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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do You Like to Talk to Tomatoes?

I can't help but hum this tune as I move through the produce aisle of my local grocery store.
If you like to talk to tomatoes
If a squash can make you smile
If you like to waltz with potatoes
Up and down the produce aisle...
Have we got a show for you!
VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales,
VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales!

Then there are times like Saturday when I announced my search with, "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush"...another silly song by Larry.
I have chuckled through "Bellybutton" and "Cheeseburger" more than once and belly laughed at "The SUV Song".  

This is the world of Veggie Tales, which draws me in  as I plant my garden, putting "Bob the Tomato " plant into the soil and seeds into my mounds for "Larry Cucumbers". I am hoping for more produce this year from my efforts.

These children's videos/DVDs have been part of our family for years.  With each children's silly song there was also a truth from God's word around the silly song.  This mom has been convicted more than once by the vegetables telling truths from God's word.  Recently, while going through the Good Samaritan video with my son, this song, with it's catchy tune, reminded me how often I allow "busyness" to steal from the best.


Archibald (Mayor): "I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy. You've no idea what I have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy... Much, much too busy for you." Larry: "Oh, I see." Archibald and Doctor: "We're busy, busy, dreadfully busy. You've no idea what we have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy. Much, much too busy for you.'Cause we're busy, busy, frightfully busy. More than a bumblebee, more than an ant. Busy, busy, horribly busy.We'd love to help, but we can't!" Archibald: "Ta ta!"
(In the video, this song was the excuse for not helping out the person in need)

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.  God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong?  I Corn. 1:21
Today God talked to me through singing vegetables.  Is there anything impossible with God?

If you have missed a chance to hear some of the Veggie Tale songs, you can Google them on You- tube or even buy a DVD....maybe for grandchildren one day! Do you have a Veggie Tale favorite?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Vegi Tales!!! My grandchildren have been raised on them~ The creaters of the Tales have done a great job!

Ma ~ said...

My three year old puts his arms in his shirt and jumps around saying he is Larry the cucumber;)

He loves the Hairbrush song.

Cindy said...

I love the Veggie Tales too but haven't watched any in such a long time since my kids are grown and no grandbabies yet.

Sue said...

Good Morning Janette, I grew to love Veggie Tales, when the grandchildren visited, and I began to look for them when I would go to the Christian bookstore.
I just read your last two posts, and was so touched by them, and am still trying to figure out how I missed them.
i read your heart's cry,and please know I am praying for them.
I woke up this morning thinking about you and Benjamin, and that I was going to try and send him some pics. today.

Lorie - The Midlife Housewife said...

Thanks...now that song is stuck in my head. lol

This takes me back. Back to a time when my children were obedient and easy to please.

I love veggie tales. Back in the day we had collected all the episodes that were out. I thought I would save them for the grands. But that was the the time of VHS tapes. Remember those?

Karen said...

Oh I remember being so disappointed when my grand daughter was first "scared" of veggie tales.. my kids loved them,,and even my two boys (now 23 and 14) will get goofing around and start singing.the "hairbrush" song,,lol !
but my daughter works at Family Christian book store, so my grand daughter got used to seeing them in the store, and on the little tv in the children sections, so she is a little more friendly with the idea..lol
thanks for the memores back..
have a blessed day

Debbie said...

Oh this brought back memories. I love the Veggie tales and now my grandkids do....Such catchy little tunes. I remember the hair brush one well, haha... I LOVE it when the Lord works through such a simple thing...Have a wonderful day Janette!!

Lisa said...

My kids loved Veggie Tales, too! Such great visuals and the songs are wonderful! I think we have the video tapes...not dvds! Yikes! LOL!
Thanks for a lovely memory this morning!

The Real Me! said...

We've been Veggie Tale fans since 1997. My kids have and are growing up with them. LOVE Larry the Cucumber!! He rocks!

Farm Girl said...

It has been a while since I listened them in the car, but I loved hearing my kids sing them and my husband will quote the Pirate one on lazy days, But the best is hearing my grand kids sing the Veggie Tale intro. I just love it.

Vee said...

You know what? I think I will look for a couple for the grands. My friend Laura told me about the Christmas one..."It's a Meaningful Life" and in the end, I didn't get it because it seemed as if it might be too much for their ages...5 and 4. Still, you've got me thinking.

Sandy said...

What sweet memories of watching
the Veggie Tales with Seth and
Shaun. We had so many of them
and gave some away and sold some
at yard sales. Enjoy this time
with your little guy. It just
doesn't get any sweeter.

partialemptynester said...

ohhhh, sweet friend...I LOVE TO TALK TO TOMATOES!!!!!!! Best all-time memories with my kids...singing those doggone fun veggie tale songs!!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

Uh, yeah.
Singing that song since I saw the title of your post, Jannette!

Sharon Kirby said...

I've always been kinda partial to tomatoes myself!

God is so great - and so creative in the many ways He uses to speak His words to us. I can't tell you how often He has taught me an important lesson through my sons' beagle!

May I never be so busy, busy, shockingly busy - that I can't hear His voice or do His work!


Theresa said...

We love Veggie Tales here too! Such great songs along with great story lines.

Deb said...

Love, Love, Love Veggie Tales! My favorite song (and probably because it was the first Silly Song with Larry) is The Hairbrush Song. But I also enjoy The Cheeseburger Song. Way too many good ones to choose a favorite!! Btw...I was a Veggie Tales fan long before I married and had a child. Now, my daughter (age eight) is not really all that into Veggie Tales. She prefers Adventures in Odyssey.

Deb said...

P.S. I recently recorded The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. The movie was on one of the premium movie channels. I'm looking forward to seeing it as I haven't up until now!

Sonja said...

I love all of them! I was amazed when they first stared Veggie Tales... when my kids were toddlers, the Gaithers had just come out with some brand new ideas in music and stories, one was called "God loves to talk to boys when they're fishing"... at the time, we gobbled everything up... there is such a huge choice now, in the Christian world of books, videos and music. I love it all!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I must admit that I never really knew about Veggie Tales til last week when I picked them up in our Christian bookstore. So glad to learn about them! Off I go to sing with my kids!

lioneagle said...

Hi Janette -

Thank you for this light slice of life.

All things are possible with GOD.

Debbie said...

It has been years since I heard a Veggie Tune from Veggie Tales. My younger daughter used to love them.

I have several old faithful kids songs that have stayed with me and convicted me over the years.

I think I need to google and listen to some veggie tunes.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Loving that He talked to you through singing vegetables! And what a great message that little song is to all of us. I just lost my father in law and through the pain and tears, my husband and I both commented on all the busyness of the world, which seems like nothing more than emptiness and he said, "for what?"
In the big picture, isn't that the truth...busyness for what?
Oh, I'm a buzz kill today!

Even through the light hearted song of the vegi's, there is such depth of meaning. Love the Veggie Tales!

Great post Janette!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your blog is lovely, Janette. Your posts make me smile!

Have a hApPY weekend x

Debbie said...

It's been a while since I saw a Veggie Tales but I used to see them with my friend's kids. I had to smile as I remembered those fun days.

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