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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Baton is Being Passed

The baton is being passed.  He is the last runner.  There will never be another one come from my womb or hold my hand at this age.  This Christmas I am soaking in every moment. I will never walk this way again.  He is singing the Christmas carols and has his first Christmas program on Tuesday. He is getting his stories a little mixed up, as I was told the other day when he called out, "Mom come look.  Joseph was thrown into the pit by the Wise Men!".  He needs to get the Josephs straightened out..kinda funny since his middle name is Joseph.

So I grabbed my last one and put him in the car to travel to McKinney, Texas for a Charles Dickens's Christmas.  We compromised.  He allowed me to window shop and I allowed him to ride on the carousel.  We counted nutcrackers in each store, as mom visually took in what each store had to offer in split seconds.  So I am bringing you today on our journey...the last one of six to allow their mom to enjoy Christmas through the eyes of a four year old!
A Carousel brings out the kid in all of us...I enjoyed it also!

How much fun to dress up in character....I loved all the hats!!
Another break..."I has seen enough...remember I am a boy!"  So we had to stop for Candy Cane Lane.

Okay...he will now let me go in another shop. I love the buildings even more than what they contain.
Can you tell that my delight got passed down to my oldest, who is now a custom home builder?
These stairs have been so worn the middle is worn down.  These were the stairs in what was the bank.
The stories each of these buildings could tell....oh my... what history!
The wooden floors creaking with character... the beaded board ceiling with bronzed lighting hanging down.
What beautiful craftsmanship that has survived all these years.
Doesn't he belong in a bank? 
Isn't this funny?  Why? I have no idea why they hung them out there...but it did get my attention.
I love this window....and yes, the saying is great also!

I want this door!!!  Okay, builder son... put it on my wish list for my house one day!
REINDEER!!! "Can they fly?"  "No, that is make believe." "Oh, make-believe like Santa Claus?"
"Yes, but it is fun to enjoy make-believe... but Christ is real!" 
My conviction on Christmas was to not tell my children Santa Claus was real.  It has never been
a problem, nor do I feel they missed out.  As easy as the conversation was above, well I had
that conversation five other times...this was my last time!
A train...he loves trains and I have picked up his passion.
We finished by climbing into the sleigh.  He stopped long enough for one picture...
"How many nutcrackers are in McKinney?"  You guess.
Saturday, we are heading downtown to see the Dallas Christmas Parade...I get to watch
it through the eyes of a four-year-old....my last!

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Karen said...

Oh, Janette what a fun day - I enjoyed reading & going along with you. I was just imagining him saying, mom, I'm ready to go - while you were in the old building looking! I kinda re-lived what mine did. I don't think I've told you - but I came from a family of six. Three boys & Three girls (me being the last). Oldest is 15 yrs above me! Will be watching for parade pics. :))))

Stacy said...

What wonderful memories!! You rock! Nothing more precious than looking through the eyes of our children at the wonderment that lies there. I walked with you through you Dickens Day, enjoying each step, loving the architecture, the hats, the carousel, the door, the beauty of your day. And that boy of yours....he is just precious. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Much love,

Debbie said...

It looked like such a fun day Janette. I love that you are holding on to each and every moment cuz your right, they won't come again. He is sooo cute btw, and how I love that age! My 6 year old grandson is receiving "citizen of the month" today and doesn't know it. I am going to be there to capture that moment...I remember his daddy (my oldest ~ the 38 year old) like it was yesterday standing up there getting his (which was his 1 and only time, haha)like it was yesterday. Time flys by...I love a parade too. Especially a Christmas one. Enjoy yours with your little one. Glad he is out of that cast for this time of year. Have a good week-end. HUGS

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Looks like a blast! Precious moments...



Sandy said...

Oh my, well, tears again. Your
words seem to have that effect
on me. I was thinking the other
day how much I miss going out
with Seth to see Christmas sites
like that. We used to have so
much fun. What precious memories
we both have as moms. Give your
little guy extra hugs now while
he's that age. Before you blink
an eye, he'll be all grown up.

Farm Girl said...

What a great day! I really loved going with you. You took such great pictures. You are so blessed. I would say more but I will start crying, so I will stop. Just to say, enjoy every single one of those special moments. :)

Sonja said...

McKinney... if I've been there once, I've been there 300 times through the years,and I also recognize the antique mall and the dressed up man!

What fun to be there with your little one, and to the parade tomorrow. You are one fun and precious mom!! I know he adores you. And maybe... that's why you stay so young!! :)

Jasmine said...

Janette, this post touched my heart since I recently wrote on Slowing Down.

Thank you so much for sharing these precious memories with us.


myletterstoemily said...

oh janette,

you have filled my heart with longing
for my days with my young children.
i loved it so.

yesterday, hailey, who is HOME, said,
"mom, i can never remember any
stress or yelling when we were kids.
it all just seems so fun and peaceful.

well, THAT is my first Christmas gift.

you have captured the magic of the
season through a child's eyes that
just warms my heart.

my daughter, sunday, has a quote on
her facebook page from me.

