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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

His Name is Changed and He Has a New Blueprint

My son will hate this...but I couldn't resist the little king looking up at his Daddy.

My daughter-in-law sent me a picture of my grandson at the table looking over their new blueprints for their house to be.  He was going over each room and telling me, through phone video, where his room would be.  Just the picture of him touching the house plans sent me back to 2012.  His story of  beginning my son's family was in the blueprints of our Heavenly Father.

Here is the post I wrote at the beginning of this incredible journey He Needs A Family (click to read beginning journey). I had to remove the post during the procedures that ended on June 16, 2014.  Each time I look at him I think....with God nothing is impossible.

My son and daughter-in-law had been walking through a season of infertility when they said, "YES" to welcoming Joshua as their first child.  The day they went to bring Joshua to their home, which was the next step in the adoption process, she also got a positive on her pregnancy test.  This precious couple, who had struggled with the issue of not having biological children of their own, became parents twice in nine months.

The final process was the legal adoption and name change.  On Monday we all packed out the court room to witness this final event.

Joshua ask,"Where is the judge".  His mother had instructed him on what to expect and he was ready.  My son raised his right hand to be swear in for the process.  The lawyer did a wonderful job of setting the case before the judge.

Joshua Graham Wright 
became my grandson.
He had won my heart back in 2012 when our daughter showed me his picture while bathing in a sink.  God's blueprint..................perfect!!!

My mother's day gift to us mothers...pictures with the boys.  The quilt behind me is the quilt my grandmother made for me from cloth from my own clothes.
We are all so happy to have Joshua part of our family.  He is the oldest of all the grandsons.  He will be such a great big brother and cousin.  He is the first grandchild and will always have a special place in his Grand Mommy's heart.  I stand in awe of an Awesome God!!

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Vee said...

What a wonderful story! Love the smiles, even the judge is wearing one! Beautiful photos all around. Your grandsons are handsome, happy boys!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, Jeanette, I know just what you are feeling. Our little Hanna Beth was adopted and I will never forget the day she was born and placed in the arms of our son and DIL. Such an emotional time.

He is just a little doll and what a lucky little boy.

Hugs to you!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

And I stand in awe right alongside of you and this picture beautiful and God ordained family!! I'm so glad to have shared along the way, and I pray for all of the best for this precious little king and his forever family! :)


Debbie said...

Oh Janette I can't tell you how much I love this story. How happy I am for you, your son and his wife and for your precious new grandson! What an awesome God we serve! He is such a little doll too. I think he is blessed beyond measure becoming a part of your family, and God I know has BIG plans for him. Congratulations to you all!! HUGS

Sharon said...

Oh, what a sweet story! Joshua is a blessed child, and such a precious boy! I am so happy for the wonderful things that God worked out, and for the many blessings that will be brought to your family.

Sigh...so sweet.


Christine said...

Could you look any happier? NO!
What great pictures and story.
I have a big smile!

podso said...

A wonderful story. Love the blueprint analogy. I bet the judge finds himself smiling a lot when he does adoptions. Beautiful pics. The babies look like twins! I know they are real close in age.

Debbie said...

I was with you from the first, and I love that I got to be a prayer warrior. I remember the day you said that you were actually getting little Joshua, and I remember the first photo that I saw of him.

My how time has flown by. Your family is more beautiful with each little addition.

I needed the reminder about God's blueprint. You know, I have never been very good at things like engineering. I don't understand architect drawings well at all.

My sister can look at them and see the promised work. Me? I just see a jibble jabble of boxes which only "kind of" make sense to me.

That's how I have been seeing God's blueprint lately too. It's a jibble jabble of boxes which only barely make sense.

This story blessed my heart in a hundred different ways.

You are so very blessed!!

Pom Pom said...

I love this story! What a HUGE blessing! He's so precious!

Lisa said...

Such a great story! And what a beautiful family you have! Those grandsons of yours are adorable.;)

Rebecca said...

Congratulations to your entire family. Thanks for sharing the joy - and the faithfulness & goodness of our Great God!

Rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farm Girl said...

How lovely and how good God has been to you and your family.
Such wonderful photos.

Maryann said...

This is such a beautiful story, Janette. The photos make me smile, everyone looks so happy. Wonderful blueprint analogy, his hand is all over this story. Beautiful...simply beautiful!

Sandy said...

Absolutely brings tears of joy! I am so very happy for all of you! And, yes, our God is so awesome!
Hugs to all~

Marsha Young said...

Oh, Jeanette,
WHAT a wonderful testimony and a tremendous blessing to you and to that precious little boy.

God is good!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Janette, I'm *only* a week late, but I am so happy and thankful to see this tonight! I remember when you shared your son and DIL's prayer request with me, and it was a privilege to pray for them -- and to see how God answered prayers beyond anything we could have imagined. What a happy time for your family! I love your mother's day photos. What a gift!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Wow, what an amazing and inspirational story. I love the pictures. God bless your family (I know He has and will) for being his ambassadors here in this world. A lucky family
to have each other.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What a blessed n blended family! Thanks for sharing the love. I always leave feeling that you have nourished my soul. truly.
ps - YOU and that quilt are gorgeous!

Debbie Petras said...

I remember when your son and daughter-in-law were going through the trials of infertility. How amazing our God really is! Two beautiful grandsons to add to your wonderful family. Love you Janette and so glad you are on Facebook.


Beth Herring said...

so beautiful!!! i love this whole story - a story of God's grace and mercy and His abundant love to His children!!

Vickie said...

Hey there Jeanette! I LOVE this story of your little Josh! I have a Josh, too! I'm thrilled for you and your family. Your family is certainly growing and I have a lot of reading to catch up on! I love how you incorporated the Godly blueprint~~~

Just wanna say thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. This past year has been very hard on our family, and my beloved sister is now with our Lord. We're trying to find our new normal and continue on with our lives. Have to keep going, don't we! Hope to be back to blogging before long! Hugs ---

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