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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Young Serve

The note came  from school.  Anyone that has a family member that has served our country, we want to honor them on Veteran's Day.  We were asked to send a letter, etc. telling about our family Veteran.

I dismissed the request.  I knew of our older family members that had served.  I rehearsed the stories of all of my husband's uncles that served in WWII.  My thoughts went on how to tell Benjamin about their service.  I thought about personally doing this at home.  To be honest...my "to-do" list was too long and I couldn't place one more thing on my list.

But as God would have it, out of the mouths of babes came a very startling request.  As we read about the service of honor that the school would hold on Veteran's Day and how Benjamin could wear his Boy Scout uniform, he looked up at me in horror.  "Mom you did turn my stuff in for Veteran's Day, didn't you?"  Who was he talking about, who did he remember served?  "Mom, you did turn in a letter on Michael?"

My heart sunk. I hadn't thought about all the young men of this time that had served.  My mind had gone back to WWII, not present day war.  Here was my youngest reminding me that his brother-in-law had served and I had forgotten him.

Today I want to honor all Veterans, but I also want to remember how many are still serving and how young so many of these men were when they enlisted.  My own son-in-law enlisted at a very young age and has served our country in tours of duty.  So have his grandfather, brothers and many other family members, who have served before and after him.

Thank you all and your families for keeping us safe.  Thanks to God for the reminder that came from the mouth of my seven-year-old....may we not forgot those who have and are serving our county all over the world.

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Pom Pom said...

Aw, that's so dear that Benjamin remembered. That's VERY encouraging! Have a good day, Janette. I hope you have a few little windows of time when you can speak to the Lord and feel Him holding you close to His breast.

Rebecca said...

Thanks to your son-in-law and ALL veterans, young AND old!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Good for you Benjamin! And of course, your mom and the rest of us are so thankful for each one of those who have served and continue to. I hear Kate Smith sing God Bless America this morning, and it's such a good day to pause and thank God for each one who has paid these very special prices to keep our land free.

P.. I think you look great in your Boy Scout uniorm! :)

Sharon said...

We do well to remember the men and women who sacrifice so much in the name of freedom.

I join you in honoring them today.

And may God bless them all - including Michael.

Sandy said...

God bless Michael and all the wonderful men and women
who serve and have served our country well. Benjamin looks precious in his scout attire. Big hugs to your little guy.

podso said...

Very sweet post. How nice we have our kids to remind us sometimes! He looks handsome in his boy scout uniform!

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

I, too, go back to wars of past and it's heartbreaking to think our soldiers of ten years are often forgotten. You're not the only one! Blessings to each of your "men" young and old. Love to you my friend!

Maryann said...

Thankful to all those that have served, including Michael. (what a blessing your little Benjamin is)

Debbie said...

Please give him my most sincere THANK YOU. (And that is a shameless excuse for showing your beautiful daughter on her most beautiful day, isn't it?)

Seriously, I loved this and that picture of Benjamin. You are so right that in our efforts to memorialize and honor the old, we can not overlook the young.

(Miss coming by. God is dealing with me right now...)

Debbie said...

LOVE this! How sweet that he would remember...and he looks soo handsome in his little cub scout uniform Yes, we all have soo much to be grateful for!

Christine said...

With a sweet face like Benjamin's,
I bet you ran for the pen and paper.
He is so adorable in his uniform!

Yes, I remembered all those who served and are still serving.

(I need more Benjamin pictures! He puts a smile on my face.)

Sue said...

I am a day late, but well said, and that handsome lad there is so adorable, sweet and very smart!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Yes, my own sons have served along with their dads. We must never forget their sacrifices.

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