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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Global Day of Prayer for Sudan

All week pictures and stories have been crossing my path for the Nation of Sudan. Our pastor just returned from Sudan and this morning we were called to intercede for Sudan.  Even the secular press is calling attention to the need for peace in Sudan with a special hosted George Clooney and his campaign to have attention drawn to Sudan.

The Body of Christ has been ministering to this nation through many organizations.  For me it starts on my knees.  At this time God hasn't made a way for me to go, but I can be faithful to pray.

Today I wanted to post a call for all Christians to pray for the Body of Christ in Sudan and for the elections that will determine the future of Northern and Southern Sudan.  In this season of giving my we give them our prayer support as they do the work of His hands and feet.



2 Joining in with more words:

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Hi! Just stoppin in to say, "HI!"



partialemptynester said...

We prayed in church today for Sudan and we are even having a preacher from Sudan come in to explain the events going on...we'll be praying corporately through the elections in January...isn't it so cool to be a small part of a collective whole?! I love it when the body of Christ is all on the same page...that just shouts love to the world (and especially to Sudan at this time).

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