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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Surprise Vinyl

As I had mentioned in my past post, we had a blast walking down memory lane, with our "oldie but goodies" vinyl records.  What I wasn't expecting was the "Surprise" Vinyl.  The one that took me off guard, the one that yelled, "who would have known all these events years ago?."  The one vinyl that silently and quietly spoke, "Only God."

I remembered the cover.  We had two copies of this album.  One must have been mine and the other my husband.  My husband and I share a difference of seven year in our ages.  This means, that when I was in Jr High, he was graduating from high school.  Our memories of history in the 70's is very different. He remembers the war, I remember seeing it on TV. He remembers the draft, I wasn't aware of the draft.  He remembers discrimination, I don't remember racial tension.  Now this album started connecting the spiritual dots.

I started to play the songs, once again remembering the lyrics.  What stopped me in my tracks was reading the writing on the back of the album.

Oh WOW!  This was a time of God reaching down and igniting a fire in the young people of America.  This had happened where I know lived. It had happened in my birth state, just miles from my home town.  My spiritual heart just jumped.

All those years ago, people all over the nation had prayed for revival in the youth.  I was a young youth, my husband a senior in High School.  The cover of the album tells the story, the inside jacket on the album delivered the plan of salvation.

As I stood, on Christmas morning, enjoying the dance down memory lane, my spirit became silent.

You see, I am a product of this move of God.  My parents had been faithful to raise me in the Lord, yet the seeds of prayers where probably why I am still walking with the Lord.  My husband is also the product of the same seeds sown for our generation.  Here we now stand, parents and grandparents, are we sowing seeds for generations to come?  I believe we are, yet I  was also convicted of the fruit of prayers made for my generation in 1972 at the Jesus Expo.

The timing of this discovery was very eye opening, and yet, there was more the Lord would revive in the following days.  I couldn't have orchestrated the events had I know all the info He would show me.  This weekend, will be another time to sow seed.  I will plant back into the same soil that others did in 1972.  There have been many times through the years I know seeds have been planted.  I also know, our nation needs a Revival.   I want to be faithful to sow seeds in prayer.

I will write on the next event God brought about in my life to drive this point home and get me ready for the event this coming weekend.

***I know there are some of you that may have been at this event or part of this event. I am hoping Sonja of Bits and Pieces can add some to my account. Her father did serve with the Billy Graham ministries.  Please, if you were part of this in anyway, would you share. I would like to hear more about what I feel is part of my spiritual heritage.

Harvest America - http://harvestamerica.com/    Arlington, Texas March 6, 2016

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Christine said...

This is amazing!
Oh, I wish I was part of this experience.
Janette, I will faithfully keep on sowing seeds for the next generation, especially our own children!
This is so encouraging for me!

Debbie said...

Good morning! Well I was not at this actual event but I was definitely part of what we called the "Jesus Movement" of those early 70's. And hubby too. He was here in California, having just finished at Nebraska, for a little summer vacation. We both [at different events] were lead to the Lord and began our Christian life. I remember that it seemed as if wherever you went you would find the "Jesus people" standing or sitting around in circles worshiping and singing and praising God and reading His Word. Hubby was actually lead to the Lord on the beach! I both graduated in 72 from high school and had a baby. Hubby arrived in 74 and that's the year we both got saved. We married in 75 and immediately began bible studies at our house and many got saved during those early days. Looking back the seventies were FULL of revival and it was an exciting time to be Christian. How I pray for revival again in this nation! Watching and experiencing the Holy Spirit move in such a mighty way among people was unforgettable! Have a good week!

Sandy said...

My husband was a "Jesus Freak" of the 70's and attended every festival there was so he was probably at this one. In fact, he was led to the Lord at an airport in Denver by a group of Jesus People when he was just nineteen. He remembers all of them getting down on their knees right there in the airport. He has told wonderful stories about meeting some of the artists of that day and traveling to the festivals where the move of the Spirit was so glorious. How I long to have times like that now! We so need a great revival and to see not just the young, but all people truly excited about Jesus again, worshiping without thought of self, surrendering all to the only One who is worthy! It's all about Jesus and only He can shake nations and bring the changes we so desperately need today!

podso said...

How interesting to read. I remember hearing about this event but we lived far from TX up north. It's good to hear the impact on your life

Sharon said...

What an amazing event that must have been! I remember the Jesus Movement, and how many young people came to the Lord. Some were just caught up in the *movement* - but I believe that many, many others were genuinely moved to salvation, and a lifetime of service to God.

Seems to me that we could use another such *revival* - as so many younger people now find Jesus "irrelevant."

Yes, I also want to be part of the legacy of faith, as I pass on His grace and forgiveness and incredible Good News to following generations.

"We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about his power and his mighty wonders." (Psalm 78:4, NLT)

OH YES, let's do that!!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, yes, haven't thought about this in years and years but I well remember it. I wasn't a part of it but remember it well. What an enjoyable post!

Vee said...

It's quite a tapestry! I don't remember that event, but I do remember Jesus '76.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

God's pre-planning should never surprise me, but it always does. Your story is another example of a compassionate God who knows exactly what we need, when we need it, sometimes as in your case, setting up the circumstances years in advance. This is a wonderful story, Janette. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It's always fun to discover old memories and reflect.

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