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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boys, Tools and You Tube

Now just what is it with me and things...well, things biting the bullet?  You don't see this 50-year-old just breaking down and quitting do you?  Well then, why should my appliances have that luxury?

So my dryer, which has probably tumbled thousands of loads, it was bought when we had a household of seven, four of which were boys and all five were involved in sports,.....decided it was tired.  Sports means a lot of washing and drying.  Now my dryer is having lighter days, only a household of four and only one in sports. Its tumbling days have slowed down, so it should be rejoicing.  WELL, NO!!!  It must have needed some attention because on Monday, my wash/dry day, it decided to throw a fit and it broke the drum belt.  In protest, it said it would not tumble anymore.

Just wait...I am a Rosie the Riveter and I have access to a talented, teenage boy and You-Tube!  So, with our arsonnel at hand, we ran to the computer, found out the name of the broken part and watched a video on how to replace it. No need to wait for days for my modern-day servant to be back in working order...I HAD WET CLOTHES TO DRY! (we are not allowed to have clothes lines in our subdivision).
My handsome, young teenager son being his Mom's hero!
A trip to the parts place, a willing teenage boy who let his mom oversee him, and we had the dryer back in better-than-working order in no time.  The same dryer that had tried to eat my bra....(Do You Hear Your Mother's Voice, post click to read) had lost yet another battle.

My Simple Pleasure this week.....A Working Dryer, A Helpful Son and You-Tube. This Rosie is now looking at all "fixing" challenges with delight...another learning opportunity in our home school house.  Just months ago, my son and I replaced the door handles on my car.  Now technology is becoming my friend. It is much easier to train this teenage son than it was my first son, 14 years ago. The biggest simple pleasure was seeing the pride on my son's face after the job was complete.................priceless.

Project Simple Pleasures2

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Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Congratulations to you and your son!!
It's quite strange for me to read about people not being allowed to hang their washing out.
What happens if you can't fix your dryer?
I suppose you must find a laundromat :-(
Well, you certainly are resourceful, Janette - good for you!

Debbie said...

Yay!! I love the feeling of doing it yourself. I don't get it very often because of these two left thumbs of mine. I feel like an idiot because I wouldn't have thought to youtube that. Great idea.

Major kudos to your Mr. Fix-it son.

We can't have clothes lines either. We can hide them on the back deck on racks, though, so that's what I do half the time.

Enjoy your simple pleasure of working technology.

Karen said...

Well Janette, with a title like Boys, Tools, and You Tube, you know I was over here quick as a wink. How awesome is that that your son could fix your dryer. You just gotta love boys. Somehow they are wired to figure things out...even if they never tried it before. I love that!

Have fun drying clothes!

Ma ~ said...

Very cool, congrats!

You could always hang a line through the house...call it "peasant chic":P

sarah said...

hahaha. loved this...you guys are amazing..I think I need your son here....I love that you figured this all out with the help of youtube. Very cool.

Angel said...

Way to go! I have always been one to go the DIY route if at all possible. You have a sweet son and a great attitude. Much to be thankful for and a great simple pleasure for sure.

Debbie said...

Oh Janette YAY YAY YAY to it all. the fixed dryer, you tube, and that proud son!! Have another wonderful day!! HUGS

Sassy Granny ... said...

Now that's what I call
"resourceful"! There's a lot of it at my house since hubby can do, or fix nearly anything. Me ... not so much.

Goodon ya' & that wrench-worthy young man in your life!!

Lorie - The Midlife Housewife said...

You are my hero...again!

Way to go woman. Add that to the long list of the "value of a homemaker"

And of course a big congrats to your awesome son.

Farm Girl said...

Now I am so totally impressed!!! My dishwasher is still broken. I guess I need to look on You Tube and figure it out. I never thought about that just like the bra deal. I think of it every time I take them out of the dryer. :) 2 repair men have both told me to just buy a new one. I refuse because I know it can be fixed. So we are at a stalemate. You give me courage so I am going to look now. I know my boys could fix it too. Thanks!

Canadagirl said...

Wahoo for you and your ds. I love this time era for the reason of being able to google something when in need. And that it is so fast and easy too. *grin* I feel inspired by you! My dryer is taking 1 and half time cycles to dry a load. ((sigh)) Maybe with hubby and YouTube we can fix the problem. ((praying))

Blessings and ((HUGS))!

Ginny Marie said...

We have used YouTube to help us fix things around the house, too! Isn't is amazing? What a neat feeling for both you and your son. :)

Bethany said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing the simplicity of life. I remember when our washer broke down and it was unfixable, we went three weeks without one---torture. Thankfully, God sent friends into my life that were willing to either do my laundry or loan me their washer. Ah, the joy!

Jennie said...

