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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Old Tradition of Caroling - Touches Hearts

A gift from one of our carolers one year
This week, I am inviting you into our open house prior to our Caroling Party on Friday.  Before I open my doors, I have to go back in time and re-tell our family caroling party stories.  Many, many years ago, while mothering four children under the age of seven, my oldest, social networking son, came to me about a Christmas party.  He didn't understand why all the Christmas parties were for adults and none for children.  All the babysitters were booked months in advance so all the parents could attend the full calendar of events they were invited to celebrate.  I agreed. So this home school mom put one more thing on her plate and the Wright Family Caroling Christmas Party was born.  All ages were welcome!  Strollers, pregnant women, toddlers, elementary, pre-teens,  teenagers, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts have come through our doors for our Caroling Parties.  Old friends, pre-friends (many we didn't know), neighbors, boyfriends, girlfriends and future spouses would also join us on our neighborhood caroling.

Each year, I would labor in love over the food and drinks we would all share after the caroling.  Each year, I would pray!  My desire was for each person who came to be blessed and for our neighborhood as well.  We would be going out and proclaiming the truth of the gospel into the air around our home.  We would meet new neighbors, we would see needs, we would share our lives and beliefs with those around us.

Each year, God answered my prayers.  The house always got clean, decorated and all the food prepared.  The people God ordained to come would arrive.  The weather would always clear...there has never been a year that it was too cold or wet.  Each year, God would bless us all with stories to tell as we came back to the house for fellowship.

Our first caroling party in our new home in 1998
1) One year, the door opened to a neighbor whose body was ravaged from the effects of cancer.  She lost her battle to cancer the following month.  The husband would tell us over and over again how our caroling made their last Christmas together so special.
2) As on cue, we rang the door bell and the hostess came to the door.  She laughed out loud as she encouraged her Christmas guests to come to the door for our singing...as we left she told us how it made their party and looked like she had had it all arranged.
3)  A retired couple opened their doors to our singing voices one year...they became life-long friends to our children.
4)  One year, a couple came whom we had never met.  They were friends of one of our children.  As the lady walked through the house holding our newest baby, (the one I had just had at age 45), God gave her and her husband confirmation to have another child.  She would explain at her baby's shower how our family was one of the confirmations that they were to have another child...she received it at our caroling party.
5) Each year we have warm memories and have been able to revive the lost tradition of caroling.

We have never had carolers come to our home, nor have I been able to have a caroling party every year since its conception.  Life happened and struggles robbed us of this joy, but this year, after a three year break...our caroling party returns.  I have reluctantly asked for guests to bring a favorite dish to share...and I hope this isn't too burdensome during the busy holidays.  I once again have begun to pray over our party this year... for our new neighborhood and new opportunities for Christ to touch lives through our singing praises to Him!

I wish you were close and could come join us as we sing "Glory in the Highest, Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men!" Blessings to you and yours!!

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Dianne said...

Oh Janette, some of my fondest memories are of Christmas caroling with my grandparents neighbors in Memphis, TN on Waldorf street in the late 1940's and early 1950's. There is nothing like it! And the neighbors always had hot chocolate and popcorn balls for us--

I hadn't given this memory much thought in a long time--thanks so much for getting those old synapses going this morning. Brings a lump to my throat.

Be sure and give us an update on the caroling.

Love you,

Shelley said...

I love your tradition - caroling is lost art isn't it? I grew up in a church that use to go door to door around the village and sing Christmas Carols - people just loved it. I think we truly miss out on the blessing of being able to sing out our proclamation of Christ the King!

Have fun!

Sandy said...

I used to love caroling as a
child, going out with my church
group. As one of your readers
said, it is a lost art. In
Florida we used to go out when
visiting relatives there who
encouraged caroling. Now though
no one seems to be caroling but
I'd dearly love to hear some
singing out in front of my
house one of these evenings!
I wish we lived close too so
we could join you!

Karen said...

Janette, you have unleashed a touching memory to me also. Christmas caroling, hanging of the green at our former church & are what makes Christmas to me. Memories from stopping by Mrs. Dot's house (she's gone now)with the card table set up under the carport & all kinds of Christmas goodies waiting.
We would sing & then snack. :) Girl, eye moisture came early this am, as I read this one. These things are what I long for! Just may have to do something about it!

Sydney said...

What beautiful testimonies you shared about caroling and the impact it has. I am glad to read that you will be celebrating your caroling party this year.

Being a city girl, I don't remember seeing carolers around.

May He bless your party this year and may you have many more wonderful testimonies to share:)

Amy said...

Beautful. Thank you. The story of lives touched through this tradition is wonderful. Thank you for showing that even a fun evening can be prayed into a blessing for you and for the Kingdom. I am getting off to plan a caroling party! Thanks!!! Blessings!

Debbie said...

