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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oh Me, oh My, It's Now JULY!

Oh me, oh my, it's now July.
This year has just been strange...well different.  It keeps flying by and I can't seem to catch my breath.
From Texas rains, which has still left us with closed roads, and lakes that use to be cow pastures, this has been a very unusual year.
June brought more rains and many milestone events in our family,

Our four son, and fifth child graduated from High School as a Distinguished Graduate.  This is my first child to graduate from a public school.  He is now deciding what he next steps will be.  This always brings mixed emotions as I launch another child into the world.  Did I do all I should have to prepare him for this world?  Parenting is such a walk of faith.
Both of the twins made it home, after Thomas' extended time at NICU.  They are doing great.  Now at seven weeks, their mother has it down.  She is a natural.  She is loving her three boys under age 19 months.  Grand Mommy has enjoyed cuddling and holding all three little boys.
The Lord provided a little time away to explore Arkansas before our son ventures out into the world.
Lake Catherine was a wonderful place to refresh.  We went back over sites where we had vacationed  years ago with our older children.  These last two enjoyed Hot Springs, Silver Dollar City and Eureka Springs like their siblings before them.
We hurried back home in time for Benjamin to go to violin camp at the local University. He made the 5th and 6th grade orchestra, even though he will only be entering 4th grade this next school year.  To hear him play is a total joy.
He shares his talent with the whole family.  He plays Joshua to sleep and inspired Joshua to try on a very, very small violin.  His prayer this summer has been, "Lord, make me wise for my nephews and future nieces."  He takes his roll as Uncle very seriously.
My Mother-in-Law celebrated her 100th Birthday in June!  She is still in very good health. She loves hearing her son play the piano.  She was once a piano teacher.
Summer has meant making memories with Benjamin and the Grands.  We went to the Wizard of Oz exhibit in Grapevine.  Each visit with the five grandsons deposits the joy of life in my heart.
Trying to continue a tradition, part of us met to enjoy the Fourth of July Parade on the Square in Denton, Texas.  The twins are in their little hats.  Our daughter-in-law made shirts for her boys, she is expecting our sixth grandson in September.

This Wife/Mom/Grandmother's hands have been full these last few months.  As the joy overflows so does struggles in life.  That means we are alive!  It has been a season of stopping to release so much to the Lord and know that it is He that will complete the work He has begun in all of us.
He is faithful.

As my mind had turned with words this season my hands haven't come to the keyboard.  Perhaps that is good, perhaps processing before I type is good. 

Happy Summer to you All.  If you plan to come to Texas...just know...our landscape looks different this summer with all the rain, but our heat has arrived this week!

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Farm Girl said...

Thanks for the update. I thought you must have very full hands this summer. So glad your babies are home and I bet growing like weeds. So wonderful your daughter is doing so will with three babies. :)
So much rain this year!!
It is such a blessing to see how good God has been in your life.
I hope it doesn't stay hot.
I pray Gods blessing continue to over flow into your lap. :)

Lisa said...

My goodness you have had a busy and full summer! It's so wonderful to see all your sweet boys and how they are growing. Grandchildren are such a blessing and you have your arms full!!!!

Vee said...

So glad that you found a moment to check in! Wonderful, growing, beautiful family! So much fun to see! If you can ever do a video of anyone playing any instrument, please do. I love listening, too. Congrats to your mother-in-law on achieving that milestone...God bless her mightily! You take care and enjoy summer joys with those little grandboys of yours.

Saucy Siciliana said...

You sound really busy, it's too hot here in Sicily to even think!

podso said...

Loved reading this! It sounds like a wonderful summer and bountiful blessings with your growing family. Another grandson! Sorry about all the rain and distress it has caused. I can't imagine.

Debbie said...

Well like everyone else I am soo glad you were able to check in and catch us up. I do enjoy glimpses of what's going on in your life on instagram, but I still way more enjoy the story behind the pictures. [grin] I am going to second Vee's request and hope you can video Benjamin playing his violin sometime..how I would love to hear it. I thought my daughter's hands were busy and full but your daughter's got her beat....3 babies under nineteen months...oh my! Glad your near enough to throw in a hand now and then. How blessed you are Janette. Glad your enjoying your summer...

Maryann said...

Like the others I'm glad you check in too. What a full summer you have had so far. Loved all the photos of the family and Grands, sounds like you all are making lots of memories. All those little boys, there is going to be lots of fun times ahead, enjoy every minute.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

One thing is always a constant: life moves on whether we are ready or not. Your summer sounds full of blessings and challenges and it's only half over. You sound as though you live in the moment, which is good. So many precious memories. And grandbabies! My sixth was born in June and my seventh will arrive in September. I can't wait until my retirement in three weeks, then I get to travel back to my hometown for a visit and grandma fix.

Sharon said...

Your family - what a blessing!

I celebrate the JOY that you are experiencing. The wonderful accomplishments, the adorable babies, the precious people, and the moments of celebration. In all things, God is good. And when life brings blessing, it is to our pleasure and His glory!


Christine said...

It is so great to see all of your "kids"!!
And it's good to see you with your arms around them, too.

I can't hardly believe that your son graduated from High School! And look at Benjamin!
Your buttons must be bursting.
Good to catch up with you.

Sue said...

WELL! I did find your new post! Yea!! I absolutely enjoyed reading every word, see I told you in my email you and benjamin are enjoying those babies! Do I know my friends or what!!~smile~ Please make a video of Benjamin playing his violin, maybe a duet or too!
Janette you are truly in your 'season of life" right now,as I write these words tears are coming forth, I am so happy for you, Enjoy! Enjoy Enjoy! Congratulations to that fine son of yours , I wish him much success in life, do not worry, you and your Dh have done your job, God is so faithful!
Much love,

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Full hands and full heart! What a wonderful summer, and these babies just keep coming. This is such a special time of life, and I'm so happy you are loving it all and that your days are full of such goodness!!

Our lake is full and beautiful again, but we thought the rain would never stop.

MISS you! Enjoy every minute of these summer days. You deserve it. :)


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, I have missed you in blogland but it certainly looks like you have had your hands and arms plenty full. What a great family picture!

Sandy said...

Hey dear friend, so wonderful to read your family love filled words here. Blessings upon blessings as love overflows! So happy for all of you.

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