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Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Change - Nice!

In Texas the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather just stay around a day and it will change."  So Texas weather keeps us hopping, never leaving us bored, and so is life!

This past week I stepped into unfamiliar territory.  For the first time in 26 years of parenting I took a child to Preschool!  Leaving this 49 year old mother with........

  • Where do I go? How do you do this?
  • Fighting back adjustment tears for me!!!
  • Excitingly watching the clock to go pick him up
  • Enjoying the joy this change was bringing to my four year old - for two days a week
  • Ready Confetti for the night before school...under his pillow
  • Hat day on Thursday
  • The Thrill of being the first to bring home "Beezy" for the weekend - we will record all the bee does with us for the four days
Change number 2 - my fourteen year old's high school year.  He is a part of a one day co-op that includes writing, history, literature and art.  On Friday I hosted the Book Club in my home with full Greek theme set table.  They had just finished reading Odysseys.  The table was adorned with Greek food.  Even "Beezy" got his picture taken with the group.

So I am being moved outside my comfort zone.  A good move, but still a change. There is a season for everything and a new season is visiting our household.  Like the Texas weather, I know I will get use to it!
I guess I am not too old for change.  Thank you Lord for this new season!!! 

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Debbie said...

"Stepping into unfamiliar territory" is NEVER easy for me, no matter what the circumstances are about. Yours all look exciting to me. Your little boy is ADORABLE. I pray his pre-school experience is wonderful. My last two are the only ones of my 4 to do this and they both just LOVED it. Wonderful, wonderful experience for them both...And the high school co-op group? How fun that looks. Sometimes I wish I had done some home schooling myself. What an experience that no doubt is. I hope you do LOTS of posting about that, because this lady for sure is soo interested in the whole process. Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day. Hugs to you, Debbie

Anonymous said...

All those milestones in our kids lives seem so hard on us and the kids just breeze right on. Your son is adorable - that sweet little face - he looks ready and excited for school.

Sonja said...

You are already on the way with this change Janette! Helping your little one, hosting another one, being involved...this chapter will bring it's own rewards as you continue your input in each of their lives... GO TEXAS MAMA!!! :)

e-Mom said...

Your home is huge and beautiful! I guess that's normal for Texas?

All the changes... they just keep coming don't they? I feel sorry for the women who can't dream new dreams and apply original creativity to their lives. How difficult each seasonal change must be!

You are well on your way to a new life. Love the Greek blue!

e-Mom ღ

Farm Girl said...

That would be hard, though I did take mine to preschool in the years of the dinosaurs. :) Your group of kids look great, and it is good to be outside the comfort zone. :) I can say that right now because I'm not. :)
I love teaching Ancient History so that looks like so much fun!
Have a great week!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I know it will go well, but unfamiliar territory isn't easy. Your table looks wonderful, btw. I can tell you have the gift of hospitality :-) I loved that collage of photos.

BECKY said...

Ohhhh these milestones can be sooo difficult, can't they??? I think they also help bring us perspective, though, and that's a good thing.

I have been out of my comfort zone with regards to some other things for 2 1/2 years, and they have been 2 1/2 years of total blessing!! God is just sooo good to us! This will be good-a little challenging...but good!

Big hugs gal! Hope your holiday has been wonderful and that your week is joyful!

myletterstoemily said...

oh man, how i hate unfamiliar territory . . .
and have to keep venturing there!

i know you will miss your sweet preschooler,
but the joy of picking him up each day will
be so sweet.

it is also very nice not being the 'bad' guy
who makes the assignments but the one
who helps with them. ha ha! don't think
he has much of that yet!

Theresa said...

Looks like your little guy was excited to go to preschool. I bet he is happy to take Beezy home. That is such a fun idea.
I love your table settings. I bet the kids had a blast.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

New steps in life can be crazy.

Having an High school graduate and one that will graduate in 2011, has me thinking too.. NOW WHAT!

Debi said...

Sounds like a new season indeed. Love to hear the details. Bless you!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Thinking of you with love as I too rush out to get my preschooler... So glad all's going so well for your family!

Cascia said...

Treasure these milestones. I am adjusting to changes in my life right now too. Your little one is adorable!

Sarah Jane said...

What a fun evening... hosting the book club meeting! Your tables are always set so nicely and thoroughly! They are welcoming, creative, and fun, no matter what the event! You are so inspiring. =)

Deborah Ann said...

Your house looks totally cool, and perfect for a Greek theme party!

It's refreshing to hear about embracing change, and not shirking from it (what I tend to do). May the force (God) be with you!

Stephanie said...

So much fun to stop by and read. I laughed out loud at your "paint the barn" post!

Enjoy your blog, Janette. Smiling.



Diana said...

Embracing the new seasons........

What about all this rain we've gotten!!

Debbie said...

I love to stay in my comfort zone too. But that is not where the Lord would have us to stay if we are to walk by faith. Oh, I wish I lived closer to you as you go through your changes. Getting to know you on your blog has been such a blessing. I had the joy of meeting two bloggers while I was in FL over the weekend for my niece's wedding: Lisa Shaw and Melanie Dorsey who are both awesome women of God. I hope to one day meet you too.

Hugs and love,

Anonymous said...

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