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Monday, July 20, 2015

Stopped in My Steps!

Texas is in her seasonal heat, which means, if I am going to exercise outside it has to be in the early morning.  This morning I finished my time with the Lord.  A special time in a devotional that reminded us to ask for God to create in us a clean heart.  Another reminder that out of our mouths comes the issues of our heart.  My reading and prayer time left me with a lot to mediate on as I slipped into my walking shoes.

I briskly walked beyond my normal route.  Sweat began to fall as the heat increase and the music in my ears propelled me forward.  I turned the corner to a familiar site.  I had never taken time to see what the flag represented, but today I stopped because it was at half staff.

I was frozen in my steps...I couldn't move forward as I recognized the flag.  Motionless I stood.  I turned off the songs, and I bowed my head.

  The flag flying at half staff was for the United States Marines.

My return walk home now had a new purpose as I prayer walked.
As I turned the corner again I had to smile.

Our homeowners association had made sure our flags were flying at half staff.

My walk today may have burned up calories, but more important it reminded me of what is important.  My prayers continue on all levels for our military and our nation.

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http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Just saw your new blog come up and had to add my Amen to this! This is a lot more relevant than the blog I just posted! :(

Sharon said...

Yes, tragedy seems to surround daily life now. Thankfully, we know The One who still sits on His throne - even when circumstances seem to spin out of control.

May God bring comfort to the grieving families, and may we always turn to Him.


Vee said...

A very good reminder to pray. The military needs our prayers.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So nice to see this from your community as they honor our Marines.

Maryann said...

Last week was a sobering reminder that we must continue to pray for our military( and their families) and our nation.

susanwalkergirl said...

Hi Janette,

Thanks for your post which reminded me that when we see the flag at half staff we need to pray for the family and friends who lost their loved one. May God comfort them and uphold them through this difficult time.

I too get out for my walk early in the morning. I'm still new to this Texas heat. Even a light breeze feels good and helps cool me down.

Lord bless...Susan

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

It's always inspiring to come here to visit you Janette. I'm sure your prayer walk was filled with mighty prayers going up for our country, our service men and their loved ones who are grieving such a horrible crime. It really is sad to think this is happening in the USA.

It is hot enough here in Indiana these days so I cannot imagine walking in the Texas heat. You go girlfriend. I need to follow your lead. And I love the thought of doing my devotions right before going out to walk where you continue with praying. Come see me...I'm trying once again to post once a week on my blog. It's been too long away this time. I miss everyone.

Lee Ann

Sue said...

My prayers too! Janette! Hugs,

Elizabeth Dianne said...

It is easy to let the cares of the world discourage us. I have been guilty of this and ask God's forgiveness. We need to be strong and our prayers are needed so badly for our nation right now. Thanks for the encouragement--

Lisa said...

Walking is always a good time to pray. I had friends that use to prayer walk around neighborhoods. It's great to be able to clear your head, get some exercise and talk to the Lord. Great post, Janette!

Marsha Young said...

Janette, You are so right, we cannot pray too much for our country, nor ever be quite thankful enough for those who serve to protect us. Thank you for this reminder. - Marsha

Debbie Petras said...

Oh I too am so thankful for our military and the price they pay to keep us safe. Maybe it was good you were stopped in your tracks because that heat can get bad. I try to walk outside but it's just so hot still in Phoenix. I end up on the treadmill for two reasons ...the heat outside and the closeness to the bathroom. :)

Blessings and love,

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

It is a mixture of pride and sorrow to see the flags at half mast. Pride for our country's heroes and sorrow for the loss of life those flags represent. The Marine Corp. flag especially touched my heart as my husband is a former Marine.

Sending out prayers for our country, for our leaders, and for our military spread out across the world. May God keep, direct, and hold each one.

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