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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Caroling We Will Go - A Blue and Red Music Christmas

A caroling piece for our ever growing village.
Come join me in my home as we prepare to go caroling.  I have brought my new colors of  blue and red into my Christmas decor, along with music...it is so cheerful.  After 30 years of Christmas decor, I have been able to collect some precious items, and yet a face-lift was in order.  Come on in and prepare your voice. We will be heading back outside to light up the neighborhood with singing.

Welcome to my Celebration table...there is always room at this table.  My non-traditional blue was added to my twenty-year-old Christmas china.  I can still remember the year my dear husband bought the china...the first three were very small.  My boys weren't too impressed...and let's just say, all five of them aren't impressed even now and they will laugh about sitting down once again to a fancy table.
Our reindeer stockings are floating from the stairs to the side of our dining room.  This collection (started in 1980) still adds a smile to my face.  I did set the little reindeer's on my painted blue table.
click to enlarge any pictures
The boys helped me decorate the tree with blue and red balls.  My new polka-dot bows add the colors again.  I made cones out of sheet music to tied my music theme to the tree.  My rule on our family tree...leave the ornaments where the children put them!! So we sometimes have a few very full limbs at the child's eye level...now I have been known to ask to change one or two..but only when the child is in their teens and doing it to see if they can get my goat. Remember I have five boys...count them...FIVE!!!
Mantle inspirations.........blog world.  Anything under glass inspiration from Marla@Always Nesting.  The sheet music wreath and music cones I made, inspiration from Miss Mustard Seed.  The sheet music is taken from one copy (of the multiple copies) of singing books my grandmother left me. I dedicate my "Sunday Singing" posts to her. She would have loved the caroling party!
I included the 1/2 bathroom with it's Santa figurines and, of course, you know that Christmas books are in a basket there also...just in case you need to freshen up after your trip here. Our Christmas village has expanded from our table to cover the top of the piano... what were we thinking!  Our village is made up of birthday and Christmas gifts from friends, as well as add-on pieces for each child.  You will have to crowd together...our downsizing has made it a lot more cozy!  Just wander through the house if you need more room.  My talented husband will lead us in a warm-up at the oak grand piano his parents bought him... which I did NOT paint!

Now, "JOY TO THE WORLD, THE LORD HAS COME! LET THE EARTH RECEIVE HER KING!"  Thanks for taking a blog journey through our Christmas house and singing along at your computer.

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Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Oh I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful friend to sing with! I just want to come caroling then sit and admire your gorgeous home while sipping cocoa and chatting! Love it all. Stocking story TOO.
Thanks for starting my weekend of Christmas on such a sweet note. Tomorrow we gather in DC for a Kennedy Center performance, then family party as my brother will be travelling to be with his future in laws. Today school's two hours late due to snow. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
EnJoY this magical time,

Shelley said...

Good morning friend! Oh I LOVE your home - it's just beautiful. I was admiring your music wreath the other day - my husband plays the piano and I was thinking that would look perfect above the piano.
Do you have a link to show me how to make one?

Also - how do you get your name on the photos that you post? I'd love to be able to do that but I'm clueless - lol

Thanks for the tour - just beautiful.

Yes - Joy to the World - indeed!

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I am beginning to think we were twins separated at birth, haha...How alike we are. I just read that post on your table and it is sooo me. From the time I was first married I dreamed of the LARGE dining room table with all of us gathered round sharing holidays, birthdays and life. I didn't FINALLY get my BIG table (also with two extensions) until 10 years ago though! But what a wonder it has been ever since. The memories of sitting around that table are just as good as I knew they'd be. I wish I had done what you had and figured out a way to do it earlier. I have a set of BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Christmas china (which has a LONG story behind it) too and I soo look forward to putting it all out every year. My daughter and dil's get it, but even my ADULT sons still tease me and laugh. I sooo get all the boys harrassing you too. I have 3, actually 4 counting hubby who love to get me going STILL, haha...When we moved recently I told my hubby I didn't care about anything getting damamged, broken, scratched etc., EXCEPT for that table. The only thing I really cared about. I think I said something like, "The piano can roll into the street and crash, the grandfather's clock could topple over and break, but guard my table with your life." Do you know that the table was the ONLY thing that got broke??? Can ya stand it??? My poor hubby...I felt worse for him as he was soo hysterical to tell me. It has been fixed as good as new (to look at it anyway, you would NEVER know) BUT it doesn't pull out as easy as it did. I am pretty sure the Lord had a lesson for me somewhere in this story but I am still searching for it, lol. ENJOY your caroling....I'd sooo love to have you come to my house and sing....Oh, and btw, that pic of you are your little sweetie by the tree is adorable. HUGS, Debbie

