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Monday, April 11, 2011

Peter, Oh Peter

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Continuing on my heart preparation walk to the Empty Grave, I have focused on the 12 disciples this season.  Peter seemed to jump from the pages of the accounts of Jesus' life.  Everyone should be able to relate to some characteristics of Peter.  I know the Lord picked this handful of 12 in order to show us how much He loves us, because in the assortment of characters we can all relate.

Characteristics of Peter from NIV and my own observations:

  • often spoke without thinking, was brash and impulsive
  • during Jesus' trial denied three times that he even knew Jesus
  • rebuked by Jesus "get behind me Satan"
  • later found it hard to treat Gentile Christian's as equal
  • had the courage to walk out to Jesus on the water
"I also say to you that you are Peter and upon this rock, I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not overpower it."  Matt. 16:18

Bread and Wine - Turning   Henry Drummond (this is a small section of the devotional that brought me more understand of Peter and My Lord)
The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter...and Peter went outside and wept bitterly. Luke 22: 61-62
  --------  But there is something in Peter's life that is much greater than his sins.  It is his repentance.  We all too easily can relate to Peter in his sin, but few of us grasp the wonder of his repentance.  Sinful Peter is once man, and repentant Peter is another; and may of us who kept his company along those worn steps to sin have left him to trace the tear-washed path of repentance alone.  But the real lesson in Peter's life is one of repentance.
  What then can we learn from Peter's turning around?  First, it was not Peter who turned. It was the Lord who turned and looked at Peter. When the cock crew, that might have kept Peter from falling further.  But he was just in the very act of sin.  And when a person is in the thick of sin his last thought is to throw down his arms and repent.  So Peter never thought of turning, but the Lord turned.  And when Peter would rather have looked anywhere else than at the Lord, the Lord looked at Peter.  This scared-noticed fact is the only sermon needed to anyone who sins - that the Lord turns first.

  My prayer - Lord may I have the heart of repentance of Peter. Thank you Lord for turning first upon me.

Praise God the Lord turns first!

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Debbie said...

Oh praise God for sure!! Where would we be if He didn't? I can't even think of it. Peter got so much of his courage and strength of course after the death of Jesus when they were empowered by the coming of the Holy Spirit. How wonderful for us that we receive His Holy Spirit upon salvation and can get refilled day after day simply by asking...Left to myself I don't even need to ask where I would be. This was a really good post Janette. I love the work you are doing to prepare your heart for Easter. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

Debbie said...

Oh wow oh wow! This Peter loves this post. He's my favorite disciple, although after doing Beth Moore's "Beloved Disciple" I fell so in love with John too.

For years, I interpreted that "look" of Jesus as a look of condemnation at worst and "Didn't I tell you so?" at best. But as I grew in Christ I realized it to be so much more. Maybe I started to "get it" when I was on the receiving end of that same gaze.

By the way, your Easter posts are wonderful.

Lisa said...

I think we can all relate to Peter! Great heights of faith and great valleys of sin. I know I have been to both places. Thanks Janette, for a lovely post.:)

Alice said...


http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

What a great reminder of the truth tha He turns and looks at me. I am SO Peter, SO many times, and yet... He knows my heart, has seen my repentance, and He turns to me and forgives. Amazing grace!

Shanda said...

Thank you for this post. I, also, am impulsive, brash and speak before I think. I love the thought that Jesus would seek me out with his eyes of love and forgivness when I act of my own sinful nature.

Farm Girl said...

I am so thankful for Peter. You know when I was going to accept Christ it wasn't that love of God that brought me to Jesus that was nice but what brought me to Christ was the humanness of the disciples. Because of the way they were showed me that Jesus could love me where I was right then not who I would be in the future. I love Peter for always being Peter.

no spring chicken said...

This is so true! I'm so thankful that He looks first. He shines His light straight into my dark heart, convicting me of my sin, causing discomfort, then offering Grace! Hallelujah!

Blessings, Debbie

Ginny Marie said...

That picture you posted brings back such good memories of my small town church with a tall, tall steeple...that picture was painted on the wall at the front of the sanctuary! I wonder if it's still there? Great post for Lent, Janette.

Angel said...

What a wonderful observation on the love of our Savior. Before we turned to Him, He turned to us. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Great post..for years I felt that I didnt qualify for gods grace,,and then I leant that the desciples where men who didnt make it into college(or that day and age of schooling) they were men who had to go back home and learn their families trade, fisherman, shepards, so on and so forth.. the fact that Peter and the others were not perfect, should give us hope,,that now matter what,, if we desire God,,he will aways turn to us first..
love ya friend.. thanks for the great post..

Vee said...

Wonderful words today... Peter certainly does have personality traits that I recognize all too well. I love that the Bible is so honest with us. It never glosses over the nitty-gritty. Thank you for sharing your Bible studies with us!

