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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Worth "Hog-tying" Them

At what age do we cross from total, non-sleep excitement over Christmas to...do I have to?  Somewhere in those teen years, our childhood excitement starts to wane.  Instead of getting up at four in the morning, we want to sleep in, rise for gifts and crawl back into bed.  Mothers push through these seasons of less-than-total enthusiasm to continue to make Christmas memories.  When these same children have children of their own...THEN the sparkle will come back into their eyes. So when I mentioned wanting my older ones to come with us to the Dallas Christmas parade...early on Saturday...well, let's use the Texas phrase, they had to be "hog-tied".  The weather was going to be in the mid-50's...so no whining about it being to be too cold. (yes we are true Texans who think it is cold at 50 degrees)

As we approached the top of the grassy knoll...yes, the legendary one that went into the history books with the shooting of JFK...we could see the parade participants.  Without our knowledge, we had come to the side where they were all being assembled to start the parade.  I started to laugh, then giggle, while speaking in a higher voice as we approached them.  Running to each line to get pictures of the characters, my older children made fun of me.  Benjamin was being piggy-backed...the brace was slowing us down, so his sister took him right beside "Iron Man".  We were so close to all these fictional characters....how fun!!

Those reluctant "hog-tied" participants were now excited.  Cell phones were pulled out for pictures instead of text or talk.  Grins and giggles started coming from everyone's mouths........we all became kids!!  

The parade was to support Children's Medical Center...I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the work they do and start off our Christmas season.  My "hog-tied" ones also said they enjoyed it and started planning for next year!  Moms can have good ideas! I applaud all of us mothers for continuing forward, even with resistance.  Have you had to "hog-tie" anyone this Christmas season...maybe even a Husband?
Here is my "hog-tied" bunch!!
I will know if they ever read my blog....they will hate this picture. Benjamin loves it, he is with his siblings.

24 Joining in with more words:

Sandy said...

Well, let's see...hmmm...I must
still be a kid at heart because
I have never crossed that line!
I still get excited just to think
of Christmas! I love all of the
decorating, the tree trimming,
the baking of cookies and other
sweets, the shopping, the caroling
and the dinner parties. I just
love it all. Even though I always
know what my husband and son will
have under the tree for me (cause
they always make me tell them
what to get me!)I still get excited when it's time to open
presents on Christmas morning!
Love all the pictures of your
beautiful family!! And what fun!

Anonymous said...

What a fun parade! I love the silly photo of your kids.

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...


Have a beautiful day!


Farm Girl said...

How fun and they look like a very nice bunch. So glad you shared and it looks like a great day.

JillAileenJones said...

This was so sweet. I felt the excitement like I was there too! I wish I had been, it looks like it might be worth a trip next year-my kids would have loved it. The baby and Brandon are really ill. Matter a fact I am taking Analeigh back in today after just having her there yesterday. Her fever is worse and she seems really ill- I am insisting they test them for strep and the flu.
Brandon was going to have to go to Cooks today for a follow up on his hip and now we couldn't he is so depressed and he just cried all morning -he was so hoping we would today and be told he could start doing some activity and now we had to cancel since he had fever and we can't go sit in the cancer area and he can't do that with fever-so they had to reschedule and now we can't get in till Jan 5th.
Not a good few days.
I will have to let you know what happens.
Hope you have a blessed day.

Amy said...

I love it! So fun to have everyone together and enjoying such a joyful time! Love the picture of the kiddos. We have resistance to such outings sometimes but it turns out fun just to be together! Blessings on your day!

Vee said...

Very cute post! I thought that I'd wandered into Pat's in NYC. Oh yes, I well remember the hog-tying that went on in my own home. Fun times, fun times. And I also remember the "sage" advice my pastor's wife gave me about hugging teens. "Don't do it because they like it, do it because they need it."

Anonymous said...


Looks and sounds like all of you had a wonderful time at the parade. Therefore, it looks like the "hog-tied" practice worked to your advantage after all! :)

By the way, where I live, 50 degrees is rather on the chilly side as well (at least for me), but it can get a bit colder than 50 here, and that is NOT a good thing! :)


-Lady Rose

Lea said...

