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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh That Weed! UGH!

Spring has always been my favorite home school season because it allows me so many practical opportunities to instruct my children.  There has never been a spring where I didn't take one of my children outside to pull weeds from the yard.  Each time we would examine the root system... the length, width and depth of the weed we were trying to remove from our yard.  There would always be those weeds whose roots had burrowed down deep, making a gentle pull impossible for their removal.  We would water to help loosen their grip in the soil.  I would begin to instruct.  "See how easy it is to pull this small weed with the small roots? See how much work it takes to remove these large weeds with the roots holding fast and deep in the soil?  Do you see how this is like sin in our lives?  It is so much easier to remove the sin before the roots have expanded down deep and intermingled with the soil of our lives?"

Each child would nod in agreement as God would always speak to me personally about a weed He needed to address in my life.  This year wasn't any different, except He brought His truth to me through two examples of lives that I observed:

Lady #1 - She recently had a injury that has left her in a wheel chair with months of rehabilitation in order to walk again.  It will be close to a year or more before she is able to return to her former self.

Lady #2 - Her husband just recently received a promotion, giving them the ability to achieve a higher level of the American dream....new house, private schools for the her children... and more freedom for her.

One lady just voiced all of God's goodness and blessings.  She has seen Him through her life at so many turns.  She was giving God the glory. I was ministered to through this woman, instead of me ministering to her.

The other lady was upset about the inconvenience in her life.  The change isn't something she wanted. I prayed that God would transform her heart and for her to have a new joy.

Which reaction went with each lady?  Can you guess?
Lady #1 was the one giving God all the glory.  At the age of 71 she could only speak of God's faithfulness, while she held herself up with a cane and asked me if I was okay. She just glowed with the Glory of God. Her many years of trials have produced refined silver.  She sees her trials as blessings.

Lady #2 has years ahead of her.  She was trying to see how God was going to use this change in her life. She was very distraught.  Her years in ministry hadn't prepared her to receive the blessing she now sees as a challenge.  The American dream doesn't always create in us refined silver.

MY WEED!!!  God so gently bent down to start the removal of the large grown weed, whose roots have gone too deep.  "Janette, which one are you?  Have you taken my blessings, which so many times come disguised as trials, and called them curses?  You say you want to spiritually walk like Lady #1, but aren't you walking like Lady #2?  When was the last time you didn't complain about the road of blessing I have you traveling?  Don't you believe that the plans I have for you are for your good and not for evil?"

It is time to 'YANK'....I am not feeling too comfortable right now, the watering of His word and spirit are allowing the soil to loosen it's grip on my deeply-held roots of sin.  I know it is His timing.  Spring looks wonderful....it is time to weed!

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Lorie@The Midlife Housewife said...

As always, much wisdom and beauty.

Thank you for sharing this. It was my devotional for the day. It lined up with the scriptures I am reading. (I love when God does that.) Lots to think about here.


BECKY said...

What a wonderful analogy, Janette! We all have weeds that spring up from time to time, don't we? I think the Holy Spirit has convicted me through this that I have some pulling to do. On the other side of pulling those nasty weeds is abundance! I'd rather be there!
Thank you for sharing this timely message!
Love and hugs,

Sue said...

One word today Janette... OUCH!!!
Thanks for encouraging me to re-examine my garden of life!

Debbie said...

This was a great post as always Janette. I have been working on my weeds for a while now, and one of them in particular has gone soo deep. How I want to be like lady #1. What a wonderful anaolgy you have shown here. Hope you have a wonderful day! HUGS

Canadagirl said...

I keep hearing the same message but in so many different ways and angles. Yours hit a ouch point. Yes, I want to be like Lady #1. Thank you for letting the Lord speak through you today. ( ouch!) [o=

Blessings and ((HUGS))!

Farm Girl said...

I would say after living both sides of life, I used to be like the second woman. I hate to admit maybe even more ungrateful. I want to be like the first woman who has been refined to be pure as glass. I sure whine a bunch though.
I see the same thing with the weeds. Only lots of times I have to remove the big weeds so I can see the little ones.
I have learned so much about God in the garden. Do you think that it is why Man was put in one first?
He walked and talked with God in the cool of the evening.
Lovely post my friend.

Debbie said...

Wonderful Janette!! I am growing to know you enough that I suspected which reaction matched which lady.

I want to be self critical in this area. I want to be weeded and refined and like lady number 1.

I want to sing praises from exactly where I am.

Thanks so much for this post.

I'm having trouble getting into blogs on my computer. I'm stealing a few minutes from my husband's office because he was able to sneak home midweek.

I am choosing to see the blessing of his presence at home right now instead of the annoyance of a buggy computer.

All thanks to you.

myletterstoemily said...

your weeds are better than my fruit! :)
this is such a great example, and as
you might imagine, i have been #2
many times in my life.

abundance can breed ingratitude, but
nobody ever wants to hear that.
"prosperity" is much more popular.

"may He increase, and i decrease" and
may i be grateful going up and going

Mary said...

I'm right there with you...

