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Friday, January 8, 2010

Dedicated to Godly Character

Last night we, along with hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the United States, viewed a young man show true Godly character. We all watched in horror as the All American Football Player of the Year was taken out of his own National Championship game. His whole college career had rewarded him with this one night. He has just finished an undefeated year and won his conference title, but tonight he would watch from the side lines.

We all just sunk into our chairs with the sighs revealing the surreal reality of the moment. This young man who had walked the walk was being denied the final stretch. It just didn't seem fair, but then again, life isn't fair.

They walked him off the playing field and his Dad met them in the tunnel, while the camera showed his mother's bow her head.

The billboards announced his walk with the Lord. He always gave his Lord the glory and flash backs of him on a stretcher years before, when he made sure to point to heaven on his journey off the field of play, testified to whom he served. He has been bold in his testimony. So, why now?

God never promised to keep us from adversity. In fact, he told us to it would come. I wonder how many scriptures passed through the mind of this young man and his parents. I wonder what their conversation with the Lord was at this time.

At some point in everyone's life, we get hit. We will bargain with God, plead, beg, ask for it to be removed, and then finally, if our relationship with Him has grown through the years, we will surrender. For some that surrender my takes moments, hours, days or years, and for others it never comes. This young man had to surrender to his numb, throwing arm and watch the game from the sidelines, as his fans set in numbness also.

As we continued to watch this sad event unfold, another young man's life was changed as they put him out on the field to walk in the shoes the senior had left behind. His walk with the Lord, we don't know, but he was now filling the shoes of an incrediblly athletic young man of character...very large shoes for a young freshman. He stumbled, made mistakes, then came out roaring toward a victory, but eventually the lack of experience for this job overtook him and the game was lost.

They went to interview the young man of faith at the end of the game, he stood rock solid. His foundation hadn't been shaken, even though his flesh man had taken one of the largest disappointments of his life. He congratulated the opponent, gave the glory to God, praised the young man who filled his shoes and left behind a testimony of a hero for all the nation to see.

What his future holds is yet to be determined, and yet, he has already impacted the nation. God's ways are higher then ours. Did God use his injury to tell the nation a larger story then the victory of a football game? It makes you wonder when the radio today is talking about Colt McCoy, instead of the winners of the National Championship. Had McCoy asked God to use him? Probably so, or at least his college career has shown evidence to that effect, but could he have imagined that this would be the means God would use to get his word out to the Nation?

I prayed for this young man last night and this morning, and for his parents. I also examined my walk and my testimony. Would I have reacted with such character? Could you have interviewed me just minutes after my largest life disappointment and me give God all the glory? Is His word so embedded in me that I would be used as a testimony?

I look forward to watching Colt McCoy and what God has in store for him. Even if he is never in the spotlight again, he has used his spotlight to God's glory.

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Anonymous said...

wow that is crazy good momma. now i know where i got it from :)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I didn't know Colt McCoy, but thank you for telling his story. I'm going to have to look him up now. It is so inspiring to hear of young people standing up for their faith in our culture today.

Debbie said...

Janette, thank you for sharing this story.

Amy said...

Wow. You made me cry again. We have shed so many tears over what happened that night, but as you said, many more people were reached with the hope of Jesus through what happened to him that night than if he had won and given God the glory in victory. It has taken him a long time but he sees that now. Beautiful words. I am going to send your link to the rest of the family. Thank you so much! By the way...here are his wedding pictures I took at the reception. Thought you might like to see them. Blessings friend. Amy

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