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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Words to Live By!

Here is my half-price purchase from Hobby Lobby...words of conviction for me.   Prominently hung in full view for me to mediate on everyday.  These are words I should have learned to live by years ago...I am so glad I have a long-suffering God, whose mercies are new everyday.  I hope just viewing this daily will remind me to stop and consider my attitude and the words of my mouth.

This sign was displayed in a booth at First Monday in Canton, Texas.   We live in the Bible Belt, which means, there were scriptures written all over products at this large trade show.  The plaque was worth a laugh, but a reminder again of truths.

Share some of your words to live by!

6 Joining in with more words:

Debbie said...

Oh I LOVE this!! Have a wonderful day...HUGS, Debbie

Sonja said...

I love your Canton 'find'! Texans just spit it right out!

Don't know why this one came to mind right now, but one I like..."I have crossed many bridges that I never came to"...



Debi said...

Hey, I heard Canton was beautiful this time!! Can't you just get lost there? Plus, it offers the best junk food on the planet!

Ginger said...

Lov'n the one from Hobby Lobby! Great verse to encourage unto others!


Janette Wright said...

Debi...you haven't been to Canton...you Texas girl? I have gone all my life, I have relatives buried in the cemetery there. We use to attend "singings" at the court house...my grandmother would sing the
Stamps Brothers songs. It isn't what it use to be, but worth the experience...and yes, the best sausage on a stick.

Sonja...love the saying...reminds me of the poem I posted a couple of weeks ago

Leslie said...

Love this version! Had just picked up a vintage plate with the list of 10 surrounded by roses... Considered getting it for my daughter's room. I think I'll have her come back here to discuss with easy to understand Texas straight talk instead!

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