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Monday, May 2, 2011

More Painting for My Vintage Barn

I have to admit this barn is beautiful without paint...the same isn't true for me.
Since this is my first year in my 50's, I need to give into the fact that this old  barn "ain't what she used to be"...besides, any item age 50 is vintage.  Most vintages pieces are treasured for their value and signs of wear. But when it comes to a woman, well that trait isn't as desirable.

Before our trip to my in-laws, I went to the store to see if I could just locate a new pair of sandals. To my dismay, I stood there not having a clue what I should buy.  This once-shoe-hog had lost her flair for buying a new pair of shoes.  Then I wandered over to the shirts...again, I had no clue.  Finally, I disgustedly walked over to the only area I felt confident....home interiors.  I strolled through the familiar home accessories and went home empty-handed with a big bruise on my stylish ego.

So, for the month of May, I am joining Melaine Dorsey at Bella Mella  She will be leading in this 31 days Closer to: a Cuter You, along with 5 other bloggers... 31 Days Closer to:  Hearing God's Voice; Closer to Your Kids; Life You Always Wanted; Health, Wellness and Bathing Suit Season; and A New Home.   Looks like I will be learning in many areas of my life that could use some paint.

Now I am sure she won't be suggesting that I allow my daughter to color my hair, but she has and I am enjoying it....now for the rest of me inside and out.  I will be blogging on what I have learned...in the mean time, my husband  decided to smooth my bruised ego with a new purse.

What do you think?  My 95 year-old mother-in-law commented, "well, they can see you coming!"  Don't know if that was the intent, but it sure will match any color I can find....and it makes me smile.  Thanks for a purse-buying-husband.

This will be fun!...painting My Vintage Barn.

32 Joining in with more words:

Christine said...

I have a Barn that need painting, too!
I'll be visiting.

Vee said...

Those are the kinds of comments that make me grin or grimace. I think your purse is very cute. BTW, Chickie, 50 is not considered "antique" thank you very much, "vintage" maybe, but not antique. For that moniker, you must make it to 100. ☺ I'll be checking this out. I slap moisturizer on my vintage face and a bit of lip gloss and that's about all I've done for years now. It's time to consider something else. Hope that she'll cover the vintage faces among us.

Crickit said...

Looking forward to what you learn on barn painting and "other antique" solutions. I turn the big 50 at the end of this year!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

What a great idea. Have fun!!

Debbie said...

This sounds like it might be fun...I am 6 six years ahead of you on the road Janette, and I have been painting "this barn" for a while now, haha...It is incredible the amount of maintence that is involved anymore. My hair is sooo grey I have NO COICE but to totally color, highlight, lowlight etc...I have very few wrinkles (so far, haha) but moisterizer is just a must as well....then there is nail maintence on both hands and feet, and a fairly large variety of makeup products. Weight issues are NEVER ending, and of course with my knees exercise of any sort is a HUGE challenge, but I do manange some. Then there is my Jenny Craig....sigh....you'd think "the barn" might look pretty good after all the effort, but I am afriad it is a never ending chore. And of course, your right, that is only the outside. I have found the inside MUCH more of a job. Guess it is my famous, "it is what it is." haha I LOVE LOVE that purse btw! It is super cute in my opinion and will go with just everything. I tend to have one winter purse, one spring/summer and switch back and forth hardly ever changing. A new purse sounds just wonderful...ENJOY...HUGS to you today!

Trisha said...

That's my kind of purse, Janette!

And you don't need to do a thing. You're already so beautiful!

Farm Girl said...

Sounds like a fun thing to do and I do love the purse. I can't wait to see the whole barn redo. :)

JillAileenJones said...

Love the purse! That is sooo me! I have always worn bold prints and colors-I love color-although the fatter I have gotten, black has become more the new color I wear. Working on that.
When I first saw the barn picture and the word paint-I thought I used to have a pastor that said "If the barn needs painting, paint it." Made me lol to read that word and see that picture, especially after the fact you started talking about buying clothes and shoes and making your self over. His comment was to people disputing if women should wear make up or not, if it was biblical or not, joking or course-he wasn't calling women barns. So when you choose that photo at the top of a barn it made me giggle.
I think you look beautiful just like you are-you photos always look great.
I bought a new moisturizer the other day to try around my eyes-not liking the wrinkles I am seeing there-my husband says they come from the fact I smile or laugh all the time. I will take that! :) If I have to have them it might as well be from being joyful!!
Love ya-hope you have a blessed Mother's Day this weekend. I am singing at a friend's church and we are doing a brunch there for some women and us that don't have family near by to celebrate with.
Have a great Monday-it is cold and rainy here. Staying in, taking meds for a headache and getting ready to do a little schooling.
Love ya

Cecilia Marie said...

