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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to Re-Energzie - Day Two

The Arts...do I need to say any more?   I believe the arts were created for us to get a small glimpse of the beauty of God.  We will never be able to comprehend His beauty, but He allows us to have a taste of what our future holds.

Number 2
I can be instantly re-energized by going to an opera, a musical, a play, a symphony or an art museum.  My delight in these areas began with a trip to New York when my first-born was only a baby.  New York flamed the fire of passion for the arts.  For a former college dance major, two nights on Broadway sent my energy through the roof.  Walking through the Metropolitan Museum of Art just left me breathless.  This world became one of my greatest sources of enjoyment.

Returning to my home to mother my newborn, I resolved to bring my children up with a love for the arts.  We attended plays, musicals, symphonies and strolled through every art exhibit that came near our home town.  As a home educator, I was able to purchase tickets for events that would have been out of our financial reach.

Years later, I returned to New York to attend a show by the Dallas Chorus at Carnegie Hall.  Through opera glasses and programs with translations, I was hooked on opera.

My husband also took me to Chicago, where we attended an exhibit featuring Degas.  Our continued exposure to the Great Masters was readily available through the Kimbell Museum of Art in Fort Worth.

Classical music became a mainstay to refresh my soul.  Our children all took classical music lessons, as well as flooding our home with classical recordings.  My sixth child was born to Josh Groban singing in the background...how calming.

Today, I took my fourteen and four-year-olds to a play.  To the delight of my four-year-old, it was Peter Pan. Just watching the eyes of a four-year-old light up as Peter Pan magically flew across the stage was...well, re-energizing.

This also gave us the opportunity to visit the Kimbell, where we gazed upon the Masters. We stood speechless as we turned the corner to Kimbell's newest acquisition...Michelangelo's first painting, The Torment of Saint Anthony. "Inspired" becomes the best descriptive word as my fourteen and four-year-olds drank in the beautiful art work.  Questions from a four-year-old's perspective are just priceless, such as "Why do skeletons have clothes on if they don't have any bodies?"

Within minutes of the play and museum were the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. With spring in the air, we couldn't miss taking a stroll through this magnificent park.

Being blessed to watch the world through my children's eyes and having time just to play...energizing.  We had to make one more stop before starting our journey home. As previously mentioned, we are Texans.  Our final oasis was my fourteen-year-old's dream world... the historical Fort Worth Stockyards.

Re-energized, we made our hour-long drive back home...for me, the day will linger for weeks.  I will continue to look for events for us to attend.  Summer is just around the corner with open concerts, plays and musicals that are calling our names.  Allowing other things to crowd these re-energizing events off the calendar needs to stop...life is just too short.

Now, I will end the day by putting on my tennis shoes and heading out the door to exercise, while chatting with my husband...a cherry on top of a wonderful day.

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Sonja said...

What a great day! Each of the places you visited are special... I think you are taking full advantage of being in Texas!

When we first moved here from California, (where I grew up) I asked my husband (the Texan)... what do you DO here on the weekends?? No ocean, no mountains. But we seem to have figured out a whole list of places and things.

Now I've lived in Texas longer than my whole childhood in California!

Really enjoyed your blog.. what's on for Day 3?? (We're heading to Canton early in the morning, looking for antiques)...



Janette Wright said...

Sonja...thanks for stopping by...now have you gone to the Hill Country also...Fredricksburg? If not, you have to go that way.
Oh, First Monday, I have gone there my whole life. My younger two haven't been much, so I think I will pack the car and head there this weekend, thanks for the idea. Have a safe trip....we do have oceans, not pretty, but Galveston's history is great.
Enjoyed your post on your Dad.

alicia said...

You're doing a great job... just thought I'd let you know I'm still following along on your re-energizing journey.

Great ideas too.

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