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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why We Don't Pick Our State Flower

I am going to share with you my home state of TEXAS and her unique beauty.  As with most things, there is a strange mixture that goes with beauty and so it is in my home STATE of TEXAS.  We are serious about not picking our state flower, the bluebonnet.  Here are some scenes of our beautiful hill country roads, blanketed with bluebonnets in all of their glory.  These photos were taken around my home town of Austin.

Our State Flower.....BLUEBONNETS!!!

They line the roads of the Hill Country!

They make spring drives wonderful!

A Native Texan!

When Texans say don't pick the Bluebonnets, We Mean It!!!!
This came through an email from my sister.  Yes, I have had more than enough encounters with this native, poisonous snake, the Diamondback Rattler, but I still enjoy the Hill Country and all of it's beauty.

21 Joining in with more words:

Canadagirl said...

Ohhhhhhh that is sooooo pretty! I will for sure ( if I ever make it to Texas) won't pick the bluebonnets. [o= Especially with guardians like that. ((eyes bugging out))

Blessings and ((HUGS))<><

Debbie said...

How gorgeous are those?? Love them. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

Farm Girl said...

I hate snakes! That is a huge rattle snake. I love the blue bonnets though. They are just beautiful. At least with rattlesnakes they are always nice to let you know when you are too close. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those fields are gorgeous. Sigh...tempting too. ;)

myletterstoemily said...

your texas blue bonnets are famous with us
poor okies! we try to visit each spring to
enjoy them with you.

sorry about leaving our rattlers behind.

Sonja said...

I think we got the same photos... beautiful even with the hidden threats, which I know abound in our great state!!

Cindy said...

That is pretty...the flowers, not the snake. I spent the first couple of years of my life in San Antonia and apparently I had more than one enounter with snakes. Apparently I thought they were pretty so when I saw one, my little toddler self wanted to play with it! lol

Cindy said...

That should say San Antonio. I wish comments had an edit feature.

Theresa said...

Ewww...snakes! But I love the bluebonnets. They really are pretty :)

Sandy said...

Absolutely love the bluebonnets
but hate the snake! I'd love to
take a ride there and see all
that glory in person. Just so

Ma ~ said...

I've not seen anything like that, beautiful:)

Lorie@The Midlife Housewife said...

Those are so beautiful! My boys are always telling me we should move to Texas. Seeing the bluebonnets made me almost agree...then I saw the snake.

The helpless little garter snakes up here make me cry. No way I could live through a chance meeting with one of those.

You Texans really are tough!

JillAileenJones said...

I can't wait for these to come out again. Last year we took a drive to Fredericksburg and the wild flowers and the bluebonnets were so beautiful-we got lots of gorgeous pictures. I hope they are as pretty this year too.
Thankfully we didn't run into one of those guys while running through them trying to get photos! :)
Hope you have a great day.

no spring chicken said...

You had me goin' there for a minute. Here I was, enjoying the scenery and Wham... love the flowers, hate the snake! We have them around here too but I've only seen one dead in the road. Definitely as close as I ever care to be!

Vee said...

Sooooo lovely. I guess that we have Lady Bird Johnson to thank for all the beautiful roadways in this country. I sure would love it if we'd get back to a "Keep America Beautiful" campaign. I've never seen bluebonnets in bloom. I think I'd like to.

moreofhim said...

The Bluebonnets are SO gorgeous! I've heard about them for years from my hubby who is a Texas Native and,even after leaving, talked about how gorgeous the Bluebonnets are.

I would love to visit your beautiful state! Thanks for sharing the pics (even of the snakes! bleah)

God bless you - JUlie

Debbie said...

I am snakeaphobic. I promise not to pick a single petal off those bluebonnets when I finally get to Texas.

I'll just click away with my shiny red Kodak.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, I've been to visit my dear friend in Bentwater and have seen the Bluebonnets. Just gorgeous! I want to come back when they are in full bloom and enjoy them again.

Gotta love Texas!!!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers! I'm not going to lie--rattlesnakes freak me out! I'm not sure I could stand it if we had them around here. We do have a MI Rattlesnake, but I am told that it is about 2 feet long. No where near as big as in Texas.

texwisgirl said...

Nice reminder of what lurks beneath. :) Lovely photos. Ours are starting to come up in our hay field. I'm excited!

Lori said...

Now I know another reason I like you, Janette ... you're a Texan! Me too!

I love bluebonnets and have only had the pleasure of seeing them once or twice in the last 30 years. As a Hill Country Texan, I'm sure you enjoy them and don't take them for granted. Think of me and other transplanted Texans when you are viewing them and treasure them for us also!

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