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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elvis Dies and Permanent Boyfriend

With boot money in our hands (from my grandfather), my mother, sister and I headed for the popular shoe store for the newest season’s style. There was another reason to visit this store; my future husband was one of the salespeople.  He and his Longhorn band member friend worked together making sure the city women had right-fitting shoes.  As we approached the shoe department, he met me with, “Have you heard?”  The store radio was playing Elvis music, but I was unaware that the music selection was for a special reason.  “Elvis is dead!” was his shocking news.  Since I was born on Elvis’ birthday with his voice serenading every birthday morning radio show, I was in shock. After talking through our astonishment, he would help assist my sister and I to select the newest boot fashion for our coming year of high school.  So, my junior year, 1977-1978, began with a moment locked into history.
My Co-Captain "Kathy" would be a friend for years!!
The fall of my junior year, I would continue as Captain of the Steppers after try-outs the year before.  The summer of 1977 would prepare us through summer camp at the University of Texas.  My muscles would hurt so severely from the high kicks that my calves wouldn’t allow me to walk up and down the stairs.  The whole team moaned and groaned as we crawled up or hopped up and down the stairs to our daily work-outs.  Our determination was awarded with camp metals and a successful new season.  Our new formal outfits would highlight our half-time shows. Each year, we would be able to add additions to our uniforms and props.

My" future husband" would be in and out of my life as I continued to see him at church.  I longed for a boyfriend.  I felt all the other girls had one, and he would hear my “girl drama” about not being asked out. During this time he was dating a UT cheerleader, whom our pastor thought he should marry!  I would talk him into buying a car with bucket seats (to keep her further away from him).  Their relationship came to an end...I have heard since that I was usually the main reason for their arguments.

On New Years Eve, he stopped by our house to wish my family and I a Happy New Year.  As we stood outside in the yard discussing our New Year’s resolution I, again mentioned I soooooo wanted a boyfriend, and his reply was, “well, maybe this year.”
January 14, 1978 our relationship changed from big brother, little sister, to boyfriend and girlfriend.  He decided to kiss me on the lips, instead of the forehead, and I KISSED BACK!!!   I would run to my room after the kiss in tears pleading before God to allow this relationship.  God had the answer "yes" and  I appealed to my parents to date this "man" nearly seven years older than me. I would recieve their total blessing.  So even though I was sure it would be a struggle and total shock to everyone…well, I was the only one who was shocked by the change of relationship.  My friends would call him the "man" and ask if a "man" can kiss?  They saw him mainly in three piece suits, while school friends saw him in jeans! This major shift from friend to permanent boyfriend highlighted the rest of my life.
So many precious people I don't have pictures of...I love them all and so grateful for their part in my life!
Youth group would change with the release of our youth leader and my older friends graduating.  My future husband would lead the choir...I didn't attend much.  I would continue to be involved with youth activities throughout high school, bringing friends from school and drill team to different events.  Of course, when I started dating my "permanent boyfriend," I also attended church with him.
Fashion at this age consisted of  HIGH HEELS!!!  My father laughed that I would break my neck in those shoes, after countlessly falls down the stairs of our home.  I loved them!!!

Music would remain a source of enjoyment...as my "man" boyfriend would take me to concerts through the next year and half of high school.  We would attend Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Linda Rondstand, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow and Christian concerts, Imperials and Cruse Family. He would spoil me!

Vacation and Drill Team would fill the summer before my Senior Year!
I am coming to the end of posting my youth in 15 post with Mommy Piggy Tales!  I hope it has inspired you to tell you tales....and I hope you have also been able to laugh with me along the journey!

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Anonymous said...

Love the walk down memory lane. Oh, how I remember those days!

Farm Girl said...

I will be reading your other post. That is such a sweet story. Isn't nice God said yes. I was working in a grocery store, and a man came in crying and I asked him what was wrong and he said, "The King is Dead."
I stood there trying to figure out what king. Then he said Elvis. The whole day was spent with people coming in the store, mourning. I think it would have been more fun to celebrate your birthday.
Did the email work?
Have a great day Janette.