Oh Janette how I wish I lived close enough that I could come to that party! How I LOVE things like that. I used to love the Christmas music the church would always have when I was young too. I was always in the choir (though I can't aing, haha) and all the practicing was almost as fun as the singing on Christmas day. Your sooo right...many of the simple things that used to make Christmas so special are just lost anymore. Melody was part of her choir through highschool and as a group some of them went to nursing homes and caroling as well. Such good memories. Have a WONDERFUL party and I am sure you will bless the socks off of your neighborhood! HUGS

Cherie Hill said...

I remember caroling with my church choir group. It was a wonderful experience. I hadn't thought of those memories until I read your blog . . . thank you!
Praying you have a WONDERFULLY blessed Christmas filled with Christ's presence!
In Him,

Stacy said...

I so wish I lived close by! We would be there. What a wonderful idea and so love the testimony of how in our obedience and willingness to give everything over to God...He blessed our socks off in ways we never would have imagined. What a beautiful story. I will be praying now that God does amazing things again this year, in the lives the those giving and those receiving.

Thank you for sharing.

Much love in Christ,

Farm Girl said...

How wonderful and I will be praying for your caroling party this year. I am so thankful that you get to have it after a 3 year break. God is so good to give you the desire of your heart. I can't wait to see and hear how God will bless it this year. It touched me so deeply, thank you for sharing about your party.
What a wonderful way to glorify God.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Theresa said...

What a great idea! We were singing at our Christmas party at church on Saturday. I just didn't want to stop. It was wonderful. I will be singing in my heart along with you this season. Much love to you my caroling friend :)

myletterstoemily said...

i would SO love to come and sing with you.
right now i have no voice, though, after
three performances yesterday. :)

what a lovely idea! your neighbors will
be thrilled to hear the sweet carols.

thank you for your continued prayers.
there is no change. i'm racking my brain
about how to write this is in a post . . .

Paula said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stories of God's love and how He moves through us...His body. Just beautiful!

Cindy said...

A church down the street from us always does caroling the Sunday before Christmas and they bring plates of cookies to leave at each house. It's always fun.

Lea said...

Oh, Jeanette, I want to come and join in this time of true celebration. What a ministry! I loved reading about the different lives that have been touched. What a beautiful memory for everyone that participates.

Always love sharing in your life!

Anonymous said...


Oh, what beautiful memories you have to remember, all because of your willingness to share the gospel while singing carols! :)

By the way, you must live in a friendly neighborhood. I say this because the people seem willing to let you sing and share with them. I don't think that would go over very well where I live, ha! :)


-Lady Rose

Sonja said...

This touches a chord in every one of us, Janette! When our kids were in high school and college, we worked with the college group at Prestonwood, and we had the hristmas part each year, and went caroling with all the college kids. It was one blessing after another, we'll never forget it!

Sonja said...

ooppss! I punched 'publish' before I got to tell you I'll be praying for you all this year... may it be the best one yet!

Karen said...

I was just thinking about caroling memories this past week. And, I was lamenting that it seems to be a lost tradition. I'm so glad to hear you are continuing it!

My neighborhood is very rural, so I have a hard time knowing how I could organize a caroling party. Although I guess we could drive from house to house.

I would be the first to sign up to join your caroling party if we lived in the same area! Have a blessed week!

Diana said...

What a blessing!! Haven't been caroling in several years.

Debbie said...

I wish I lived near you Janette. I'd come to your caroling party, even if I sang out of tune. LOL. I'm so glad that you are returning to this tradition. I am sure there are even more stories you could share of people you've blessed. And there will be more this year. You've been such a blessing and encourager to me friend. Thank you for that.

Blessings and love,

e-Mom said...

Many years of caroling parties held at friends and neighbors behind me... but I've never actually hosted one! I'm thrilled your tradition is returning after a three year hiatus. With your husband's gift of music (and your warm hospitality) I'm sure it's a blessing to all who attend.

Thanks for the invitation Janette... sorry, but we won't be able to make it this year!

Blessings, e-Mom

Jo said...

I have never had caroling come to my house and I rarely ever see a group of people sing carols such as in shopping centers. Perhaps it isn't something done in Australia. I do listen to carols in the car so I feel christmasy by the time I get to my destination.

I love your memories. Aren't memories wonderful things.


Karen said...

Oh Janette.. I love that story.. you are a very special woman to do that and to keep in going in God's Name.. I love the ornament..especially how the dog is singing tooo..toooo cute..
Merry Christmas and sing to the Highest...love ya friend

Lorie said...

Janette, these are simply beautiful testimonies. The Lord certainly uses your family!


Very touching memories of caroling. I used to go caroling with the youth group at church throughout my childhood and teen years. It was such a rewarding experience. Thanks for taking me back there. And thanks for visiting my Daily Grace and for your thoughtful comments. God bless, Bobbi

Debbie said...

I can not tell you how much I LOVED this post. I love Christmas caroling too, and it has been years since I've done it.

Now, you make me want to host a caroling party. What an awesome, awesome, idea.

My favorite part of your story is the way you have given it to God and the things that He has done through it. Wonderful.

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