"honey, i never pretended about santa
with you guys, because i thought it
would be hard enough for you to
believe in Jesus."

that, of course, is taken COMPLETELY
out of context. :)

have a wonderful weekend. mine is so
crazy with four rehearsals, a wedding,
a library gala, and just plain old
church. won't be doing any blog


JillAileenJones said...

Oh, how fun-this made me shed a few tears as well-I think that every time Analeigh does something new that my others have already gone through-this will be the last time I do this with a little one and it makes me sad. I don't think I will ever be glad that I am done having babies. I love that part of my life and it makes me sad to think we are moving on to another chapter in our lives. God is so good though-I know we will enjoy the next steps and someday-12 years or more maybe we will start having grandbabies that I can spoil.
Love that you are making wonderful memories for both him and yourself.
This looked like so much fun too.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year with him.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I can see you and I have a lot in common! Jesus, Texas roots, homeschooling, my oldest son loooooooves trains, and a love for old things. I would have totally taken a picture of that door too! I love old doors and doorknobs. And those stairs...awesome! Oh, and we don't do Santa either. Santa is just a cartoon character to my kids, which is the position he should hold if you were to ask me. :-) So glad to have met you...thank you for stopping by. Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Theresa said...

What a fun day with your son! I get a kick out of seeing him without a jacket in December! It is in the 30s here on Long Island. Brr!
Love Candy Cane Lane.

Karen said...

It all looks so whimisical and amazing! What a day!

Sydney said...

Praise the Lord that as we can look back and remember all the darling and precious moments with each of our children. We can press on forward looking ahead to all of the blessings that are yet to unfold on the journey to watching them grow up.

The smile on your sons face bears witness to all the fun that he is having.

I enjoyed visiting McKinney if only in pictures. Seems like a quaint old town.

BTW...the door...ADORABLE!!

Paula said...

Great pictures! I felt like I was with you. This post took my breath away because it reminded me of how precious time is and how fleeting. My baby is 10 and I'm going to make sure I soak every last drop in. (((Hugs)))

Yolanda said...

What a fund day you had. Time flies so fast you are wise to treasure each one. Have a lovely weekend.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I'm in EXACTLY the same place! Just wish it were closer to Texas so we could enjoy all this together... Thanks for putting it all in words n pics better than I ever could. Enjoy (this AND your coupleness/crystal)!
Lotsa love,

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Back again...
So wish we could join you, thanks for the "invite!" ;-0 A parade sounds so fun. It'll be in the 30's here! Had to cancel all plans for tomorrow as The Farmer is pouring a concrete basement in one of "my" old barns (later to be my shop) and I'm requested to "supervise." This is a huge blessing as I'm eager to expand farm business and the 200 yo "hog barn" will be sooo cute and useful. It's my Christmas gift. Come visit, k?

Dianne said...

This is a precious post, Janette and looks like you guys had so much fun.

I love that he loves trains. I do too. I used to have one I set up around the tree but it just got too crowded with all the kids and grandkids.

Hug on that little guy all you can. As you already know, they grow up so fast.

It sounds as though you are soaking in every minute and that is a good thing.


e-Mom said...

Loved every minute Janette! It's been a long time since I've been around a four year-old. This was fun!

No. of Nutcrackers: 20?

Enjoy your weekend (and parade!)

e-Mom ღ

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Janette I love this story....and the photos!
After watching "Dickens Christmas" for the 3rd time this week.... and preparing for our holiday movie marathon this weekend..... the innocence of your youngest gave me goosebumps!
Not to mention the door photo...I too have a door fetish. : )
I also shed a few tears when it comes to the season of Christmas. {which I'm about to post on my blog}.... my inner child comes to life not only with my own children...but my students. The lost of innocence comes way too quickly these days..... if only I could bottle it.
Have a wonderful day!

Debbie said...

This time of year is even more fun and precious as seen through the eyes of a child! I loved seeing the photos you shared as you ventured out on a Christmas adventure. What a fun place to visit for everyone; child and adult.

Your son is precious! I'm so glad you are savoring every moment of this time.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love love these photos!! What a cutie pie you have and you are so lucky to get to see it all through those young 4 year old eyes. Every minute is priceless.

Lea said...

This was just too much fun! I would love to have shared this time with you and your son. :o)

I'm so glad we've linked up through our blogs. You are my kind of gal and I always enjoy stopping by.

Blessings galore!

Shelia said...

Hi Janette! Oh, what fun you must have had! We had a Dickens day here too! But I didn't dress up like you!
Thanks so much for popping in to see me and you can snap for me anytime. I'd love it.
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Diana said...

Enjoyed the post!! We've been to Dickens of a Christmas in McKinney, too.

partialemptynester said...

Oh, sweet friend, I am just weeping with nostalgia!!! What a wonderful opportunity you are having with this precious gift of a child! Thank you for taking us along for the ride, what a joy! And I totally agree with you in telling them who IS real, it was a bit of a problem for our daughter, you are wise in sharing early :)

Gwen Toliver said...

I'll put this on my list for next year - it sounds wonderful!! For this year, unpack boxes, and recover sanity, and higher on the list. :)

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