family had threatened me NOT to go into labor during the game.  I obliged and Benjamin was born while they were all still exhausted (having not slept the night before out of excitement over the Championship)....so I had dead-tired assistants at Ben's home birth.

So, when Lea threw down the gauntlet....well, I just couldn't let it go at that.  I harassed back through our blogs...Sonja and I emailed through the devastating game, while I yelled my heart out.  Three blogging friends who have never met....had fun!

My son did this for me and says this isn't enough punishment....he doesn't have the gift of mercy!!!

Today I post my defeat picture....and yes, I got my mascots straightened out....I mean, what is a Sooner????

So I bow to the winner... OU (don't expect that again) and just to let you know Lea....your time will come!!!  This game was just shameful!!!  

I also brag on the upcoming McCoy and Shipley Dynesty...we will arise again.  UT also has a fight song I can sing (click to understand)

Hook 'em Horns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Below is a picture of where both teams win....the game that matters most.

Here are my past posts telling about the Christian (click for post) young man Colt McCoy (another post)  His younger brother is now playing at UT and wears number #6, which is half his brother's number #12.

16 Joining in with more words:

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

oh this is just PERFECT!! Makes me feel like my cookies are sort of tragic by comparison!

We have the same stories... both my hubby who went to UT and later to SMU, and his dad, who played football at UT, have drilled this one big game into the rest of us, so now our whole family has the same sickness!!

We are big McCoy fans too, and I feel sure that Case is going to make a mark in the years ahead.

Lea gets this round, but there's always next year! Actually, it's been so much fun going back and forth with you 2.

Who says christians don't have fun!!?? :)


myletterstoemily said...

well done and funny, to boot!
you look pretty darn cute in that
crimson jersey!!

before oklahoma was a state, settlers
were allowed to claim the ungoverned
territory as 'sooners.' they eventually
became the marshals, etc.

my husbands great grandfather was one
of the first US marshals in oklahoma, in
the town that bears his name. colcord.

i better find a longhorn jersey for next
year. :)

Christine said...

I almost wished I had joined the fun. But my Purple & Gold, Huskies spirit would have stopped me.

Great fun!

Sue said...

Okay Janette, I am completely out of my league here, as I am not a football fan. Yikes I just ducked!. My dh is, does that count!??? loved the photo.
Enjoy your weekend.

Farm Girl said...

Gee I wished I followed football, and I guess after Lea's comment about her family being the marshals, well my family was Sooners. :) Yep,they were pretty proud of that. It is so funny well, I kept wondering who was going to win.

Sharon said...

Yeah, sorry about today.

The BIG game in my area is USC vs. UCLA. Unfortunately, in the past few years my UCLA Bruins have given me too much time on the losing end...

Our day will come. (But it sure better some SOON!)

Notice I have NOT mentioned the games between Texas and UCLA - you got us this year, but...we've done our part to make you guys bleed a little burnt orange in the past.

WOW - I guess I mentioned it...

BTW, the billboard was really cool. THAT is the only game that matters - the end game. Count me in on God's side!


Sally said...

There was hope, in the beginning, that faded fast. My son and I were texting through the game with conversation going off game topic pretty quick. It's a building year, next year should be a barn burner. Hook 'em!

Vee said...

You gals had so much fun that it was even fun for an outsider. Sonja must bake cookies and there you are in a Sooners jersey. Ha! But you've never looked so cute...does that help?

Sandy said...

I was questioning my husband off and
on,"Honey, who is winning?" I wasn't
pulling for either team because I
know nothing about football or any
other sport but it was still fun
because of what you three were doing.
You look cute Janette!


I rarely care who wins . . .but I do enjoy yelling at a match. Sounds like you had fun.


Suzy said...

Not a sports fan but I do like that red or(burnt orange)building!
Thanks for stoppin' by!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Alas, I do not share any enthusiasm for any sports of any kind.
Although it does get interesting when my alma mater (Ohio State) beats every one else's (hubby's Penn State, for example)!

Tanna said...

Oh, it was a bit shameful, but there is always next time!!

LOVE the billboards!! And, yes, both are winners there!!

blessings ~ tanna

Debbie said...

Ha Ha!! Not laughing at you, but I am laughing at the post and the agony of defeat picture. My husband did his freshman and sophomore years as a Sooner before seeing the light and becoming a Dawg.

Debbie said...

Now get back to your kitchen and stop procrastinating. You need to finish it SOONER rather than later.

Man, I'm good...

Lori said...

Cute picture, Janette! I'm sure it's painful for you. Guess we didn't discuss football at our breakfast a few weeks ago ... my husband is a die-hard Sooner!! I'll have to show him your post. I dated a guy who was going to OU right before I met my husband so that season I actually attended the "Big Game." My husband says we are going next year as rumors abound that it might be the last year it will be in the Cotton Bowl. Meet you there?!! Let's have breakfast again first!

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