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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relating to My Son - Priceless

Okay I am confessing there are just some things from my youth I am not going to grow out of.  During my early mothering days I was (still am), very cautious about the music I exposed my children's ear to.  I wanted to develop their ears with good music until the day they had spiritual discernment for what was produced through the world.  My rules were Classical and Christian music piped through the airwaves of our home.

Even with the regulated hearing of my younger children's ears I never lost the enjoyment of different artist from my youth.  There were decades I never listened to what is now "oldies" but now that they are "oldies" I truly love singing along with them.  I can tell you where I was, what I was wearing at the time many of the songs where released and my emotions take me back in just one note of a song.  It is one of the fastest ways for me to shed 30 years of age...truly my fountain of youth.  I don't have regrets from my youth so all my memories are totally enjoyable, otherwise I might feel differently.

Now all my children love music.  As they entered their driving age they began to pick their own form of music venues.  I have to admit some venues were not my favorite, but there are some grounds that we share.

My ALLEN, college graduate, climbing the corporate ladder, finished his quotas 9 months instead of 12 (bragging a little on achievements)....we share a love for the EAGLES!!!!  He plays the guitar and I have ranted on the playing of these now "older" men's guitar playing,  trying to prove that age doesn't mean you lose all your skills.

Eagles Latest Album cover

Last year when I was drooling over wanting to see the Eagles for my 30th Anniversary....well it didn't happen, I received a delayed Anniversary gift.

One day I saw my son was going to be in our home town when the Eagles were playing.  Not only would they be in town, they would preform at the park where his Dad and I spent hours in our dating years.  There on  memory lane for me, my son took his modern day phone, held it up over the crowd and sent me a video of the Eagles playing one of my favorite songs from the past.

So yesterday, my son, who has it all together, called and said, "Guess What?"  He had called on a  60 plus year old woman client at her home.  She goes on to tell him who all lives on her street - many professional athletes and celebrities....then she says with a young girl grin, "and yes the singer from the Eagles!"  She starts to laugh at how she stalks him and watches what he does.  She laughs about how silly her husband thinks she is.  She had just seen him sending items through the UPS.  My son just laughed with this woman and says, "well I can't tell my mom where he lives!"  Then he gets into the car to call his MOM!!

If you knew me you would know how out of character it is for me to like any celebrities - that is my husband, but start to play an Eagles song and I have become a young girl all over again.  I start to get giggly and talk in a higher voice.

Sometimes it is just fun to dance around and remember being in high school and the early love that my husband and I shared, as we now venture into season of our grey hairs, we enjoy going back in time also.  I had to stop my day and text my husband a love message.  What a great way to re-kindle fires!  I did go buy their new album, which can be purchased in vinyl also, now how retro is that?
Relating to your Son is a Pure Simple Pleasure!!  Re-Kindling Fires is a Simple Pleasure Also!!

My son promised to take me to their next concert when they are in town...I am holding him to it.

Project Simple Pleasures2

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Cindy said...

How fun! Thanks for the smile for my day.

Lorie said...

So sweet! Brought a tear to my eye. You have a great family. I don't think my son and I will ever be on the same page about music.

Debbie said...

I LOVED this...soo fun. I can soo relate too when it comes to the music and how it can transport you to a specific time and place in your life. I think I have a special connection with everyone of my kids in one area or another of music. Thanks for this, it was a GREAT way to start my day. Have a wonderful one! HUGS

Sonja said...

oh I SO agree! Music is like that for me too. Recently, we listed to an oldies concert on tv and everyone in the audience knew every word... so did I. as we sang along. I thought they all looked MUCH older than me!! :)


Debbie said...

You and I are kindred souls in so many ways. Not only did I feel the same about music and my kids, but I also love the oldies, the Eagles specifically. I think this little mom/son moment is priceless.

This is a wonderful simple pleasure, Janette.

Karen said...

Aww...that is so sweet! Loved your simple pleasure for today :)

myletterstoemily said...

what a great story! your son is so sweet
to know how you would love to hear all
about the lady who stalks the eagles guy!
i hope you do get to catch one of their

i had the same rule for my kids, but their
dad was always breaking it. :) he is such
a rock and roll guy. when i was in high
school, i listened to andy williams and
barbra streisand. such a nerd. still am.

have a wonderful weekend!

no spring chicken said...

Isn't it amazing how music transports us? I love the Eagles too! What say we just go pay your son a visit. And while we are there we can pay his sweet older woman friend a visit. And just for fun we could take a walk around the neighborhood...

Blessings, Debbie

Linda Makiej said...

Marvelous!!!! Great captures....

Debbie said...

Just so you know...
I've been singing "Peaceful Easy Feeling" for the past hour because of you.

In my head I sound just like Glenn Frey. That's a little scary isn't it?

Theresa said...

That is fun! I still have my stereo that plays vinyl. Saving it because I figure I might need it someday :)

sarah said...

oh Jeanette. this is a total fun read.....I loved it. I love all kinds of music including the songs my kids like and amazingly...they enjoy mine too...usually.

Shanda said...

It is so wonderful to be able to relate to our older children as friends at times. I love it when my son gets excited to show or tell me something he knows I will get enjoyement out of. Yes....priceless

Farm Girl said...

Wow that is so funny!!! Oh yes, the Eagles, I wish I knew scripture like I knew lyrics, I can sing Hotel California in my sleep and when we are driving through Winslow Arizona, we don't miss a beat.
So glad you shared. :)

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

This was wonderful. It is amazing how sight, smell, touch and sound can transport you to another time and place. I hope you do get to that concert with your son. That will be one memory sure to last a lifetime.

A multi-dimensional life said...

