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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bathing Suit, Who ME?

I just cringed when my 5-year-old asked if I was going to get a bathing suit this year.  He wants me to swim this summer...not sit on the side at our neighborhood pool.  Can you say, "I'd rather go to the dentist"?  I don't think he has seen me more than once in a bathing suit and if I had my way, he never would.  What is the solution?
google picture
I love this one...now why did these bathing suits go out of style?  Notice they are not designed to expose your  figures...and they do allow modesty, which I know is no longer in style.  SOAPBOX...they also left some mystery and allowed the woman's body to be saved for her husband....just saying!  Nowadays, the body is exposed for all males to see...how sad, nothing left for just hubby.(No, I am not bitter because I don't look good in today's styles... I didn't wear them when I was in my dancer-shaped body)  Since I can not turn back the clock on swim-wear, I need to find a happy balance.  Realistically reducing my weight, while wearing a modest swim suit needs to be my goal.

Continuing my work-out each day, I also added my spring cleaning routine.  Did you know you can lose calories while "whistling while you work" at spring cleaning your house? Just to encourage your cleaning efforts, I am listing calories burned...this is for an hour at each activity:

  • Dusting - 204 calories
  • Gardening - 327 calories
  • General cleaning - 286 calories
  • Bed making - 136 calories
  • Cooking a meal - 136 calories
  • Putting away groceries, this also goes for loading them yourself at the store - 170 calories
  • Scrubbing floors, tubs, showers - 258 calories
  • Laundry - 136 calories
  • Putting away clothes - 204 calories
  • Washing dishes/kitchen cleaning - 170 calories
  • Sweeping/vacuuming - 238 calories
Now I was encouraged...I have shampooed my carpet, washed windows, light fixtures, doors, baseboards, grouted and cleaned out drawers and reorganized my kitchen.  I am so excited to see I "killed two birds with one stone"...a cleaner house and one step closer to some type of bathing suit!  Oh My...can't I just hide?
Happy Spring Cleaning!!

28 Joining in with more words:

Kristin said...

Hey Janette!
It was so great meeting you tonight, too! I LOVE your blog! If you're looking for a swimsuit that leaves everything to the imagination, might I suggest: http://www.wholesomewear.com/

And yes, some of us are just gifted in spinning tales =)

Shanda said...

Love this :) I can totally relate. In fact, my legs even look like the ones in the photo!!!! Fun blog!

Theresa said...

Oh I don't like it either! Lands End has some great suits though. They make two piece ones where you can get a different size for the bottom and top. The bottoms have a little skirt over it and they have tops that have adjustable lengths. They cover you while still looking nice and you are able to swim in them without being weighed down. They also make swim shorts. A bit pricey, but they are good quality and last. Sometimes they have them on clearance and you can always find a free shipping code.
Great job with your spring cleaning. It was 75 here today and I was out raking :)

Sue said...

I know I am going to get busy next week, with burning all of those calories, you go girl!! And good luck finding a bathing suit that is suitable. Please let me know when you do, and tell them to save me one! LOL.
Enjoy your weekend.
That photo looks familiar did you come and get it out of my album?
Hugs, Sue

blessedmom's simple home said...

I am so with you on this one!! Here's a good one. My son came in tonight from his week of working at the camp, and told me that all the 10yo's in his group this week had mom's 32 or younger. He then said he told the kids that his mom was 50 (thank you very much!) and she had two 10yo's. Of course, then a couple of the kids said there grandma was 50!
Thanks alot my dear son, I didn't really want to hear this :-)

Debbie said...

I think I'm going to copy that list and put on the refrigerator for motivation.

But no. For me, it will work like a golden ticket to the cheesecake inside.

BTW, I agree with you 100% about bathingsuits. A man I know told his daughters that they needed to create a mystique about themselves. I thought it was a great piece of advice.

Ma ~ said...

I love those swimsuits! I gotsta find me one;)

I'm starting spring cleaning this week too, so hopefully can burn up some calories.
Happy cleaning to you too!

Maria said...

Hi Janet!
As always, I'm so entertained coming here...
Chris and I were just talking about this... {spring cleaning that is} We have been overwhelmed by snow this year and feel like bears just waking up!
Time to get on our "workout" clothes and start spring cleaning...
I also noticed that you're from Texas!
My son, Jason, is moving there shortly for his first job out of college. He's worked at a supermarket since he was 16 {boy will they miss him there} and is now leaving NY. Oh how WE will MISS him!
my heart aches... but I know we will most likely visit him as much as possible in the wintertime. If he stays there... we may have to move there for the winter ever year!
Enjoy your weekend, Janet!

Vee said...

My friend has a skirted number. It does nothing to disguise her figure, but she feels more dressed and she swims. I'm certain that you'll find something that will help you feel comfortable. Love that graphic! Oh, and you've got to love a boy who wants to swim with his mama. That's so sweet.

Debbie said...

Oh Janette, you are brightening my day with this post. I am laughing out loud!

Bathing suits; I used to wear them very well actually. But lately ...no way! However, there are some cute bathing suits that are quite fashionable and yet cover up what we don't want seen. Miracle Suits in black with a little skirt are cute.

