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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remembering the Things of Old

Fathers, open your mouths and utter things of  old...things you have heard and know, things your forefathers have told us.  Do not hide them from your children.  Tell them to the next generation.  Tell them of the praiseworthy deeds God has done.  Tell of His great power and the great wonders He has done. Teach these things to your children and your grandchildren, so that the next generation will turn and tell their children and their children's children of the love of God.  Then they will put their trust in God and never forget His deeds and commands.  And why should you do this?  So your children will not be like their forefathers who turned from God.
Ps. 78:1-8 paraphrased

This scripture has been very heavy on my heart.  This year, my mother-in-law will celebrate her 95th birthday.  As she approaches this milestone I think about what she has left us in memories and also how many stories have not been shared.

Years ago, I put together a scrapbook for my mother-in-law and saw the impact of time in one person's life.  Her life stretches from the beginning of automobiles to the cyber world we all have embraced.  Her relatives served in WWII, and her family survived the Great Depression.  She is now has the title of great-grandmother to three great-granddaughters. God's faithful hand on her life could fill a book, as it should all of us.

The scripture commands us to re-tell God's faithfulness to us and past generations, but it takes people telling the stories for them to be handed down.

My children probably get tired of hearing me re-tell our stories.  I will text them memories as they come to mind, even words that were spoken over them through the years.  I will recall how they felt about things in the past...mostly to remind them who they are and God's hand on their lives.

Pictures allow us to document our memories, but we also need to document the stories through some form of written or recorded means.

When a child is doubting a decision, I can remind them what their dreams were as a child and they can recall their passions.  Confidence is built as they move forward.

Recalling the past also gives us courage for the future.  God's faithfulness to us should be mentioned often.  How easy it is to look only at the present circumstances.  God knew the importance of re-telling of his faithfulness to all generations, or he wouldn't have written it as a command.

This year, I started this blog to leave a paper trail for my children and future generations.  I have also been scanning pictures from my years of collection...so I can re-tell the stories.

My children may not be very interested in these stories at this time...they all live in the present mindset, but time will bring about a desire to know their past.  When they have children, they will want to say...."hey, this is what happened to me, here is where I met God."

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Sonja said...

That was beautifully said Janette! I feel the same way about our children. As they begin to get older, their family history and the lessons shared are going to be a real voice in their lives. I know it's that way for me...

The thing that is so amazing is how FAST these years are going by. It's a good time to be recording and writing our own lessons and what God is teaching us along the way. Time is short and each day becomes more important.



Debbie said...

Oh I just couldn't agree more. I love the idea of passing down stories and memories and special things that all work together to makes us who we are. I too have thought that as I write my blog it is all there someday to read back on should the kids every want to know or remember. It really does all go so fast. Have a great day!

Debi said...

So special, and such lovely pictures. I did a scrapbook for my mother and mother in law as well. It gave us a visual tour of their history and lives. A treasure for the keeping. Thanks for sharing yours and we'll pray this *longevity* runs in the family!
Bless you!

Gaertegang said...

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit at The Gaertegang Janette! Beautiful post by the way! Stop back at leave me more comment love anytime!!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

What a great post.
I think that way about my journals. I have stacks of journals and wonder what my girls will think when they sit and read them later in life..

May we never tire of spreading God's word through the generations..

Have a great day!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I didn't have an appreciation of my heritage when I was young, but boy do I have an appreciation for it now! I love old photos & old stories. They have a way of giving our lives context & color.

Thank you for sharing the hues of your heritage.


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Janette,
So nice to meet you, thank you for coming by and visiting me, and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment. I am so glad that you enjoyed the song, and that your dh was able to sing a long too. lol.

What a beautiful post, I know how important it is to have our heritage passed from one generation to another. It is so refreshing to see other women who see the importance of this too. What a great heritage from your Mother in law too. You are so blessed to have this information to leave to your family.
I have so enjoyed reading other posts you have written, you have a gift for writing your thoughts, thank you for sharing.

Margo Berendsen said...

I started out blogging for myself, but I've noticed more and more that I'm also blogging to record memories for my children, too. I have tried to get mom going with it too, because there is so much about her life, and her memories of her parents, I would love to see "captured" as more than just pictures.

Your batman cave is a great treasure! There is nothing like the imagination and excitement of a four year old.

Thanks also for your encouraging words on my blog.

Leslie said...

Another wise post Janette! I share your feeling (as usual) and am a total sap for all family stories and treasures from the past. I always have since I was young... I have way too many old family pics around our house to be stylish, but they make me feel connected... (I blog to capture memories for our family too.) DD and I were just talking about God's will and our dear friend Kenzie as we drove home from Chinese class. Every day is to be treasured. Too often I lose track... Thanks for the reminder.

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