Debbie said...
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Dianne said...

beautiul post, dear friend--I love your rule about keeping the ornaments where the children place them--and with three sons I also understand about them "trying to get your goat"--been through the same thing!

Merry Christmas,

Paula said...

I love the blue and red!! I am so into blue this Christmas. I guess it's because of the snowman ornaments I made with my class. I also LOVE the rule that you keep the ornaments where the children place them. Enjoy the caroling as I know many will be blessed. ((hugs))

Farm Girl said...

Very pretty and so nice and I love how everything looks. I love the blue. It looks like a place where you could just rest.
So glad you shared your home.

Theresa said...

Thanks for inviting me in Janette. I love the way you have decorated your home. I smiled while looking at those Santas while putting on my lipstick. LOL.
"Joy to the world, the LORD has come!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me. I am just in awe that you have 5 boys. All I can think of is the massive amounts of food you've had to cook to feed them :) Love all your photo collages.

e-Mom said...

Were you peeking into my home recently? As usual, we're thinking similarly. Our colors are blue and red too! Your table is bright and gorgeous. I have to dig out more red ornaments for our tree... not quite enough on it yet!

Have a blessed weekend, Janette.

Lea said...

I've never even thought of blue and red together for Christmas and it is so pretty in these pictures. I love it! And, so enjoy browsing through your lovely home and wish I could join the caroling fun.

Can't even imagine all the stories you could tell after mothering 5 sons. May the Lord bless you with 5 wonderful DIL's. :o)

Have a wonderful week-end!

Sandy said...

Everything is so beautiful! I
love how you did your photo
collages too.
What a loving thought that there
is always room at your table.
May you and yours have the most
blessed of Christmases.

Anonymous said...


It sounds like you are very excited and ready to being your "Caroling Party." I hope that you and your neightbors have alot of fun this year.


-Lady Rose

myletterstoemily said...

oh, how much fun! i wish i could come
and sing along with you!

i LOVE light blue and red together. it
looks so fresh and beautiful.

have a wonderful caroling party!


A multi-dimensional life said...

I do wish I lived nearby so that I could join you at your beautiful table! The boys did a great job with the ornaments and I just love the rule! :) JOY to you! Wait...I think I can hear you caroling!

Karen said...

Oh, Janette wish I could have went caroling with you tonight! Hey girl, you coming toward the town with all the Christmas lights anytime soon - just thought we could meet up! :))) Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jo said...

How beautiful.

Sassy Granny ... said...

How wonderful! I feel like I've just paid your home a visit; and I can almost smell spiced cider.

Blessings throughout this amazing season.


LisaShaw said...

I echo Kathleen's words above. Thank you for sharing all the beauty and warmth with us.

Christmas blessings to you and your family!

Shelia said...

Hi Janette! Oh, what wonderful pictures of the season around your home. All of your decorations are lovely. You've set a very pretty table too!
Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me,
Shelia ;)

Carol said...

Thanks for the tour! Your celebration table is wonderful and your home looks great.
We had carolers the other night. It was a treat!

Debbie said...

Janette, I loved the tour of your very Christmasy home. I think I need to stop by to visit you. I love that you learned some new ideas from other bloggers. Isn't that fun?

Blessings and love,

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