I've been doing some spring cleaning too so I'm glad to read the amount of calories I've been expending. I had all intentions of working out on the treadmill everyday but somehow never got to it. At least I now see I'm doing some good by washing clothes, cleaning floors and cleaning out the boxes in my garage. LOL.

Happy Saturday!

Love you,

Sassy Granny ... said...

OK, so now I'm cracking up! That woman in your picture; the one in the middle? She's wearing my thighs. Oh why couldn't they have made that suit come to the knees?

Well, I suppose at 63+ one must accept gravity's power. I'm thinkin' I'll just stay out of the water altogether :)

Off to dust & spend some calories ...


Maria said...

Hi Janet!
Jason will be moving to the Austin area... it looks so beautiful ... it seems so surreal that he will be that far from us...
I don't know how the army moms and wives do it...
Jason's moving to Texas, not the Middle East and it's hard ♥

Farm Girl said...

Well, I am the same way. I don't get in the pool either, I clean it and the walks but I have so many young people showing up that I live in fear of being seen. I have some really modest ones though. I think that is why I have been working like a fiend is because I know I am burning calories. I will try whistling just to burn some more.:)

Lisa said...

Oh No Janette! I think I saw one of those suits at Dillard's the other day! I would have bought it but another fluffy gal beat me to it! HA! I OWN some suits just like the pic (almost) in every color. Gotta have a skirt to hide the hiney.:)

Carol said...

I love the list. I love the fact that cleaning burns calories. Exercise with visible benefits!

Karen said...

Ugh. Bathing suits. Ugh. You know I love that picture you posted - I would totally wear a bathing suit like that....although I'd still be self-concious because I really don't like to show my dimply, veiny legs (nice visual image huh?). I have to laugh a little at the picture too. He's measuring from hemline to knee??!! So, if it had been 1/4 of an inch too short would she have to go home? Wow. Times have indeed changed.

Love your spring cleaning/calorie burning list. I wonder how many calories reading blogs, commenting, and writing my own posts burns?

myletterstoemily said...

this is so cute! i just love the photo and
your sweet five year old. mine used to ask,
"are you getting your hair wet?" which, of
course, meant i was going to be much more

the only solution to putting on a bathing
suit is . . . suicide!

seriously, i've noticed that if people just
don't draw attention to themselves while
wearing a bathing suit with comments like
"i'm so fat" or "i hate wearing bathing suits"
most other people don't even notice them.

they are too absorbed in how uncomfortable
they are in THEIR bathing suits!

you will look fabulous after completing all
your chores, anyway. :)

Rebecca said...

You're well on your way to looking fine in a modest swimsuit. And a clean house is SO satisfying :)

Canadagirl said...

Wahoo! I am burning calories while I work. That is good new. [o= When I saw them measuring the length of that gals swimsuit it reminded me of the the Christian summer camp. Our measuring tool was one hand above the knee. I like the days of modesty. Thanks for your fun humor as usual.

Blessings and ((HUGS))!

Jo said...

My DH is currently burning of the calories as he cleans the kitchen floor and after vacuum cleaning!! While he was doing those tasks I was cleaning out my part of the study - so all in all, we have had our exercise for the day.

Haven't worn a bathing suit in ages - just haven't had the opportunity, we don't live near the sea and I am not fond of swimming pools.

no spring chicken said...

What is it with the whole swimming thing anyway. If God had wanted me to swim he would have either made me a fish or given me the body of ...
Gidget! I love all of your vintage photos. By the way, peeked at your profile. You look just like Lucille Ball! I'll bet you hear that one all the time.

LDH said...

Nice to know I am doing more while cleaning than just ridding the house of dirt! Cheerfully whistling must burn a few extra calories, don't you think? :)

Anonymous said...

Did you say "grouted?" Wow, good for you.

I love the work-out I get when I spring clean... but the sore muscles make me realize I need to get back to aerobic dancing!

A great list to motivate!

Karen said...

girlfriend that is one good thing about being in a new town,, if you go to the beach, its ok, cause no one knows you there..lol
I did go the other day..and I was frustrated when I put on my bathing suit.. for one,my body has changed even since last summer,,and my bathing suit was all stretched out :( surely need a new one.. I am a sun worshiper.(son & sun), so I will have to just get used to my body looking the way it does,,cause I am going to go to the beach !!!
but I sure wish, wish my legs didnt have that whole saggy thing going on in the front,,and pimply thing in the back..lol
Oh well.. it is what it is,, so lets just go and enjoy the time with our kids.. there are always some one out there that is a little bigger or sagger than us..lol
Ops :/ I guess that wasnt very nice..

Sonja said...

I've been gone this weekend and just saw this. You probably know I'm laughing out loud!

I think I'll just wash windows and not think about bathing suits! :)

Sharon Kirby said...

Really?!?! Those chores really use up that many calories? I was sincerely surprised!

Bathing suits - yeah, a tool of the devil.

I think modesty died out with manners, good values, thriftiness, and purity.

I think I'll just join you on the side of the pool...


Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Take a look at this one! Scroll through until you see the red with white dots. I think that looks like a "Lucy" suite!


I have one like this:


There are a buch of nice ones on this site!

Show us what you get!

:) Janet


Debi said...

You - my dear are HILARIOUS!! Now I have new motivation to clean. Nice!!

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