I love this! My husband successfully remodeled a bathroom at our house with the help of online tutorials. Gotta love the information age! :) (Nice to know it's good for something anyway!)

Kudos to your boy! And hooray for a working dryer. My fix-it husband repaired ours a couple of weekends ago. I remember freshly how tough it is to go without even for a couple of days!

Sue said...

I vote for you to keep this young man, at home I mean forever. LOl. What a joy and pleasure to have a son that is willing to help.
Shall I call you Rosie now? Such a great feeling when we can fix these things.
My dryer has been fussing too lately, and I am trying to ignore its fussing,. lol.

Barb said...

Hi Jeanette,
Congrats to you and son for thinking of 'you tube' and THEN successfully fixing the dryer.
You're an inspiration.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Sharon Kirby said...

OH GOODIE!! You got it working!

When I first saw the title and the beginning of your story, I thought maybe you were going to YouTube the fiasco of "trying" to fix the dryer. A success story?? Not so you-tubey-worthy!

Congrats to Wonder Son!


Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Now, I just love this story! I'm convinced that you can find out how to do anything on the internet in the step by step form. It's amazing! Great entry!

Sandy said...

How great! You guys are amazing!

Lisa said...

You are one BRAVE girl!!! LOL! And tell your son that he rocks!

Ms.Daisy said...

Whoo-hoo! What a super job you and teenage son did - a Youtube tutorial - a great idea! Working dryer? Best idea yet!


Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

So proud of you both!!!! Way to take care of family fixin's and be self reliant. :-) Last time we used YouTube to make somethin it was a chicken plucker! Yup, we're real country folk now...
Here's hopin you don't need to fix anything else for a bit. Tho maybe your ds might just want to take somethin apart just to learn to put it back together? I hear that's next... :-)
hugs to you BOTH,

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you and your son ;). Impressive! He is already our computer fix-it person, now I see he has moved on to appliances. Once he gets electricity down, nothing will stop him.



Jessica Heights said...

I feel your pain...I'm so glad it's working again! :)

JillAileenJones said...

Yeah-my kind of kid!! I hope mine will grow up to do that too. We laugh that I wear the tool belt in our home because I always followed my dad around and watched him fix things so I always try to fix it before I call someone else and pay way too much money having someone else do it.
Happy Drying-nothing worse than the smell of wet clothes too-glad it is working now.

Mave said...

That is so great. You have opened up ideas for me. Thanks for that simple pleasure. And your son's face would be the best.

e-Mom said...

Aha!!! YouTube you say? Now that is a great solution to a puzzling problem. My dryer's heater coil failed and we tumbled cold air for awhile until we could replace the whole machine. (DH said it was not fixable after much deliberation!)

Your son should be very proud, and this little victroy in his life will be long remembered. Well done!

Theresa said...

Aww...what a son! I know you were proud of him. Great job getting that all figured out and fixed :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

A wonderful story, Janette! What a great son ♥

Dayle said...

You go, girl! I love happy endings!

Anonymous said...


It seems that I am ALWAYS replying late to your blog posts, ugh!

Well, I'm gald that you were able to get your dryer fixed. I'm kind of "clueless" when it comes to machines, so if that had happened to me, I would just end-up being mad for the rest of the day until my husband came home to help me out, ha!

We can't hang clotheslines in our sub-division (e.g., Suburbia Land) either. I wonder what that's all about? Humpt!

-Lady Rose

Jo said...

I am just about to hang my washing on the line as I do for half the year (when it is warm enough). I only use my drier if I want something in a hurry or it is raining.

We have used You Tube to fix things, it can be very useful.

Have a lovely weekend,

Rebecca said...

Good for you, Janette! I know that one day his wife will be thankful to have such a handy son!

Isn't the internet a wonder!

elizabeth said...

What a great simple pleasure! Good for you and your son!
Thanks for your kind comment on my simple pleasures post!

Maria said...

Hi Janette!
Sometimes it is worth it to fix the older appliances. I have a 4 year old Kenmore stove and the frame trim piece that holds the glass on the door... is RUSTED out so badly it's chipping! yes... only 4 years old. They replaced it when it was less than a year old and it rusted out again... we were then told it is not a stainless piece...so it will happen again and again. I keep a screw driver next to the oven because the handle to the oven door gets loose after two or three uses. So exasperating. The oven cost us $700. I guess today, you have to spend $2,000 to get a good oven!!!

Youtube has amazing tutorials. I've even learned how to frost cupcakes from the teachers who post on youtube!

God bless you and your son and for your perseverance in this repair!
You probably saved yourself a few hundred dollars!
Happy Weekend, Janette!

Vee said...

Gotta love those You Tube tutorials! Congrats on a job well done with plenty of money saved!

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