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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Grateful.  Do we really know what that word means?  Are we really grateful?  This has been moving through my mind as I hear different people talk.  As I lay my head down at night and ponder, "Janette, are you grateful or just full of complaints?"   We get use to our style of life and start to take it as normal, forgetting who even gives us breath.  A conversation I had with someone, which has become a very familiar conversation, left me with thoughts, "they don't even understand how grateful they should be."  Those thoughts also convict me.

Christmas season is wrapped in a bow of Gratefulness, if we allow it. Without using too many words I want to show a picture that put GRATEFULNESS at the top of my priority.

Last year I handed out red envelopes to all my children for this Christmas.  Inside the envelope had an invitation to celebrate Christmas in our home town of Austin.  The last time we all visited the city and relatives together was over a decade ago. Since then, there have been marriages and grandsons.  My mother-in-law had celebrated Christmas with us, traveling four hours, even as late as age 98.  Since then she has stopped traveling and resides in a Senior Citizen housing.  In June she celebrated 101 years on this earth.  When I gave out the cards, so we all could plan, and for some of us, save money, I said a prayer.  "Dear Lord, if it be your will, will you allow Deanie to be alive when we all go to Austin in December of 2016!"

GRATEFUL - as I walked into the room, knowing we all would be in one place to celebrate with my mother-in -law, I embraced that word fully.  I don't know that my kids, nor my grandsons, could understand the true meaning of that word at that moment. I do know my husband could!  I saw it in his face.

So here is my picture of Gratefulness.  Ages 101 to age 1, all gathered together.  My husband's mother - age 101, his only sibling, sister and her husband, and all of our family!

My heart grew bigger as I saw my grandson embrace his Great Grandmother.  Little children just know how to love and his love poured out on her.

As if my heart wasn't full enough.  We all went to enjoy places that held life time memories for my husband and I, as we shared our memory lane.  I am sure my husband and I embraced the GRATEFULNESS more than they could embrace.  Our budget doesn't allow us to travel much, so even getting to stay in a hotel is a big deal.  We also don't fly out of the country, so even a road trip thrills us.  We were grateful!!!  Little happenings, such as seeing my grandsons at the hotel breakfast, was worth more than my heart could express.

Before leaving from town we stopped by my mother-in-law's place once more. Here we meet the newest of our extended family.  Her Great, Great Grandson.  Yes, that is seven boys in a row.  He sat on her lap,  She talked about how precious he was.

She too...................knows the word -------------------- GRATEFUL

Christmas came with boxes and bows, but the gift I will cherish the most from this Christmas can't be bought at a store. No amount of money could buy what was deposited in my heart.

I  know your Christmas was full like ours.  May your New Year hold all the blessings that comes with a Grateful heart.

Good by 2016!!!

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Debbie said...

Soo loved this story. Yes, I can just imagine how grateful you were. I don't know who I am happier for...you, your hubby, your mother-in-law, or the rest of the family as they got to be a part of the joy that was there that day. I can see what a merry christmas you had!

podso said...

Wonderful! How thoughtful of you to start working on this last Christmas! What a blessing for you all and memories to be savored.

Christine said...

Your thoughtfulness is overwhelming!
God blessed you and your prayer was answered and then some.

Did you use the wide lens on your camera?
Great picture!!!!

Vee said...

Precious, precious, precious. What a loving wife and daughter-in-law you are. What a wonderful heritage for your grandchildren... This entire post is a blessing.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Jeanette, that was such a precious entry. What a memory making Cmas this was for you and yours. There's no $$$ that could buy such a memory. I'm thrilled this all worked out for everyone to be together. Blessings abundant!

Farm Girl said...

Lovely words and what a beautiful picture of the faithfulness of God. I hope you have a lovely 2017

Maryann said...

I love this story, that photo alone speaks volumes to God's faithfulness. What a lovely memory you will have of this Christmas. We indeed have much to be thankful for.

Vee said...


Yes, I am mean like that! Hope that all is well. 💐

Crown of Beauty said...

Simply beautiful. This post made my heart so grateful for what your Christmas 2016 gave you as a gift. Truly that gift was given by God our Father. What a touching post. Much love, Lidia

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