Janet said...

God is good all the time!

What a sweet story... you still look the same!



partialemptynester said...

I was only 7 when Elvis died and I seriously thought one of my little friends was not going to survive it! I, on the other hand, spent my junior high years singing word for word every single BeeGees song ever written...absolutely LOVED them!

Love your "man" boyfriend tale...what fun!!

Debbie said...

I remember the day Elvis died very well. I was always one of his biggest fans (even though it wasn't really considered "cool" to be, haha) and I was horrified. It was a hot strangly humid and overcast day in Aug. in California and it added to the twilight feel of the day. I was newly married and learning to wall paper that day and I left it all hanging weirdly on the wall while I cried, haha...I enjoyed your memories soo much. I think back in those days it wasn't as shocking to have an "older" boyfriend (though yours was REALLY older, haha) but my first boyfriend was 4 years older than me too. It ended up being a disaster though. He was NOT a Christian (mistake #1 ~ in the midst of MANY mistakes) and he pressured me ridiculously. Looking back I can't imagine what my parents were thinking. Your relationship was soo obviously meant to be and God has soo blessed it. What a wonderful feeling to have such GOOD memories to look back on from that time in your life. Have a good day. HUGS

Theresa said...

I was so glad to finally read about the day that you and your husband got together. Yah!
Great music too.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

I Love, love love this janette, It reminded of my dating my future husband , we were both in high school. he was three years older than I. I was tickled pink when he first asked me out.

This was so cute. Just keep them coming.

Elvis Presley was my heartthrob, He could really sing, and wiggle those hips at the same time.LOL
Enjoy your day.

Eos Mom said...

I'm so enjoying reading your journey. THe pictures are so great (love the Steppers outfits!) and reading about you and your husband getting together. I can't believe we're almost to the end of our tales. How fun that you guys went to all those concerts, love the BeeGees!

myletterstoemily said...

dear janette,

how i love your stories! wasn't your mom
wonderful to take and keep all these
amazing photos? i hardly have any.

more, please.


Sandy said...

I am really enjoying your sweet
stories. I remember vividly the
day Elvis died. It was the day
I broke up with my boyfriend.
My sister loved Elvis and had
his pictures all over the walls
of the bedroom we shared. I woke
up every morning to his face.
Maybe that's why I never could
get into him--overload by age
ten. But Linda Ronstadt was a
favorite for many years.

Sonja said...

Stories with lots of pictures... my very favorite kind!!

Yours have been amazing! Brings back so many memories for all of us. I don't think I'll ever forget a single word of some of those old songs, to this day I can sing them right now!! :)

Karen said...

What a sweet story. And, what a blessing that you met your husband in your youth. I was in my late 20's before I met my husband and I always find 'high school sweetheart' stories so touching (although technically your husband was older and you were the one in high school). Thanks for sharing your story with us.

e-Mom said...

Such fun memories! You've had a very good life!

I don't think I saved that many photos. My husband has all his photos from those years, and everyone knows he's the more sentimental of the two of us. LOL, funny, isn't it?

I'm glad you're doing all this reminiscing. Helps to know that God can restore and renew... and even make life BETTER than before!

Ginny Marie said...

One of the ways people knew my future husband and I were dating was because we starting sitting together at church! As always, reading your memories was a delight. I just love your photo collages, and wish I had more pictures to share!

Diana said...

Enjoyed the memory sharing again!! Wow, seems like only a couple of years ago, right?

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

As always, a wonderful trip down memory lane. I love the story of how you and your future husband went from friends to more.
Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful memories.

Mom2three said...

What a busy year for you. I was much younger when Elvis died, but my poor husband was born on his birthday just like you. You got to see Manilow!!! I love his music still today. It's so neat to see how God brought you and your husband together and set those bonds and memories. It has been a journey, since that first post, of God using events, people, and place to where He needs us to be.

gianna said...

I love the pictures of you in your dance costumes. Well you know what I mean. And permanent boyfried, I didn't expect that until a couple of years later, but I'm glad I got to read about it!

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