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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life through the Eyes of a Five Year Old

Both son and mom's pictures...he already has an eye!
Celebrating the beginning of Spring, Benjamin and I went to the Botanical Gardens, after our viewing of the children's musical play Pinocchio.(if you have never seen the musical it is great)  As we entered the gardens Benjamin asked for the camera while voicing, "Oh they are so,so, so  beautiful."  Fifty pictures later he had documented all the beautiful flowers, fountains, and art sculpture through his eyes.  So today we send you a glimpse of our Spring with temptatures in the 80's.

I am painting my toe nails, grabbing my flip flops and breathing in the joy of Spring.
My Simple Pleasure this week....Life through the Eyes of My Five Year Old and Spring.


by Celia Thaxter
The alder by the river
Shakes out her powdery curls;
The willow buds in silver
For little boys and girls.
The little birds fly over
And oh, how sweet they sing!
To tell the happy children
That once again 'tis spring.
The gay green grass comes creeping
So soft beneath their feet;
The frogs begin to ripple
A music clear and sweet.
And buttercups are coming,
And scarlet columbine,
And in the sunny meadows
The dandelions shine.
And just as many daisies
As their soft hands can hold
The little ones may gather,
All fair in white and gold.
Here blows the warm red clover,
There peeps the violet blue;
O happy little children!
God made them all for you.

Project Simple Pleasures2

31 Joining in with more words:

Theresa said...

I painted my toes last weekend and the kids had their shorts on. Today we woke up to snow covered trees! Hello spring :)
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics and I really wanted to jump into that pool. Oh how I love pools on a hot day :)

Farm Girl said...

So sweet, and we have to much rain, snow and cold to do painted toenails yet, but I know it will be soon. Loved the pictures.

Canadagirl said...

I love it when my boys get a hold of a camera and discover the world. I had a old camera that I thought was dead but for some reason I left it in a drawer in our hutch. My youngest son found it and asked if he could have it if it worked. I said yes and it did to my amazement. He has take some of the best pictures and now he is making story videos. How cool is that? [o=

I loved the pic of you son hugging the frog. Your spring temperatures is is our summer temperatures. I can't even imagine that.

Blessings and ((HUGS))<><

Anonymous said...

Oh this truly took me back when my boys were younger. :)


It's Just Dottie said...

Oh I so enjoyed reading you post today. My little grandson Dax is almost five and I so love seeing the world through his eyes .Beautiful!!

A multi-dimensional life said...

What a sweet, precious post!
He really does have a great eye!
And...Oh, that we would all see life through the eyes of a child!
Happy Spring!

Debbie said...

This was such a sweet post. I love you got to spend this time enjoying spring and your little cutie. Great pics! I am off to spend the day with two of my grands (it is spring break!) Have another wonderful day! HUGS

Ma ~ said...

How beautiful,

Our spring decided to take a break....sigh.

Trisha said...

What a sweet post. How wonderful that your son loves the camera already. I've never read that poem, and it's perfect for our copywork this time of year as well as committing to memory. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Enjoy painting your nails and wearing those flip flops. We're chilly and windy here....while hubby and son are playing in the pool in Orlando. Go figure. :)

Love and hugs to you, my sweet friend!

Diann said...

Oh, I so need to repaint my toenais! The photos are beautiful. Enjoy some of that great weather for me too!

Kay K said...

Your collage of flowers is awesome and looks like you have a great simple pleasure

Joan said...

Great photos! He certainly has an eye.

And I love this wonderful Texas weather we've been having!

Karen said...

Im excited about spring too,, I went looking for little spring day dresses yesterday at some consignment shops ,but nothing yet..but I did go to the beach yesterday, does that count? lol
Love ya girl.. enjoy every moment with that little one.. and enjoy the innocent views threw him.. I miss that..
Have a great weekend..

Sandy said...

I can't tell you how much I miss
the days when my boys were little.
We had such fun together. Your little
one is so sweet. Glad you have this
special time with him. He'll be all
grown up before you know it. I love
all the pictures.
I bought new polish today at Target
and got out my sandals and now they
say we will have a hard frost and
temps back into the 30's! Oh well.

Maria said...

Hi Janette!
I just told Jason how lovely it is in Texas right now...
Here today, it snowed a little this morning... skidded on the corner making the turn to go to work... we had a cold, but sunny afternoon.
80 degrees!
and L O V E your toes! {Not ready to show mine yet...a winter of wooly socks to transition from!}
Happy weekend!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pics, Benjamin!
PS That reminds me...I need a pedi.:)

no spring chicken said...

What would we do without children? I wouldn't want to know! Your grandson is adorable. I want to pick him up and squeeze him like he's squeezing that frog!!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

...that little five year old sure loves flowers...after my own heart!

Sue said...

Janette, You have got some competition here, so watch out!! LOL Benjamin did a fantastic job. He is so adorable, and seeing life through a child's eyes is one, of if not the best simple pleasures ever!
Thank you for your prayer and continued prayers for Will, and our military.
Much love,

Mind Movies 2.1 said...

Your garden looks lovely! I really love to see flowers in full bloom.

Mave said...

Those photos are so lovely. I have my grandson here at the moment. He is three. They see the most amazing things. it is wonderful.

Amy said...

LOVE this post! Thank you! Blessings sweet friend.

no spring chicken said...

I'm so glad you came back and clarified! My oldest is 24 and I carried my daughter Hope for 5 months before the Lord took her home. She would have been 3 years old last November! Children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man so are the children of his youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full. I couldn't help but think of this psalm as I was writing...You are one blessed mama!

Dayle said...

Five-year-olds are awesome little creatures, especially the boys. :) So full of energy and imagination. What a sweet post.

Anonymous said...


I am glad to hear that you are having nice spring weather. It may be spring, but not around here! It's been rainy and cold, so it still feels like winter to me. :(

It sounds like you and your son had a great time at the Botanical Gardens! I think it's great that at 5 years old, he is already seeing the beauty of God's creation, and capturing that beauty on camera. If he is like this at 5, how much more wonderful will he be 10 or 20 years from now? :)

Finally, I enjoyed reading the poem at the end of this post. It was beautiful.



See Jamie blog said...

I love spring! Our irises and even our dogwoods started blooming this week!

Jen said...

Love this! And love that it is 80 degrees outside and that the flowers are blooming here, too.

Sharon Kirby said...

Your son takes some wonderful photos, Janette! Seriously, I think he's got a talent budding there! (Excuse the pun!)

Today is a rainy Spring day in Southern California - but the Light of my life still shines!!

I loved the poem! And we of child-like faith, will always see the beauty of God's creation.


Bethany said...

Beautiful! What a lovely day. God is good and great. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

elizabeth said...

I love your simple pleasure...oh I can't wait until it's nice enough here to have bare toes!

alicia said...

Wishing that was me. We did catch a break for spring break (went to SC), but then home to cold Iowa. Ugh. Sweet pics and post.

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