Theresa said...

Such wise words! What a beautiful example that old woman is. Don't you just love those old, wise saints?!
You really put great application to your experiences. I hope to do the same.

Lisa said...

What a great spiritual lesson for your kids...and us. Thanks for a beautiful post!

Cindy said...

That's such a great analogy with the weeds. I'm afraid I have a few to uproot myself...or let God uproot for me. Not looking forward to it but there can't be healthy growth among the weeds.

Anonymous said...

Janette, it's always so good to see your Lucy face pop up over at my place. It puts an instant smile on my face. I love it. And then coming over and seeing your header is definitely a plus. Sometimes we don't realize how much we are encouraged by little details. Every bit counts...even a smile.

Great devotional...where there are flowers there sure will be weeds.

Much love to you my friend.

Anonymous said...


In our human lives, rather it's summer, spring, autumn, or winter, we will constantly be pulling the weeds from our lives in order to live the life that He has called us to live.

This was a good, yet humbling story, for I don't know if I could fully be "happy" if I was Lady #1. Sigh! However, being Lady #2 also brings it's own stresses and temptations.



Sassy Granny ... said...

I both love & hate weeding seasons. I've had my fair share (if even there is such a thing as "fair" where weeds are concerned).

But oh the joy of uninhibited blooms when at last they're free to be, unencumbered by that ugly thing that threatened their very beauty.

Bloomin' with ya'!

Sonja said...

No wonder I love your blog!

Oh those weeds... and I have had my share of #2, and I recognize the attitude with clarity and conviction!

I love what Kathleen said though... when the weeds, even the deep rooted ones, have been pulled... the soil is free to produce beauty again... isn't that just what God does!

LOVE this! nd I have a garden full of them right now... fortunately most of them are outside in the yard, but there are always some shoots to tend to within... I want to yank them up and get them gone BEFORE they take root!


Carol said...

Thank you again, Janette! Wonderful illustrations and thought provoking words.

Sandy said...

Thanks Janette for such a wonderful
word today. I loved it. I am always
pulling weeds to make more room for
Him to grow me into the person He
knows I can be.

Trisha said...

Wonderful, Janette, and I would even say that the American Dream rarely, if ever, refines us. It's truly the hard times, those trials that strip us of everything and make us more like Christ. May the second woman know that joy, and may the first continue to glorify God in all things. What a blessing she must be!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

You and so many other of my blogging friends amaze me with the depth of your entries. What a blessing it was to stop by this evening. Lots of food for thought. Blessings!

Jenny's Heart said...

I pray every day "to be a blessing to others and if You Father, send me a blessing please make sure I see it as that, I don't want to miss Your blessings and I want to give You the glory."
Do I see them all, do I thank Him enough?
Your post will have me looking closer. Thanks

e-Mom said...

Amazing how age brings wisdom and grace... or bitterness. I hope I age the way your lady #1 has. She sounds lovely!

As for #2? I've read that when we are young our nervous systems (and hormones) make every big and little change a crisis. As we age, our hormones smooth out and we can roll with the punches more. Plus, with experience, we've learned that our crises are survivable. Praying this younger gal can get the sympathy she needs to relax into life.

Somewhere in my travels, I read that "the secret to longevity is flexibility." It must be true!

Just saw a video interview with a 82 year-old Japanese woman who climbed on her bike and escaped from the tsunami waves!!!

A good post, with much food for thought, Janette. ღ

Ginny Marie said...

Some days it is very hard to be like Lady #1! I love your analogy of the roots of weeds are like our sins. Perfect for Lent and this season of repentance!

Karen said...

your post reminded me of the chapter in The Shake where he is with the Holy Spirit in the garden Pulling weeds..He says to the Holy Spirit,, "What a Miss you have in your garden!" The Holy Spirit replys, I think it is beautiful !!!
It may be a little messing and need some pruning , But I think it is BEAUTIFUL! and at the end of the chapter,, the garden resembles our Soul.
Great post my friend.. great teaching to your children.. Love ya..

sarah said...

wow..this was a great analogy....really hits home for me too. thanks Janette

Anonymous said...

What a blessings this post has been to me. My bible study group just started Priscilla Shirers, Life Interrupted based on the story of Jonah. It sounds alot like the lesson you are going through. How do we count the detours as blessings and give Him praise? How do we not say,"No, thanks" when the burden is not a positive one? Wonderful life lesson for your kids, too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jessica Heights said...

Oh yes...I want to be like Lady #1...Lord, help me never t be like Lady #2!

Sharon Kirby said...

Oooo...always love a word picture. And the garden one is a great one. Yes, I'm also asking God to do some work - I'm a little weedy, too.

It hurts when He "yanks" - doesn't it?

But it's so much worse to see a beautiful garden that doesn't grow, or flowers that get choked and killed.

May God give me a sunny attitude! I want to be Lady #1 - even now in my life!


Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Great post that again I'll share with my kids. Sadly I too have noticed the refined silver isn't always where you'd expect to find it! Off I go to tend my garden. Yank, water, pull, sweat...

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