I agree with the other comments. As I have aged (I am well past 50), it takes more and more maintenace to keep me going, and most of the maintenance is for health reasons, not beauty. I never spent much time in front of the mirror, but now I spend a great amount of time just keeping up what I have....sigh - and shedding some things I don't want.

Fun post. I am looking forward to reading your discoveries.

Sonja said...

Love it! There is NO color you can't wear with it! Yay hubby!

I'll be watching during the 31 days. Melanie and the others will have some great tips and helps.


Lisa said...

This does sound like fun! Yes after 50 we have a little more patina! LOL! The lines and wrinkles tell the story of our lives. BTW, I love your new purse! Great spring choice!

lisasmith said...

Love the purse!! It makes me smile too!! I've been contemplating should I go with a neutral color purse to match my hair or a FUN purse to match my personality?? You've helped me decide today :D

lisasmith said...

And I should've said Thanks for the shoutout to the series here first but I didn't so I'm saying it last. I'm in desperate need of 31 days to getting organized. Desperate!! ;D

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

love that purse! your hubby has good taste!

moreofhim said...

LOVE that purse! So cute and, you're right, it will go with anything. I love purses like that.

I will be joining you in reading the information at Bella Mella. I think it will be good for me to get better in all those areas. This is my last year in my 40's so it's probably time for a little make-over here, too. :)

Have a blessed day!


Sarah Jane said...

LOVE the purse!! He did good! =)

Karen said...

Wow. I can't imagine my husband buying me a purse....ever...not even for a birthday or Christmas. And, IF he DID act on the idea of buying me a purse (only after many, many hints)it would be a very sensible, boring number. So, kudos to your husband for brightening your day!

Hmmm. 31 Days to a Cuter Me? I may need to jump on this bandwagon. I'm needing a little sprucing up lately.

Melanie said...

Thanks for posting on this series!
Guess what? I usually color my hair myself! And I will be talking about hair, cut, color and UNWANTED. I'm just getting started and each post will be short and to the point...31 days after all!

Karen said...

Sounds like FUN! :) Love the purse.

Crown of Beauty said...

I enjoyed this post. You are so creative in the way you speak your heart.


Sandy said...

I want to know everything you learn!
Your husband is so sweet to buy the
beautiful purse for you. Funny what
your M-I-L said. I don't think she
liked the purse but everyone else
seems to.

Debbie said...

Ok, I LOVE the new purse and I'm so glad you gave the head's up about the 31 days thing.

There are all kinds of great "31 Days" blogs this month. If I leave the month with no inspiration, it ought to be my own fault.

Garden Lady said...

Awesome purse, I love all the bright colors.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

That purse is so sassy and especially for a 50 year old. :0)

I'm staring 59 in the face and I can assure you that this vintage barn has had more paint than the law allows.

Always smile when I stop by. Sweet blessings to you.

Marsha Young said...

Loved the "look at life from your vintage point." :)

I also discovered that my "flair had flung" -

my zip and unzipped -

and my dazzle had drizzled. It was a bit of a shock, but I'm over it ....almost. :) Always fun to stop by ...Marsha

blessedmom's simple home said...

I'm with your 100% here. I find I don't go clothes shopping because I no longer have that "sense of style" I once thought I had. That, and the fact that the clothes look better on me in my mind than they do in the dressing room :-)
Great post!

no spring chicken said...

I'm actually a little nervous. Could it be conviction? You know, how sometimes you just avoid mirrors so you can make believe everything is just fine?

I'll come back only because I'd miss you...

Blessings, Debbie

Sharon said...

ANY purse that the husband buys is beautiful! Carry it with pride...

As far as the vintage barn - hmmm. I just recently had a birthday. And yes, I'm heading toward 60. However, though I may be a vintage barn, there's still some *horsepower* behind the doors - just sayin'

And, for the record, you are VERY cute!


A multi-dimensional life said...

I love your comment "this barn is beautiful without paint...the same isn't true for me"! :) Oh, how I resemble that comment! But of course, I'm sure you are just as beautiful unpainted :). That purse is a treasure..especially beacause your loving huband bought it for you! Sweet!
This sounds like such a fun adventure. Look forward to following along! xo

Anonymous said...

Completely and delightedly laughing out loud!!! Your MIL is a hoot. Love this line: My 95 year-old mother-in-law commented, "well, they can see you coming!" I hope I have her sense of humor at that age.

Enjoyed your post. Of course I can relate. I've just dropped a bundle shopping for spring and summer clothes (for both of us) online. Bought a few things for other seasons too... like leather gloves on sale. I figure if I do it all now, I won't have to worry about clothes shopping for another year.

Enjoy your barn painting!!!!

Shanda said...

Oh I can so relate. I think i might join you on your journey. I turn 50 next year and have a bucket list of things to do before then!!! most of it to do with me: weight loss etc

Petra said...

Haha, your shopping trip reminds me why I've stopped shopping at 50, lol! But, I love that purse. Your husband has good taste! :-)

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