Anonymous said...

Great post, despite Peter's failings God was still able to use him, that should give encouragement to us all

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful observation - one that I had not recognized before! Yes, praise the Lord that He does turn first. This is so comforting to know.

Thank you for sharing this, Janette! :)

-L. Rose

Terry said...

dear janette..thank you so much for your visit!...so nice that sandy sent you the journal..sandy is a dear person...that little jillian is going to have such a great surprise!
my sister gracey filled a page out too...she has no blog and so i will send you her email..

i have always loved peter of all the disciples...what i love about this story you have here is that when peter cried for the lord to save him that the lord jesus took him by the hand and saved him right away...he never chided him...until after he was safe in his hand...then he got after him!...ha! the lord has had to get after me so many, many times but in such a loving way that i have never once regretted that i was saved!
thanks for coming to see me.....with love, terry

Sandy said...

Janette, I enjoyed and was so very
encouraged by this word. I am like
Peter many times so I am thankful
for the Lord's loving eyes and
heart for me and His eternal love
and faithfulness to forgive.
Glad you found sweet Terry! I
love her.

Felisol said...

Dear Janette,
How delightful to meet you.
The blog world, is not that big, and young Jillian sure is a blessing.
I also love the way you see Peter.
Your picture also is a main theme in one of the churches I love to visit.
I feel so connected to Peter. The impulsive guy throwing himself into the water twice. First time he wanted to be like Christ and walk on the water, the second time he felt lost and leaped naked into the water as he spottted Christ on the shore. He sure was forgiven as are we.
I always feel so comforted knowing the Peter is set to watch the pearly gate. I feel he'll understand all my failures and defeats, and knowing I am forgiven, he will keep that door open.
From felisol

Cindy said...

Thank you for this post. I always say I'm a lot like Peter but I'm refering to his reactionary personality...cutting off people's ears, etc. lol! But I can learn much from this other side you've shared. Such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

From someone who has many Peter moments in my life..I am forever thankful for the story of his life and the constant reminder of God's grace. Wonderful post.

Cora said...

I can so relate to Peter myself!! Our revival speaker compared us all to Barabbas Sunday morning. He said that Barabbas represents the person that we are or the person that we were. If we continue on the same path as Barabbas, we would not only be charged as a liar and a thief but also a murderer (of Christ himself). Strong words to think about. It is so good to learn from these great examples! Thank you!

Thanks for your visit and I'm so glad you survived the storms. They are headed our way tonight.....
Many prayers!! :)

Sue said...

I have always related to Peter in so many ways,Janette, and Knowing of his repenting and weeping so bitterly for his denying Christ, and seeing Jesus turning and looking at Him, (and I imagined with the most wonderful eyes,)has always given me so much hope.
I love the photo, my son sketched this same scene in pencil many years ago, and I plan to show it one day soon. I have framed in my bedroom, where I see it everyday to remind me of my Savior's love and helping hand. As always such an inspiring post.

Bethany said...

I love the stories of Peter. I really relate to him in many ways and can hardly wait to meet him someday in that heavenly place.

moreofhim said...

Praise the Lord - our God is a God of redemption and allows us to repent and come before His throne by the blood of Jesus! I'm so thankful because, like Peter, I too fight against my sinful nature. I'm so thankful that the Lord loves us enough to give us a way to Him and that we can be in relationship with Him. So thankful.

God bless you - Julie

Lorie said...

Wonderful post as always. Very encouraging that even our repentance is not wholly dependent on us. Thanks for sharing this.


A multi-dimensional life said...

Beautiful Janette! Thank you for your lovely, faithful heart for God! Yes, the Lord turns first! I also thank the Lord for His turning first upon me! Thank you Lord, that you have risen!

Bless you my friend! xo

Tanna said...

Yes, praise the Lord that His love for us is greater than we can ever begin to understand. Thank you for this wonderful post. blessings ~ tanna

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

How inspiring and I'm so enjoying sharing in your prelude to Easter.

Have a joy filled day!

Rebecca said...

As much as I admire and have learned from Paul & his letters, it is Peter with whom I most identify. Both of HIS epistles are very special to me, too. It gives me great hope to read of Peter's "evolution".

Thanks for passing on what you're learning!

no spring chicken said...

Hi Janette~

We take the ability to conceive for granted don't we? I'm praying for your son and daughter in law. I have a little list near the computer and I pray each time I blog. Of course, no more taking for granted. The Lord opens and closes the womb for His own purpose. I'll be praying that if it is His will, He will generously open...

Blessings, Debbie

Sharon said...

There was a time in my adult life when I wandered afar from God. How grateful I am that He was like the prodigal's father - HE always had His face turned toward me, watching and waiting for my return. And when I turned back toward Him - He came running!

It still makes me cry.

To me the miracle is not that He forgives sin - it's that He never stops loving the sinner.


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