Oh, Jeanette, loved seeing the pictures of the parade and your "hog tied" bunch. How funny!

And, do know that I certainly understand being stressed during the holidays due to finances and that is, for many, an unavoidable stress during these tough economic times. Many folks that have never struggled have suddenly found themselves there. Thank goodness as Christians we know where to put our trust, in a God who is never changing and always there for us.

Hugs to you!

myletterstoemily said...

you are going to be in SUCH big trouble!
if i posted a photo of my kids (without my
permission), they would sabotage my blog
they all know my infantile password, and
create horrible things to say. :)

not really . . . i hope!

what a parade! i'm so glad everyone had
so much fun.

i think it's funny that you have two 'lea'
followers. what if they were both really

Ma ~ said...

Can one hog tie them-self?:)
I am a humbug, I'll admit it!

BTW is was a sultry 8 degrees here last night:P

e-Mom said...

LOL, how fun!!! Love all those great photos. Everyone is a kid when it comes to parades.

We attended an event last night too... live drumming soldiers, dressed-up characters, a light show, and real snow falling (from a machine somewhere). Pure magic!

Vickie said...

I know all about "hog-tying" the kiddos!

Nice to see you again, Janette! Thanks for your nice comments! I'm afraid out little Christmas parade isn't quite up to par with the one in Dallas, but we enjoy it just the same! Love all those happy faces on your bunch.

Shelia said...

Hi Janette! We love parades and this looks like a wonderful one! Woo hoo. Love your hog tied family! :)
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Theresa said...

Sounds like fun. My son enjoyed the pictures too! He is leaning on me as I read. LOL.

Sonja said...

I thought of you guys at the parade and knew it would be fun. I think you will always stay young, with Benjamin right by your side to make sure of it!! :)

Love these pictures too, the parade was beautiful, but my favorite is Benjamin with his siblings. He will always adore them, and of course they will always love their little brother.

Busy days, but aren't they wonderful!


Carol said...

What a great trip! Lots of fun memories.
Yes, I know "hog tied". Didn't used to be that way!
But I enjoy it, the decorating, the baking, the anticipation, and most of all, the celebration of our Saviour's birth.

Ginny Marie said...

I saw a Word Girl balloon hiding in your first picture...my girls love Word Girl! I'm glad those that were hog tied enjoyed the parade in the end!

Debbie said...

Oh this sounds like such a fun day...I remember having to hog tie those teen-aged boys when it was time to decorate the tree, decorate the Christmas cookies, or certainly for any shopping, haha...BUT I never did get ANY resistence when it was time to get up and open presents...they were ALWAYS up for that, haha OH, and they never protested when it had anything at all to do with food. Gota love them...Hope you had a good day. HUGS

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm glad you were able to get them all to go. They'll remember it all of their lives. I'm a So. Cal. girl, I think it's cold at 50 too :-) We had weather in the low 30's last week. I was freezing!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Bless you! (I needed to hear that even your sweet family has these moments!) Great pics of your beautiful brood! Last one here was last week - I planned for us all to go see the music n light festival, tucked in under blankets w/new PJs n cocoa... You'da thought I was asking them to climb Everest! But ALL loved the evening and it was worth it. On to the next episode! ;-)

Debbie said...

I love your excitement! It is so good to enjoy these moments and smile. It's so good for you and it's good for your family. I am struggling a bit this year. However, I'm so grateful for the little children I get to spend my days with now. As I gaze at their precious faces, my heart melts with love.

Today three year old Rachel grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and said "I love you Miss Debbie". Can I say that I could have cried? God knows what we need when we need it.

Love you,

Lorie said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! Have I hog-tied anyone? Oh yea! Just about anything that involves family and my 16 year old son runs the other direction. Glad to know I'm not the only one. VERY glad you got yours to join in the fun. Way to go Mom!

Crown of Beauty said...

This is such an interesting post, Janette...

I loved the pictures, and especially the last one that showed your hog-tied bunch.

You are a great mom, and I have no doubt they will all someday thank you for being one, if they have not yet realized it.

Love your perseverance!


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