That's still my favorite photo, Janette! Love it!

It really is fun that we can connect with our teens to certain music we love. So different from when we were kids...the gap doesn't seem as vast does it?! What grey hairs? HA! Yes, hold your son to it and go to that concert!!! :)

Zinnia said...

Musik kan var en sådan källa till kraft och styrka. Eagles kommer till min hemstad/ Sundsvall Sweden i sommar. Önskar dig en skön helg! Zinnia

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Translation of Zinnia's comment...now how fun is this...the world is getting smaller!

Music can be a source of power and strength. Eagles come to my home town/Sundsvall Sweden this summer. Wish you a nice weekend! Zinnia

Christine said...

You do a wonderful job of telling a story. Great word pictures!

Joan said...

Well, I admit the Eagles were one of my favorite groups. You know, "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona." What memories! My ___ class reunion (okay I'll go ahead and say it's the 35th) is coming up next month. No doubt, we'll be singing along and dancing to some of those songs from the 70's.

blessedmom's simple home said...

You are so right, those old songs bring back so many memories!
Years ago, I used to drive by the Beverly Hills hotel on the way to work, which is the hotel shown on the cover of Hotel California, and I'd think of the Eagles everyday :-)

Amy said...

I love this post! Awesome. Thank you! I know exactly what you mean. Music is well...wonderful. The memories are great and sharing them with our kids is so fun.

Sue said...

What can I say Janette, you always make me smile, You truly have a beautiful life.To be able to continue to connect through music, is awesome! Allen seems like such a fine young man, and you have every right to brag. Hey! we Moms have a lot of sweat, tears, and calloused knees that have gone into our children.
I read your last post on contentment and what a wonderful tribute to such a beautiful lady, my dear MIL was the same way and I learned so much from her, even now her life is still teaching, what a joy to have her with you and your family.
Enjoy your weekend, as always such a joy to visit.

Kay K said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me just a wonderful comment.....
I can relate to your Eagles music
I liked thier music .....
Sounds like you have a sweet son

Mildred said...

How fun. I have always loved the Eagles too but have never seen them. My husband was a limo driver in the late 70's and actually drove them a few times! Like you, I got all giggly and wanted to know all the scoop. My hubby just looked at me like "who are you??!!!!!!"


My husband and I love to talk about how different we were in high school and college and how we listened to completely different music. We didn't meet until after college . . . just say, you would never find us at the same concert.

Fun story of your son, knowing what you love.


Sharon said...

Loved this post - what a precious son you have!

This whole story gave me a "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" - it was a good reminder to "Take It Easy" and enjoy the past. Though I'm no "New Kid in Town" I still can *rock out* with the best of them. I mean it - these aren't "Lyin' Eyes."

I think I'd better quit for now before I "Take It to the Limit."

OK, I'd say good-bye and give you the "Best of My Love" - but I'm "Already Gone"...

xoxo :)

Dayle said...

Music is one of God's greatest gifts. I simply can't imagine a world without it.

Jo said...

I have tried to cultivate my sons music tastes and they do like lots of things I like such as classical music and 1980s music!!, but when my eldest son started to listen to Blue Grass music I wondered where he had developed this unusual taste.

However they also like music that I don't like at all by people I have never heard of, the sort that you can understand what they are saying!

Canadagirl said...

Oh I know the feeling. [o= I have to admit when certain songs come on the radio I am transported back to my high school days too. What a fun post and neat to hear how you were able to take the past and relate it to your present with your ds, neat!

Blessings and ((HUGS))

Trisha said...

I love this love your son has for you! Janette, you are very blessed. Love and hugs!

Barb said...

Hi Janette,
Music reaches out and joins people together. You're right--your relationship with your son is priceless....
God Bless
Barb from Australia

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Oh Janette....this post was awesome! I love how you and your son connect through music....which God has made that connection possible!
Music is a huge part of my life- "journey" and I can't imagine what my life or my families life would be like without it. And dance....happy feet anyone?!
Hoping you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend..... been thinking of you!
Love & Hugs,

Maria said...

Hi Janette!
What a great post!
My son likes the music of the Eagles too and other bands from that era. He says that his generation doesn't have the great musicians of the past. I'm sure eventually they will emerge ~ but going through his high school and college years, Jason relied on the past to provide the listening sounds he enjoys.

I know what you mean about how just a few notes can bring back a flood of memories...and of course, all the lyrics!
Isn't it amazing how powerful music is!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Memorial weekend.
Jason is out tonight with Sue's daughter and her boyfriend. They are looking at the bats under Congress St. Bridge! I'm so glad Tamara and her bf have been so welcoming!
Happy weekend to you and your family,

Maria said...

Thank you, Janette, for that wonderful comment ~ I believe you have been one of my divine appointments ;o)
*blessings always*

His Song to Sing said...

My husband and I are also big fans of the Eagles and went to see them for our 25th anniversary. Their music played a role in our dating years also. In fact, the first Christmas present I ever gave him was the words to "I Wish You Peace" done in calligraphy. It still hangs in our bedroom. It wasn't one of their big hits but a song with great lyrics. Loved this post and can really rate to your statement of "my emotions take me back in just one note of a song." I didn't know the Eagles have a new album ... will have to check that out for sure! Perhaps a great Father's Day gift!

And, as always, thanks for being so faithful to comment on my "on again, off again" forays into the blogging world. You are always an encouragement to me!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Janette, that is a double simple pleasure for sure! Relating to your children is always a pleasure and the EAGLES! Always!! I hope you get to see them!

Don't know what all the winds of change are that are stirring in your life, but I do know that God is always in charge and I cheer you on in your trusting and letting Him lead! blessings ~ tanna

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